Our flows… [1st part]

lukedraftforteAre connected themselves, more than ever. My head is exploding as a bomb and my stomach is scrambled. While i feel you’re embracing me so tight, i whisper you ‘What i’ve seen last night, it made me imagined this scenario’.
“We are two creatures of habit. We are goers the same bar. We have seen eachother, but we didnt ever present eachtoher. We have had shared some little shy smiles.
I didnt ever separated by my diary, where i write each thing, above all my feelings.  In this bar i meet some cool people, but when you enter in, the other people, slowly disappears. Usually i place myself in a little corner, where i have a wide visual of the bar. That night the bar, was a little bit full more than usual.
I have had always problems to walk, so slowly i have walked trou the bar. To reach my little corner i had to pass next to you. My heart exploded till die. I have close my eyes, took a deep breath, and make me courage to goes on. Our eyes met, you have shy smile me. This was the millionth shy smile we had shared one of another. What i thought when you have smile me it has been ‘Oh my!’ As far i could, i ran, but in that goofy ran, i fallen on the floor, and my diary has fly in the air. My face is became all red, i wanted only bury myself. The people in the bar have seen the whole scene and they has started to look at me, someone whispering, others laughing.
I tried to stand up myself. But the only help hand i have had, it has been yours. In that touch, something has made clicked. You gently asked me ‘Is it all ok?’. Breathless i was able only to shake my head. Sweetly you have take me my hand and you have help me to stand up. With the other, you’ve collected my diary, and your eyes have paused on a poem i wrote**
You have accompanied me to my table, assuring yourself that everything was ok. A little hesitant, you were leaving me. But right after, you have stopped yourself, to back to me. Sweetly, you have asked me ‘Can i sit with you for a little?’ And from that istant, it has began our story.”

**Once Again


We are meeting (2nd part)

Slowly (3rd part)

My heart (4th part)

For (5th part)

While (6th part)

You (7th part)

The Last Smile in Sunder City (little news)

Finally my Luke has revelead the cover of his debut novel ‘Last Smile in Sunder City’ accompanied by a mini video




From @Gambit589 (press officer @orbitbooks) ⇓⇓⇓



Studying the cover of the book of Luke, i’ve found a thing that it makes me happy.






Here the Rune table…. that’s increbile….. i loved the rune from long time and now also on the cover of the book of Luke…


A retweet of Luke from Orbit instastory

I’ve discovered another Rune on the cover of the book of my Luke

This is the Othala Rune….


Special delivering for Luke

The unboxing

The Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From @a_cochran Twitter ⇓⇓⇓


Last Smile in Sunder City


Here the begins of the lastest interview he left to Build Series



Shakespeare in Love – the Show

Here i will post all the pictures and the other content of the show that the Melbourne Theatre Company, and the actors and audience, will publish on their social media.content-1d_e7-muueaaj0-m-2




Little behind the scene with Micheal, Claire and Simon Phillips, the director of the show


From Micheal Wahr InstaStory ⇓⇓⇓



A warm up of the cast from Claire Van Der Boom Instagram


⇓⇓⇓ my dude⇓⇓⇓


The calm before the storm…. Instastory from Micheal Wahr


It’s time for a Question&Answer from the audience thanx to instastory of MelbourneTheatre (@melbtheatreco)







Here a little backstage ⇓⇓⇓ thanx to @MelbTheatreCo’s twitter







Behind the costumes




A group pic on stage

From Micheal Wahr instastory


After the first success at the Theatre of Melbourne, the show will move in Canberra Theatre Center from 22  to 31 August
⇓⇓⇓ this their promo


Photos from the show:






A close up of Marlowe aka Luke ⇓⇓⇓













66737244_10157639491103392_4846811915692802048_n-1Photo by Jeff Busby





Claire van der Boom ⇓⇓




Peter Houghton & Daisy ⇓⇓⇓



Micheal Wahr and John Leary ⇓⇓⇓


Micheal Wahr and Chris Ryan⇓⇓⇓






Last night (22 july) it has been the party of the 1st week of ‘Opening night’ of the show
here the whole group ⇓⇓⇓⇓


Micheal Wahr with Aaron Tsindos ⇓⇓⇓


….and here an enlargement of my dude with Deidre Rubistein and John Leary ⇓⇓⇓⇓screenshot_20190722-155358-2

And here just my dude


Luke with Chris Ryan ⇓⇓⇓⇓





From Michael Wahr lastest instastory


This is last week at the PlayHouse theathre of Melbourne then the crew, will move to the Cranberra Theatre
This is the last promo video ⇓⇓





John Leary at makeup and who is behind him?





A wonderful pic in b&w of Micheal

Last night at the Playhouse and these are the crew greetings




































They move….. from Melbourne to Canberra (from svenmoore Instagram)


From Micheal Wah instastory





From instagram @lostinthenarrative


From Canberra Theatre instagram (@canberratheatrecentre)

canberra01-1 canberra02-2

canberra03-2 clairecanberra

canberra04 ecibosbxuaazxrw

From twitter @canberrastreets



Another Instastory from Micheal Wahr





From kirstyyoungdigitalart instagram ⇓⇓⇓








From @lostinthenarrative’s Instagram ⇓⇓⇓
canbclaire02 canbdeidre_claire


From facesbywanderlust73’s Instagram
face04 face05 



From Darrel Kolsky (@dkolsky) Instagram







From John Leary instastory

From lostinthenarrative instagram ⇓⇓⇓









From @capital_concerts_and_events’Instagram ⇓⇓⇓

Last InstaStory from Micheal Wahr – Opening Night ⇓⇓⇓





From @fallintotheriver Instagram

Beautiful pics in black &White from canberrastreets

From @capitaltoad Instagram

Wonderful Instastory from Canberra’s instagram @canberratheatrecentre


From John Leary Instastory





From Micheal Wahr InstaStory



Lastest instastory pic from Micheal Wahr ⇓⇓

Last hours to book your ticket Shakespeare In Love is closing

Some Instastories from @clairevandboom








Lastest Instastory from John Leary















Dinner from Micheal Wahr Instagram ⇓⇓⇓


Lastest instastory from Micheal Wahr few minutes ago



Last pics and instastories from backstage from John Leary, Micheal Wahr, and Luke ⇓⇓⇓⇓
johnlastdays michealastdaymicheallastday02micheallastday03micheallasttimejohnlasttimelonglukelast01longluke02-1longluke03-1longluke04-1longluke05-1longluke06-1longluke07-1longluke08-1longluke09-1longluke10-1


The cast leaving Canberra

John Leary Instastory






Micheal Wahr instagram


And lastest pic from Micheall Wahr the last one been shooted by Luke



Photo from the audience:


In according to Marlowe’s costumes, and my enlargement the red arrow indicates ⇒⇒♥♥Luke♥♥⇐⇐⇓⇓⇓finale02accordingpalcofinale030_nstevebastonipalco05locandineentrataplayhous-1frontpalcoscreenshot_20190716-0433502screenshot_20190716-063403~27745093882861725024..jpgscreenshot_20190716-063420-1screenshot_20190716-063352~2991702766509064882..jpgscreenshot_20190716-063411~229861688948293390..jpgfinitoentrata02veduatainstamichealprogrammapalco04entrata















From Martina Nett Murray Twitter: @MartinaNMurrayd_51xocu8aiiolx



From Melbourne Theatre Company Instagram ⇓⇓⇓ melbtheatreco




(daily update)

(rehearsals ⇒⇒⇒ Luke in Melbourne – Shakespeare In Love)

“You looked

At me, as if you wanted explain what which were your really feelings.
You had still my hand in your, and it was as if you wanted take me in an imaginary place, that then, i’ve understand, was your heart.
Slowly and gently, you have brought me, there, in your favorite little place and without take off me eyes from me, you have began to whisper me.
‘Since from i’ve seen you… all my doubts, all my fears were disappears.
I had face up one of hardest time in my life, as i’ve told you’
I was in front of you, in silence, taking your hand and even me, i didnt take off my eyes from you.
murforteYou have continued me to tell. ‘Something in your eyes, told me to goes on, and i made it…When i went back home i took all these sheets and i began to write. I was, like hypnotized by your light of your eyes.’
I was listening to you, even me, like hypnotized by your words. I knew there was something more, and slowly i’ve take a deep breath and i closed my eyes. While i had eyes closed, i felt your hand tighting mine.
My heart was about to beat always more fast.
Our stones were still there on the little table, well separated by the others.
Your voice resounded like a spell in the air.
I had closed my eyes, when i heard you continue. ‘What which i didnt realize, from the night i’ve began to write about you… it were the stones. I was fully taken on which i was writing, that i didnt noticed that THESE were separated from the others’ and you have indicated the same stones that you’ve kept on the table.
You was stared at me as i stared at you. With eye wide open, we have looked at us eachother.
I was about to talk too, but in my head to many thoughts and now many other questions, crowded my mind. I only sighed.
We were hold us eachother tight.
We were remain so, for long.
In our deepest, by now, we both, did know, what it was happened in our life.”


⇐“I was

“I was

Slowly, walking trough the open space, and you was looking at me. At each thing which i’ve took a look, our glances meets. It seemed, i wanted your permission and… it was.
I was entering in your life, as you was entered in mine, so suddenly.
I’ve been attracted by the desk, from which you have brought the little box, where there were the ring, never given to your ex.
From far, you was following me. You wanted me explore all alone, but sometimes we crossed our little smiles.
I was came in front of the desk. It seemed out of the ordinary. It seemed an old furniture, and you was arrived in my help, describing it. I didnt realize, you was behind me and you was embracing me.
‘It was of my grandpa…’. Saying me this, your embrace has become more tight. I’ve tighted your arms, too.
owenh0w0019forteEven there, were a lot of sheets, pencils but above all an old blue and grey typewriter, with a sheet in of it. It was written but as if it was been left in half. I have took a glimpse, but right after i have looked away for fear to enter in things that i didnt must see.
You was still close to me, and you have see me titubant.
I had put my hand on the desk to better support myself. Slowly you have put your hand on mine, and slowly you have turn me.
‘…excuse me i didnt wanted’ i’ve said you, but right after,  you have said me ‘ Dont ask  excuse me, there is no need. It’s another poem i was writing thinking you’.
Right after you have take my face in your hands, looking at me deeply, you have said me ‘Since we met our glances for the first time… i have felt the need to start to write what were my feelings for this girl that i still didnt know yet.’  – ‘And now you’re in front of me’. It was what which your thoughts said me, trought your wonderful eyes.”


⇐“When i was

“When i was


On last stairs, you have lift me and slowly, you made me slide on your body and our glances dived themselves, once again, in that atmosphere, we were able to created.
You repeated me ‘You’re so beautiful. You are able to leave me without the breath’.
In those seconds, our bodies touched, while you have gently put me in front of you, without leave your hands on my hips.
You have asked me ‘Is it ok… what i’ve…’ .
I’ve whispered you ‘It’s all perfect’, caressing your face, i whisepered you, once again ‘Thank you”.
You seemed, almost blushed.
In the air, there was an excitement that it fed itself, eachtime our shirts touched themselves.
We were still in front, one to another.
It seemed, that moment should be last for the eternity, but slowly we have moved.
You didnt take off your eyes from me.
I wanted to explore the large room.
The little space with the little table with all sheets on it, it would been the last one.
I was curious to see, what it was in your life, besides what which i’ve seen already.”


⇐“Shyly i was

“I was ⇒

“Shyly i was

Entered in your bathroom for give me a refresh and to wear what which you have brought me.
I didnt know what time it was, but sincerely, i didnt care.
I have had just lived the last hours, as the most intensives of my life, and i was still stunned of which arounded me. Sensations, feelings, thoughts, moments and this presence of you in my head, but above all in my heart, that it pulsed and it didnt stop.
While i washed, all that it passed me trough my mind, it were the few word you have acted from your poem. They resounded in me, like little bombs launched from a pirate ship that they strikes their target. And their target was my heart.
When i came out from the bathroom, i took a look to downstair. I have sweetly smiled. You was still sleeping. I was entered in your bedroom to change me.
mtc033forte-1Without realize, i took the red long sleeved shirt and i’ve have put it on.
In that exact moment, i have had, like a flash.  You in the shop and you thought ‘who knows, if this, will does it like her?’ and while i’ve put it on me, i whispered ‘I adore it’.
I’ve took me a look at the mirror close the door and slowly i went downstair.
You was just wake up, and you was looking at me, who, slowly, i was coming down.
Our eyes met. We smiled us eachother and in a whisper, you said me ‘You seem a princess..’ and slowly, you came to give me your hand.
I’ve said you ‘Thank you’, taking your steady hand and at the end, we were kissed us.”


⇐“While embraced

“When i was ⇒

When i feel

lukebooklolloscuriIn this way, by now, i know, is our parallel world getting us eachother. My mind getting close to yours and that thin sensation get bigger and bigger among you and me. If i close my eyes i can feel you next to me. You’re whispering my name and slowly we enter in our parallel world and there, like in a twirl of emotions we are in front one of another. We sighing at the same time and our hands start, gently to touch our skin. Our glances make exploding our istincts. Our lips approach one to another. But we dont still kiss us. All around us floats, our lights and we are in of them.
I close my eyes and i feel your hands tight my hips. I sigh, whispering your name.
Despite our distance, i feel you here close to me and it make drives me crazy.
How is it possible, all this?  I cant still explain it to me. What which i feel in these months, make me feel in another dimension. Does our parallel world exist for real?
What which i really would like to hear, from you, it’s a simply ‘Yes it does exist’.


“While embraced

Us, we were exhausted, but what feeling was still in the air, like an electrified air.
But what which i’ve seen in your eyes was a lack of sleep.
While i have slept, you did the way, that at my wake up, i have had found all the necessary i would have need.  The breakfast, something new to wear.
The love we made…
The ring that i have stared it for long time, without hold back the tears.
While you was sit down on the sofa, with me on your chest, i realized that you little by little you were about sleeping you.
In the air there was, your scent. I have closed my eyes and i had relived all those moments, till at that moment. That moment when you have closed your eyes.
Without make some noise, i left you on the sofa sleeping. I went going upstairs, supporting me at the railing.
In the middle of the bedroom, were still the bag you have left fall down, before make love.
I have collected it and i was sit down on the bed. I’ve dropped on the bed the content of the little white bag and for the first time i’ve seen what you have had bought me.
A teeth brush, a couple of underwear, a t-shirt and a red long sleeved shirt, mixed cotton and satin.
While i was looking these things, my heart exploded and i’ve thought ‘Look what you did for me’ I sighed, closing for a second the eyes, then i took the little white bag and i went in the bathroom to change.
I was living in a dream, me too.”


⇐“All i could

“Shyly i was ⇒

“All i could

05_0031forteDo, was remain still stunned for what i’ve heard.
You have opened your heart, your feelings, your more deepest, to me. You was in front of me. What we felt for eachother, by now, it was tangible in the air, and although we didnt say us still nothing, we did say us all with our glances.
The sheet on which you have wrote these few lines, it was falled down, from your hand. It was on the floor.
We wanted to wake up ourselves, from this atmosphere that sorrounded us, but we seemed captured by these sensations we were feeling. They were stronger than of us. You was still in front of me, sitting on the little table and slowly you have take my hand. You were about to talk. I was looking at you. Your hand was so sweet, your skin so soft.
From last night i’m living as in a dream.’ you have said in a whisper,
‘And i dont want wake myself’, as if i’ve continued your thought in your mind. You have looking in the void, then you sat down close to me, embracing me tight.
Meanwhile, millions of greatest sensations floated around us. And we were in middle of them.”


⇐“You had

“While embraced ⇒

Here it is

The sensation i love to feel. Your suddenly embrace. You that, take me hips and you tight yourself to me, from the back. I feel your hands gently on my body. Your hands hold tight me to you. And i close my eyes, taking a deep breath. You turn me, and in front, one to another, we remain, as enchanted, by what we see in the eyes of ther other. Our parallel world expand itself around us and we stare at our glances. I still feel your sweet touch and i place slowly, my hand into your shirt. Our sensations get connect us eachother. We close our eyes and we feel our kiss sweet.
Our distance isnt a obstacle, by now.
Our connection is getting stronger and stronger.
I feel, you whisper me ‘Take me there’, while you kissing my neck. ‘I need it’.
You holding me always more, looking at me deeply and sweetly, while you touching my lips with yours.


“You had

owen058contrario_pluniformeYour eyes placed on me.
I was still stunned from what which i have had just listened to.
In my head, million of thoughts has fighted. Some has wins, some has lose.
In a whisper i asked you ‘So, since when we met our glance for the first time… you have started to write about me?’  You have only shaked your head, looking at me, taking all the sheets on the little table.
We have had started to write about eachother at the same time.
You sat down, next  to me, making me see the other sheets. Even if there were few written words in some, other were full, the sheets were full of thoughts about me, and your sensastions.
I was still without words, but i was full of emotions that i could not hold back.
We have looked at eachother, as dazed.
At the end, we found us, and everything what has happened us, it have had a reason.
The universe, or whatever was, it wanted us united.
And it’s been so.
At the end you have whispered me ‘


⇐“As if your

“All i could ⇒

Maybe (little open letter to Luke -12th)


What i begin to write, i really dont want make it finish.
I dived myself with you, in our perfect parallel world. Now what i feeling when we get connect us eachother is more strong.
I dont want leave that large room.
There, in someways, we had felt most of the biggest sensations we ever felt in our lives. Your gentilness has succeeded each limits.
I feeling you feel something like similar.
Should i close it o should leave an open door.
You are looking at me, i feel you.
I feel your whisper me ‘Let your feelings talk to you’.
Our parallel world doesnt must have borderline.
What i started to write, with you next to me, it will ever has no end, till our connection is so strong.
What i started to write here, it will continues. Maybe i will should collect, some thoughts, but im full of feelings for you and i will thank you, always.