“The Pandora

luke00111_contrario_forteiJar, by now, it was been open. And i’ve must just only go on.
In your eyes there was a sort of surprise mixed up with a sweetness, that i could only i see.
You was looking at me with wide eye open, as if you didnt believe 
it. And in a whisper, you have asked me ‘Please tell me more’. I have look at you. My breath has become short. Those seconds, they seemed me the most longest of my life,  i have collected all my thoughts, and as bullets shooted by a gun, i have started to tell.
‘Since when you have entered in «my bar», i have felt something inside of me. Then, yes, as you have tell me, i have noticed that your friends left you alone, little by little.  I was so sorry for you. There, at my table, i wrote my thoughts, my poems about the humankind, as i told you. But from when our eyes met, and you have began to smile me. I have felt something, and from there, i have began to write poems about you. Each night i’ve placed myself at my table, i waited  for you, and you came in, punctual. You was my thud to the heart. Each night, i hoped, that you notice me, and i hoped in a little smile from you.’
While i said you, all this, you was in silence, looking at me. I didnt know what to think.
I was there for continue, but you have take my hands and you was looking them, while you caressing them. Suddenly, you have look at me and you have whispered me ‘Me too, i hoped to see you sat there at your table. From when my friends left me, you was the only reason which i was come in that bar each night.”


⇐“While we

“By now

lukebooklollomoltiplicaWe didnt take off  our glances, one to another. And in that large room, with only the necessary forniture, there was an atmosphere, that we also believed was unreal.
We were looking at us so. While we were looking to awaken ourselves, from this strange sensation we felt.
Suddenly, you was look at me, asking me ‘Hey! Do you feel it?’ Putting your finger on my mouth. ‘Listen…’. A soft melody resounded in the room, but you didnt have put on any kind of music. And on the little table in front of us, something was happening.  Between the stones of rose quartz, it was raised a little light, and some of the stones were floating. And at the end slowly, they lay down on my legs. You have was looking at me speechless.  You whispered me ‘How has it been possible?’ I was speechless as you, if not more than you. I’ve shaked my head. I didnt know what answer you. We didnt take off our glances, one to another. But slowly, we have lay our eyes at these stones in my legs.
They were three.


⇐“After this

“After this

You looked as emptied, and you was looking at me as if i was been a ghost, but you have still holded my hand, then you have concluded, staring at the ring, ‘Then i fallen as in black hole. I wandered from bar to bar, looking for something. Then i was entered in that bar, i met some friends of mine. I didnt say them about me and my girlfriend. And from that moment i’ve always frequented few friends, till, by one by one, they have understood, that i wouldnt be a good company, they have left that bar, but i was remained.’
back02_longforteMaking few calculations, it was in that period,  when you was entered in that bar, that i considered always, a second home, little by little i’ve begin to noticed you, and little by little our glance met, for the first time. I did this consideration inside of me. But i didnt realized that i was become red in face. And you, by now, was stared at me, as when you was opening the rusty gate, and you have not said nothing another time. But you was only, looking at me.
This time you would have wait all the time of the world. ‘What’s up?’ you have said me, following my little smile.
My heart was beating in a strong way. I didnt understand what’s happening. But i knew, something it would be happens.
At the same time, we have take a deep breath.
I have look at you and i have started to say ‘From those days i’ve noticed you. From the first night, that you was came in the bar….i’ve noticed you.’
You was stared at me, for a little bit. And, as if you didnt wanted hear the continue, you have take my hand and you have started to talk about my symbol i had on as bracelet.
‘It has a powerful meaning…’ you was looking at it, while you was caressing my hand. I continued ‘Yes, «menthal opening, awareness and every form of art», that’s how i feel in this period…’
It was incredile how i have felt myself, while i’ve tell you this. I was in front of you. You was the reason of those my feelings.
We were remained so, knowing unconciously that it was happening something.”


  ⇐“You seemed

“You seemed

5714_pluniforme0011Enchanted by what i’ve told you moment earlier, and as enchanted, you’ve started to tell, something that it was seemed your story. So, i was looking at you, in your eyes. Me too enchanted by what you was to tell me.
‘We were beloved us so much. We have spent marvellous moments, together. I loved her so much, she loved me too.’
From you have began, i’ve understand, you was telling me one of the most important part of your life. I was looking at you, waiting for you take courage to goes on.
Slowly i have approach my hand next to yours, but i didnt take it. But how much i would wanted have to.
You was looking at me, but in a sense, you wasnt looking at me, but you was looking at the past. For a while you have didnt say nothing. I did respect this moment, without asking you to goes on with the story.
Suddenly, you have reprised to tell what was happened, while you seemed awaken yourself, taking sweetly my hands in your. But we were not looked at us. You have continued to tell the story.
‘We were been together few years. But the most intese years of my life. Of our lives.
I’ve also bought her a ring, with the intentions to ask her to marry me… but i never did!’
At the end of what you have said me, i sighed, holding back, with difficulty, the tears.
You was stand yourself up from the sofa and you went to take a little box, on other table, that it would could been, your desk. You was come back and you gave me me it. It was the ring’ box.
You was sitting again, close to me. Me with this box in hands, i really didnt know what to do. There was been a rapid look between us and me and the little box. Without say nothing, you have permitted me to open it.
Looking at the ring, i sighed more. It was simply, an opal. The most beautiful i’ve ever seen. We both looked at it. Me with with my thoughts, and you with your own memories.
‘We were left us, with this regret. Me, with my no courage to face up to this step, and she with this demand that it didnt never arrived. She has found other one.’
At the end of your story,  finally, we were looked at us, one in another’ eyes, and slowly i was approached to you. I have caressed the face, and you have kissed my hand, holded it in your. I have closed my eyes. “


⇐ “We were


“We were

Contemplated us, while we looking for to enter in the mind one of the other. To finding to understand which kind of magic connection there was between us and the stones. Because there was. You gently, while i was leaned on your chest, by now, i was dived in that world, from where i wouldnt have be never awaken, have whispered me ‘Tell me your story’.
micheal638x425This your demand, made me feel a little embarassed. ‘From where can i start?’
I placed myself in front of you, face to face. I have started, while you was looking at me sweetly, and sweetly you was smiling me. While i have took a deep breath, you have had took my hand and you have placed it on your legs, holding it in yours.
‘Maybe, as you have noticed in the bar, i’m a solitary girl. I love much to observe the human being, and learning from it, from what i see, from what i listen to. Then i collect all this and i begin to write what i feel. But from when i’ve known…’
In that moment i’ve stopped myself and i’ve blushed, and i’ve turned my looks to another part, while i was feeling your hands hold tight mine. You have continued what which i wanted say. ‘From when you have known «Him»…something has changed, isnt?’
I was dying inside, i wanted escape. I wanted run away faster than ever, but you was there, by my side, and our fingers were crossed. You have stared at me for a little bit, then you have said me ‘It’s ok, if you dont want, maybe i didnt have must demanded you this.’ I was diving in your eyes. ‘It’s just that…’ This my phrase was remained sospended in the air, till you have asked me ‘Where does come from your love for the our stones in common?’. We were looked at us deeply, while i didnt realize that i was approaching to you, placing slowly, my hand on your chest.
‘I’ve started to studied them long time ago…’ and i’ve told you that since i was a child i had some perceptions that in the future they would became true and that i was always affascinated by the magic, and that i’ve ever thought that the «stones», were really magic. Each time i’ve made the reading, they said me the truth.”


⇐“You was