This time

billyblue_lineareI whispering your name, and slowly i close my eyes. I feel you coming to me. I feel yours soul sorrounding me like a white veil. I feel your presence by my side. I still have my eyes closed. You next to me, whisper me ‘Open them’. Slowly i open my eyes, and slowly i see you in front of me, looking at me with the eyes i love. Your presence overwhelms me. It take  us to ours parellel world and there your eyes, your glance, makes me feel breathless and what you say make feel speechless ‘How did you had take to long to come to me’. Breathless you take my face in your hands and so slowly your face approaches to mine. Kindly your lips lay on mine in a soft kiss. I close my eyes. I feel yours hands on my face caressing it. Gently i take your hands in mine. Ours souls melting. Everything arounds us become a moltitude of colors. Ours eyes meet themselve and we cant break away from ours glances. I smell your skin. You look at me with your own way and you know i drive crazy for it. And the only thing i can do is to bend myself to yours desires that to the end are also mine. We stay together, in this way, embraced, kissing us, touching on ours skin, looking at us, and just sometimes we whispers us little things we know just us.


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