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I’ve made already two donations to this organization



If you live outside Australia the payment method is very simple, just follow these simple steps: after choose the amount you would like to donate, in the fields below your name and surname you must paste this address

PO Box 480
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Another organization to whom i have done a donations is DiscoverWildLife
where i got this sweet Koala plush and i have called immediately Luke



helpaustralia02 ⇒⇒⇒helpaustraliafoundation

Our flows… [1st part]

lukedraftforteAre connected themselves, more than ever. My head is exploding as a bomb and my stomach is scrambled. While i feel you’re embracing me so tight, i whisper you ‘What i’ve seen last night, it made me imagined this scenario’.
“We are two creatures of habit. We are goers the same bar. We have seen eachother, but we didnt ever present eachtoher. We have had shared some little shy smiles.
I didnt ever separated by my diary, where i write each thing, above all my feelings.  In this bar i meet some cool people, but when you enter in, the other people, slowly disappears. Usually i place myself in a little corner, where i have a wide visual of the bar. That night the bar, was a little bit full more than usual.
I have had always problems to walk, so slowly i have walked trou the bar. To reach my little corner i had to pass next to you. My heart exploded till die. I have close my eyes, took a deep breath, and make me courage to goes on. Our eyes met, you have shy smile me. This was the millionth shy smile we had shared one of another. What i thought when you have smile me it has been ‘Oh my!’ As far i could, i ran, but in that goofy ran, i fallen on the floor, and my diary has fly in the air. My face is became all red, i wanted only bury myself. The people in the bar have seen the whole scene and they has started to look at me, someone whispering, others laughing.
I tried to stand up myself. But the only help hand i have had, it has been yours. In that touch, something has made clicked. You gently asked me ‘Is it all ok?’. Breathless i was able only to shake my head. Sweetly you have take me my hand and you have help me to stand up. With the other, you’ve collected my diary, and your eyes have paused on a poem i wrote**
You have accompanied me to my table, assuring yourself that everything was ok. A little hesitant, you were leaving me. But right after, you have stopped yourself, to back to me. Sweetly, you have asked me ‘Can i sit with you for a little?’ And from that istant, it has began our story.”

**Once Again


We are meeting (2nd part)

Slowly (3rd part)

My heart (4th part)

For (5th part)

While (6th part)

You (7th part)

& it continues at the end of the 7th part

The Last Smile in Sunder City (little news)


Finally my Luke has revelead the cover of his debut novel ‘Last Smile in Sunder City’ accompanied by a mini video






From @Gambit589 (press officer @orbitbooks) ⇓⇓⇓



Another synopisis (source:
Fetch Phillips fought on the wrong side of a war between humans and magical creatures, and his actions helped to drain the world of enchantment. Now he works on the streets of Sunder City, taking what odd jobs he can while trying to help those whose lives he ruined.
His first case is to find a missing teacher. Professor Rye is a four-hundred-year-old vampire with a heart of gold in a husk of a body. In a world without magic, most vamps have already crumbled into dust, but Fetch is happy to go looking for some dirt with pointed teeth if it gets him his drinking money. Then, when a young siren disappears, Fetch finds out that this dark world still hides some monsters – and he’d better clean up his act before they come into the light.


Studying the cover of the book of Luke, i’ve found a thing that it makes me happy.



Here the Rune table…. that’s increbile….. i loved the rune from long time and now also on the cover of the book of Luke…


A retweet of Luke from Orbit instastory

I’ve discovered another Rune on the cover of the book of my Luke

This is the Othala Rune..


Special delivering for Luke

The unboxing

The Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From @a_cochran Twitter ⇓⇓⇓


Last Smile in Sunder City


Here the begins of the lastest interview he left to Build Series


Last Smile in Sunbder City will be published als in other languages
Italian (Triskell Edition) -> very happy!!***
Portuguese (Nova Fronteira)
Spanish (Trini)

For further info: Luke Arnold.Net

*** Me, being italian i have information for the italian version nuaedizioni



Most likely it will presented in Italy In Turin in May ’20

Nua Edizioni -Triskell

Data uscita inglese 6 Febbraio

qua  di seguto la sinossi del libro in italiano


At the NUA Edizione is begining the marketing campaign….. very exciting, new project …. big excitement….


Lucky Micheal Wahr who has the opportunity to read the Last Smile in Sunder City i n preview


Here the funny repost of Luke

And finally a repost of NUA Edizione (italian house publishing)



Here thr review of Peter McLean






Not for sale copy⇓⇓⇓


The second volume, still untitled, in according to Google books, should be come out in August 2020 here some little info

For us it’s even important to see the back side, not only the front. Thanx to Meganne Young instastory [@youngmeganne_], from which i cut a picture, here we can see the back


News about the second volume of the Fetch Phillips series, out on October 2020


Lastest review of The Last Smile in The Sunder City by KIRKUS




credit: @Cat_book_tea (twitter) and her review



Instagram @the_ya_enthusiast

Instagram @rubyhosh


Another review announced by Luke himself few minutes ago


The Last Smile in Sunder City


From Nua Edition a little preview of the book transated in italian
«Manca ancora un po’ di tempo all’uscita di “The last smile in Sunder City” di Luke Arnold, ma abbiamo pensato
di intrattenervi svelando poco alla volta i luoghi in cui è ambientato questo splendido libro.
Ridgerock Academy
La Ridgerock Academy era costituita da tre blocchi di cemento a un solo piano ed era protetta da una recinzione
di filo spinato. L’edificio più grande era decorato da un murale fin troppo vivace di visi sorridenti, raggi di sole e
stelle. […] Non era la mia scuola e non ci ero mai stato, ma l’atmosfera era intrisa di una mano pesante di
nostalgia: l’aroma indimenticabile di macchie d’erba, maniche col muco, paura, confusione e sandwich al burro di
arachidi vecchi di una settimana. -»
“The last smile in Sunder City”, Luke Arnold.
Prossimamente con Nua Edizioni.

On 5 Feb ’20 Luke with his friend Toby Schmitz, will join on this event to present his debut novel  The Last Smile in The Sunder City

Luke Arnold – The Last Smile in Sunder City



⇓⇓⇓ @iamjustbelle (instagram)



A video made by myself of the lastest instagram of Luke

The retweet of @orbit_uk of the instastory of Luke

Another site that reccomend the book of Luke


From Luke Instastory and instagram

18.12.19goodreads.PNG ⇒Only US 





⇒Better Reads Events

⇓⇓⇓⇓@2bookornot2book Instagram


Here an exctract audio by Luke who reads his book !!!!


Here news for the italians (from Triskell – Nua Edizioni)
The Italian editing process is going very well, it’s at good point

The Last Smile In Sunder City is avaible on Audible preorder


The Last Smile in Sunder City is a brilliantly voiced contemporary fantasy for fans of Ben Aaronovitch, Rotherweird or Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, and the debut novel from high-profile actor Luke Arnold.

Fetch Phillips fought on the wrong side of a war between humans and magical creatures, and his actions helped to drain the world of enchantment. Now he works on the streets of Sunder City, taking what odd jobs he can while trying to help those whose lives he ruined.

His first case is to find a missing teacher. Professor Rye is a four-hundred-year-old vampire with a heart of gold in a husk of a body. In a world without magic, most vamps have already crumbled into dust, but Fetch is happy to go looking for some dirt with pointed teeth if it gets him his drinking money. Then, when a young siren disappears, Fetch finds out that this dark world still hides some monsters – and he’d better clean up his act before they come into the light.

©2019 Luke Arnold (P)2019 Hachette Audio UK
Another preview for the italian reader, thank to
per le vie di Sunder City. Biblioteca Sir William Kingsley
un edificio imponente di sequoia appollaiato su una piccola altura nella parte orientale della città. Una breve camminata in salita rivelava una statua di bronzo del potente Sir William. Era un uomo calvo dalla faccia tonda e dall’aspetto gioviale. In una mano teneva un libro, nell’altra una bottiglia di vino. Sotto la statua c’era una placca su cui erano iscritti i versi più celebri della sua poesia più famosa, I viandanti:
La scintilla alimenterà il fuoco,
E il fuoco al sentiero si appiccherà.
Si procede nel pantano a poco a poco,
E indietro mai si tornerà.
La biblioteca era uno dei pochi edifici di legno che erano sopravvissuti all’inclinazione di Sunder all’improvvisa autocombustione. […] La posizione isolata della biblioteca l’aveva tenuta al sicuro. Più o meno. Qualche fiamma aveva lambito e deformato la facciata di legno con sufficiente calore da strinare il marrone dorato di nero carbone. C’era un fascino un po’ datato nelle vetrate colorate, le cornici ad arco e la spira appuntita. Aveva un che di spirituale, pur essendo un luogo in cui venivano stipati vecchi libri.
Mi piacciono i libri. Sono silenziosi, pieni di dignità e assoluti. Un uomo può balbettare ma le sue parole, una volta scritte, saranno eterne.
Le ampie porte si aprirono con il suono di un orso sbadigliante e l’aroma gessoso della carta vecchia mi riempì le narici.
L’interno della biblioteca assomigliava più a una collezione privata che a un edificio pubblico. I corridoi erano stati disegnati per accentuare l’architettura della stanza, creando un intricato labirinto dove non c’era passaggio che conducesse dove ci si aspettava. Avrei felicemente trascorso lì una giornata intera alla ricerca del tascabile perfetto da infilarmi nella tasca posteriore ma, per una volta, avevo un lavoro da fare. – “The last smile in Sunder City”, Luke Arnold.
 Happy New Year with  The Last Smile in Sunder City from @scorpionbookdreams
New event to promote The Last Smile In Sunder City with Luke and Laurence Boxhall
Yesterday Luke ha posted on his blog one of the first part of his book. Here the screenshots
Beautiful pic of the book from starrylittlenights⇓
From the Instagram of Luke Roberts

Altro piccolo estratto nell’edizione italiana

“Sunderia, Sunder City
Sunderia era un territorio inospitale senza popoli indigeni. Nel 4390, una banda di cacciatori di Draghi seguì un balenio di fiamme all’orizzonte…”

“Sunderia, Sunder City
Sunderia era un territorio inospitale senza popoli indigeni. Nel 4390, una banda di cacciatori di Draghi seguì un balenio di fiamme all’orizzonte…”
From instastory of hachetteaus






Luke has confirmed the 6Fb appointement

reading6feb⇒⇒⇒⇒Reading Event



tschan ⇑⇑⇑⇒⇒⇒

Another larger visual of the cover of the book of Luke by Orbit_Uk


The Reading Event has published this

Another larger view of the cover of the book from wild_heart_reads


Luke, on his blog has posted the exctrat of the audiobook of The Last Smile In Sunder City Here the link to the page of his blog  and here the InstagramStory he created to promoted it screenshot_20200120-1337272




Shakespeare in Love – the Show

Here i will post all the pictures and the other content of the show that the Melbourne Theatre Company, and the actors and audience, will publish on their social media.content-1d_e7-muueaaj0-m-2




Little behind the scene with Micheal, Claire and Simon Phillips, the director of the show


From Micheal Wahr InstaStory ⇓⇓⇓



A warm up of the cast from Claire Van Der Boom Instagram


⇓⇓⇓ my dude⇓⇓⇓


The calm before the storm…. Instastory from Micheal Wahr


It’s time for a Question&Answer from the audience thanx to instastory of MelbourneTheatre (@melbtheatreco)







Here a little backstage ⇓⇓⇓ thanx to @MelbTheatreCo’s twitter







Behind the costumes




A group pic on stage

From Micheal Wahr instastory


After the first success at the Theatre of Melbourne, the show will move in Canberra Theatre Center from 22  to 31 August
⇓⇓⇓ this their promo


Photos from the show:






A close up of Marlowe aka Luke ⇓⇓⇓













66737244_10157639491103392_4846811915692802048_n-1Photo by Jeff Busby





Claire van der Boom ⇓⇓




Peter Houghton & Daisy ⇓⇓⇓



Micheal Wahr and John Leary ⇓⇓⇓


Micheal Wahr and Chris Ryan⇓⇓⇓






Last night (22 july) it has been the party of the 1st week of ‘Opening night’ of the show
here the whole group ⇓⇓⇓⇓


Micheal Wahr with Aaron Tsindos ⇓⇓⇓


….and here an enlargement of my dude with Deidre Rubistein and John Leary ⇓⇓⇓⇓screenshot_20190722-155358-2

And here just my dude


Luke with Chris Ryan ⇓⇓⇓⇓





From Michael Wahr lastest instastory


This is last week at the PlayHouse theathre of Melbourne then the crew, will move to the Cranberra Theatre
This is the last promo video ⇓⇓





John Leary at makeup and who is behind him?





A wonderful pic in b&w of Micheal

Last night at the Playhouse and these are the crew greetings




































They move….. from Melbourne to Canberra (from svenmoore Instagram)


From Micheal Wah instastory





From instagram @lostinthenarrative


From Canberra Theatre instagram (@canberratheatrecentre)

canberra01-1 canberra02-2

canberra03-2 clairecanberra

canberra04 ecibosbxuaazxrw

From twitter @canberrastreets



Another Instastory from Micheal Wahr





From kirstyyoungdigitalart instagram ⇓⇓⇓








From @lostinthenarrative’s Instagram ⇓⇓⇓
canbclaire02 canbdeidre_claire


From facesbywanderlust73’s Instagram
face04 face05 



From Darrel Kolsky (@dkolsky) Instagram







From John Leary instastory

From lostinthenarrative instagram ⇓⇓⇓









From @capital_concerts_and_events’Instagram ⇓⇓⇓

Last InstaStory from Micheal Wahr – Opening Night ⇓⇓⇓





From @fallintotheriver Instagram

Beautiful pics in black &White from canberrastreets

From @capitaltoad Instagram

Wonderful Instastory from Canberra’s instagram @canberratheatrecentre


From John Leary Instastory





From Micheal Wahr InstaStory



Lastest instastory pic from Micheal Wahr ⇓⇓

Last hours to book your ticket Shakespeare In Love is closing

Some Instastories from @clairevandboom








Lastest Instastory from John Leary















Dinner from Micheal Wahr Instagram ⇓⇓⇓


Lastest instastory from Micheal Wahr few minutes ago



Last pics and instastories from backstage from John Leary, Micheal Wahr, and Luke ⇓⇓⇓⇓
johnlastdays michealastdaymicheallastday02micheallastday03micheallasttimejohnlasttimelonglukelast01longluke02-1longluke03-1longluke04-1longluke05-1longluke06-1longluke07-1longluke08-1longluke09-1longluke10-1


The cast leaving Canberra

John Leary Instastory






Micheal Wahr instagram


And lastest pic from Micheall Wahr the last one been shooted by Luke



Photo from the audience:


In according to Marlowe’s costumes, and my enlargement the red arrow indicates ⇒⇒♥♥Luke♥♥⇐⇐⇓⇓⇓finale02accordingpalcofinale030_nstevebastonipalco05locandineentrataplayhous-1frontpalcoscreenshot_20190716-0433502screenshot_20190716-063403~27745093882861725024..jpgscreenshot_20190716-063420-1screenshot_20190716-063352~2991702766509064882..jpgscreenshot_20190716-063411~229861688948293390..jpgfinitoentrata02veduatainstamichealprogrammapalco04entrata















From Martina Nett Murray Twitter: @MartinaNMurrayd_51xocu8aiiolx



From Melbourne Theatre Company Instagram ⇓⇓⇓ melbtheatreco




(daily update)

(rehearsals ⇒⇒⇒ Luke in Melbourne – Shakespeare In Love)

Im feel like

longjohn_contrario_moltiplikcaMy Long John Silver.
Another little operation at the leg, to remove the three pins i have inside my right leg.
I have a tangle in my stomach. I would like cry but i must be strong like Long John.
I sighing and i go foward like you.
It had to be done, from long time and now the time is arrived.
I will face up to my 10th leg operation with you in my heart and im sure i will feel your closeness while i will wake up myself from the operation as the last time.
When i’ve opened my eyes the first person in my mind was been you.
I feel, you are feeling me, cause in these moments im feeling you, and the vise in my stomach is changed, perahps you have read my tweet (who knows).
Now i feel your closeness growing up more than ever.
I feel you’re wrapping me.
That’s incredibile how’s our connection works.
Now i feel you so close to me, you’re next by my side. I can feel you’re whispering my name, and now i dont think about the operation, but just to you.
You have pulled me in our parallel world and now everything is disappeared.
We are just only us, embraced one another.
You dont how much you’re important in these moments of my life.


“You was still

ap24forteLooking at me, surprised of how many things i knew. Me i was also. But what we didnt know was that we had still little time to spend in our parallel world, and the Markùt with their big eyes and their runs around us, wanted warned ourselves that was time to leave. They were worried, i could felt and with their little paws and their strange voices they took us at the gate from we where entered.
We had to overcome again that thin line where we had felt our breathe make itself short. We had to overcome the Nothing, once again.
We had hold our hands and we had took a deep breathe. For a last time we have turned ourselves round and we had saluted the Markùt.
In a second later, we were going trought the gate to return beyond the rusty gate.
Hand in hand we were entered in our appartment, with many questions in our heads.
But slowly the replies were came with no any effort.
In meanwhile, we were reasoning, we were a little bit hungry.
You went in the kitchen and you have prepared something.
One and only reason was in our minds. The most rational.
I have waited for you, to talk… to explain why the Markùt were worried, and why they had pushed us out from the Parallel World.
‘If we were remained there for too long time, everything it would be imploded and we, together with all of we have created till now. ‘
‘Everything would been destroyed’ you have whispered, looking at me.
‘Like the Cinderella enchantement’  and i have added witout realizing that i was saying aloud ‘…and we would been killed by what which we had thought was the most beautiful thing of the world. Our feelings’.
You have left fall the glass you had in your hand and you ran toward to me and you have took my face in your hands and you whispered ‘We will dont ever happen’
We have sighed. I kissed your palm of the hand.”


⇐“While you have

I rembember

owen141_forteAs if was yesterday how it’s began our strange connection, and slowly was growed up, always more, each day. And now we are at this point.
It’s began with little signals, then that dream and what you have told me. I didnt wanted believe it, but i did some research, and everything was real.
Now it’s passed an year and i feel your closeness more stronger than before.
Sometime i sigh, because i still dont believe it’s happening for real.
Slowly we have etablished a contact, despite our real distance. If i talk about that to someone, for sure, they can think i’m crazy, but im not crazy. I feel there is something.
I open myself freely just with you, trought this diary, if ever you will read it you would know im telling my very deep feeling i have for you.
And if i rembember how it has began all this i can shake my head, and everything is still continue.
I must take a deep breathe to calm my heart that is beating like a crazy.


From two

luke-10forteDays i feeling my vise in the stomach get bigger and bigger.
I feel our parallel world wants us inside of it. I feel your hands stretching toward me and you pulling me inside with you.
These sensations arounding me, and in someways, i feel, they reaching from you. Our minds are connecting in strong way.
The vise is more tangled than ever. Our little eletric shocks, are more present in these hours. I can feel your whisper my name from far. Each  time you pronouncing my name i have a thud in my heart, and you know it.
I can feel your embrace. Your arms wrapping me and everything i can do is, close my eyes and take a deep breathe.
My heart is going crazy.
You need me as i need of you. The only thing is, close the eyes and stretch our hands. Only in this way, we can touch ourselves despite our distance…
My vise in stomach  is about to explode.
Tell me you feel the same i feeling.


“While you have

boogaloo_forte0041Lay me on the meadow you didnt take me off your eyes on me. Seemed you knew in which dimension we would been dived. You have putted yourself above me.
For magic our clothes, one by one, was fade away. And our love was becoming an experience never felt before.
You was entered in me so sweetly but your moves were firm and determineted. Slowly my hands putted on your lower back. You was kissing me with all your sweetness but at the same time i could felt all your passion. Our tongues have met uninterruptedly during we have made love, and your lower back game, made me moaning of pleasure.
You have kissed me sweetly. Your hair covered my face. I moved them, caressing your face. Our glance met themselves, but your lips wanted still kiss me and i’ve whispered your name.
I wanted this moment had no end. Seemed we were in heaven, but instead we were in a place better than paradise. We were in our parallel world.
You have approached your face to me and you have started again to give me little and soft kisses.
We were wrapped in our passion, when were about to reach the peak of our pleasure and we had felt the little pulsations exploding in us at the same time.
When we have had felt the contractions no more, we were looked at us, one in another and we smiled ourselves.
Slowly and gently you was came out from me, making me bite my lips still one more time. You have looked at me and in a whisper you have said my name.
Around us was a peaceful sensation that little by little was entered in us, making us feel strange, as if we were floating, but we werent float.
After we have done love, everything seemed more beautiful. We could heard the birds sings around us and some strange kind of little white furry animals approached us. They were sweet with us. They wanted our attentions. With their behavior, they told us that they were love us.
When i touched one of them i whispered ‘They’re Markùt… the parallel world guardians, they came to salute us’.
How did i know whom they were and their name? I was became a witch few hours earlier and  i’ve assimilated also this in my transformation.
You have looked at me deeply, you have sighed. You have whispered my name.
We were in the place where we would wanted live forever, but unconciously we had know, wasnt possible. We had to return in our appartment.”



⇐“We had to

“You was still ⇒

It’s from

michealrWhen i was woke up myself that i feel you in an intimate way, close to me. I have already in my mind the continue of my tale.
In these hours, between what im feeling and my imagination, our parallel world is wide open and i see you inside of it, and my heart is beating like a crazy.
Our closesness is tangible in these hours. We only, us can feel it, we can feel our touches. I can feel your hands touching me softly and you know i could, also faint.
Your whispers around me and the only thing i can do is leaving me transport in our parallel only with your words.
Our minds are get connecting ourselves in such strong way, that i can hear your deep voice, despite our real distance.
Closing my eyes i feel you.
My hands are shaking on this keyboards. Our connection is strong, we can feel it.
I must take a deep breathe. I feel your embrace.
You’re here by my side.
I love you


“We had to

murders_forteOnly overcome the rusty gate and we would we would make the first steps in our world.
We were looked at us one another. We had hold our hands tight one in another. Our heartds beated so hard and we could felt them. We were still breathless, but we had know if we didnt would make these steps, our breath would been always more short.
Was useless to find a reason, it was so, and we knew it.
We didnt realized that we werent still inside of our parallel world, but we were looking it trought a temporal window. And the reason we were breathless, was that we were in the middle of the NOTHING, and the rusty gate was became the borderline between our appartament and our parallel world, and that thin line that divided us from our world, was a line very dangerous. We would have understand it later. We looked at us deeply
, and with those glance we had done the first step that it would made us enter in our parallel world.
We entered in, as if we were entered in a water bubble and we were came out, entering in our parallel world.
We had realized, we had no shoes no more, and we were walking in a meadow arounded by trees as a little alleyway and then was opened itself in front of us the big valley that we had seeing from our appartement.
We were looking at us speechless, we didnt believed it. It was a wonder.
There was everything we had always wished. Silence, blue sky, little animals that ran arounded us, the big meadow where, in the past life, we meeting ourselves to stay in peace. We went there. We felt it, was an enchanted place.
Me, by now, a witch, i could  felt all the magical flows and now i understood because we went there. Me from the past, i’ve done a enchantment and this place was hided to the eyes of the other people, and we could stay here everytime we wanted.
Slowly you putted yourself in front of me, without say  nothing, but you have stared me.
Gently you have holded my hips, you have approached me to you. For a little seconds you have looked at me and right after you have started to give me little soft kisses.
Softly you have lay me down on the meadow and sweetly we have started to make love.”


⇐“I was stand up

“While you have ⇒

When i see

insta17-01-2020This picture, isnt the the Bones & Skull glass i see. But the shack in background. Each time i see it, i have a thud in my heart. It’s incredible how your lastest pics/videos you did, they filmed that shack, and how each time i see it, im shocked myself. Cause  i been in that shack, despite never been in your house.
I rembember exactly each thing from that dream.
We were there.
You sang with your friends. I heard you, also sing, for real, time later, and you sing very well, and everything coincides perfectly, and if i think to all this, i can also drive crazy, you can bet it. And i asking myself if  everything this is part of our parallel world or not. I think yes. Everything is part of it, and we are realizing all this slowly, but it’s so.
Slowly we are approaching ourselves and it will arrive the time, without realizing that, we will collide ourselves, and at the end our glances will meet themselves and the only thing, we could do, will to smile whispering our names.


“I was stand up

luke26forteFrom your knees. You have took my hand to better help me and  i have holded it and i have whispered you ‘Come’.
You have looked at me with your eyes. You knew what i would do, but you didnt say nothing, you have only followed me.
Hands in hands, we stopped ourselves in front a little bowl where you had the keys of our appartment and with a sweet glance i have looked at them. You have took them. In front of the grey door, we stopped ourselves, for a minute. We looked at us, one another.
While you have inserted the key in the keyhole, we have took a deep breathe and we didnt take off our glances, one from another. We sighed hard. Were we ready to make this step? We didnt knew it. We would had discover it, only crossing the borderline.
Our hearts were about to drive crazy, and would explode at any time, if we didnt would open that door.  We would stared that heavy grey door for several minutes.
You was looking at me, while you was turning the key and when we have saw that the door slowly was opening, we had took a final deep breathe and we have opened definitely the door and we came out.
We been pushed out, as if a magnet attracted us to it. The building where was o
ur appartament, was remained the same, but now the other appartments didnt exisited no more. The rusty gate was there. We were there, in front of it. As always was closed.
You said me, smiling  ‘ I will would fight to open it’. On the contrary, when you have inserted the other key, the gate opened itself  easily
We were had to overcome still, that invisible bordeline that it didved ourselves from that magic world that we were observing standing, from that rusty gate.
We holded our hands tight, looking in front of us. We were breatheless.”


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“We had to ⇒

This afternoon

smiles_forte3How i felt you close to me, inside of me. You was close to me, you holded my hand when i was at the medical office to make the x-ray to my leg.
My vise on the stomach has growed up suddenly, and i knew was you.
And also now, im back at home writing here, i feeling you close to me.
I take a deep breathe and i can see your shadow around me, i can hear you whisper my name, and me i whisper your name, and our parallel world open itself and, trought it, we can stretch our hands and we can touch ourselves, sweetly.
Our glances meeting themselves, and slowly we approaching ourselves one another, closing our eyes we can feel our lips leans eachother on ours mouth.
You’re the first. Your kisses leave me, always without the breathe.
Despite our real distance, i can feel your passion.
You are loving me sweetly.