In this way

You let me know, you're still on the other side of the planet, and i smile, cause all my feelings were right. Tonight, in some ways, i've feel you close to me, but a little bit far. My vise is always in me. But in these hours it's more light. But however i can loose… Continue reading In this way


i dive myself in your eyes, where i can feel every emotions, feelings when you are with me, in this way. In front one of another

In this way

it is becoming the most beautiful i have ever have in my life, and i have it with you. I dont ask for anything better

Tonight i need

Everything we feel, expands each our sense. When you take my hand to your heart, it’s like your heart was exploded

Let me

Let me make understand what man i have in front of me

I would stay

I would stay also here also in silence


Maybe we know us better than we imagine, without knowing it.


What you try to say me is in your kiss, i feel it.

This time

and just sometimes we whispers us little things we know just us

It was

We feel us eachother. We are so close to us, we could touch us if we want it


we can stay together embraced, looking at us and feel ours feelings arounds us

I closing

speechless on what has happened among us, last night


as a white veil dancin, arounds us

I was

This moment slowly will reach, and we know it will be like this