“We were still

lukesolelineareLooking at the pendant, while Fenkuz was still there in front of us.
Seemed he had something to add. In fact, he approached us and he took again our hands in his paws, he said us ‘This magic world was born thanks your special love. You were reunited yourself from the past and you are living the love that you didnt had  lived in the past. Your souls were looking for themselves for too long time. You never stopped looking for you, and now… look what you’ve created…’ Fenkuz left in suspended his words.
He turned himself for go. Another voice was adding to his words.
‘There will be another things to discover, to do, to feel…’ It was Pyr whom slowly was awoken himself up and he was listening the words of his friend.
‘These crystal are both magic and they can do many great things, like you.’
Finally also the Markùts spoken ‘Your love was survived trough the centuries. You had defeated the only thing that it could destroy all this. We will be close to you’.
We were listening to them. We were moved.
We had realised that from first glance at the bar, from a sparkle in our eyes, little by little were being born this world. From a tiny particle of dust, during those first days that we had spend in «your appartament» in somewhere, it was growing Our Parallel World.
Our hearts were exploding, and without saying anything, we had nodded. We were remain speechless from the beauty of the words that Fenkuz, Pyr and the Markùts had said us.
Slowly they had left us. We were still sit on the little stair of our appartement, and then kindly you got up and you have stretched your hand toward mine, you have helped me to stand up and with your sweet voice you have said ‘Let’s walk’ and with a slow advancement we had acrossed the lake. The little Morgur had noticed us and he ran immediately toward us. He was happy to see us. I’ve caressed him, while from far we had heard the big one who called him. He returned back. while we were continuing our slow and silently walk, while the only thing we could listen to, were our hearts.They were going crazy.”


⇐“We knew

I taking deep breathes

luke0005forteAnd  suddenly im arounded by a new perfume. I close my eyes ad i can feel your whispers. That’s you.
You come from behind and delicately you’re wrapping me.
You call my name and you turn me. Our glance meet. I say ‘Hi’. You dont say nothing, you just look at me and you smile me, stretching your hand toward my face. I take it.
Our hearts begin to beat fast.
You’re approaching always more.
Now our faces delicately touching.
Our eyes diving one in another.
You take my hands and we start our slow dance. Kindly our minds get connect. We saying us everything. Some tears falling.
Our emotions melting.
I feel you and you feel me.
Now the only obstacle is our distance, but how we feel us close one another in these istants. Our hearts exploding at the same time.


“We knew

luke4446scuriThat we had to open to Fenkuz. Nothing was casual in Our Parallel World and now Fenkuz had have to say us something important, but Fenkuz had have to wait for another minutes.
In our eyes was the fully aware to go forward on and there was no pretext to return back.
Our hearts was beating at unison. A last glance, a last deep breathe a last kiss and then we would have open the grey door.
In someways, we were already seeing us projecting in our future.
This word, that could contain everything and nothing.
Together we went to open the door.
There was Fenkuz that he was looking us and slowly he said ‘There is something you must to know about you and the future of your world.’
Slowly but from far were approaching the Markùts. Pyr was still sleeping.
Fenkuz was looking at us, looking for the exact words for start his speech.
‘From  this night you have started your new walking in your world.
Defeating the Nothing, the most big enemy for this world, without realised, you have laid the foundation for protect it…’ We looked at eachother, while Fenkuz was pulling out from a little leather bag something. And then Fenkuz continued to talk approaching to us. He took my left hand and then he took your hand putting inside of it a tiny crystal You was about to open your hand  for look, but you have looked at Fenkuz first. He nodded, so you have see it.
It was a tiny opal.
‘This opal contains part of your big love and with the ring, it has great power’. We didnt say anything. We were stunned. Fenkuz had still, my left hand in his paw. He brought it next to the opal that was, in your hand, for show us how the two crystals combined worked.
A magical combined light lifted itself in the air.
‘This your shield… our shield.’
While Fenkuz was saying this, he was handling the opal. In few seconds he had created a pendant and at the end he putted it to the neck of Luke.”


⇐“Your words

“We were still ⇒

“Your words

luke021catturalineareWere resounding in the large room as an echo, and we were looking at us eachother.
We still didnt have understanding. Our hearts were beating hard.  We didnt wanted understand the meaning of the stone, but we were fully aware of his meaning, and we understood that we were about take full control of what which around us.
But in, your eyes there was a question that we were asking us eachother.
You was looking at me, you looking for a reply, that i couldnt give that to you. I was in a deep sea, like you.
Our hearts were about to explode.
You had, still Dagaz in your hand. In those little pink stone, was drawed on, our future, and for the very first time Our Parallel World were in our hands.
We were breatheless. In these short instants we understood that, yes, we were in our parallel world, but till now it was been protected  by the homeless and from the woman in the Burn Valley, and since they had left us, we had began  our «New beginning» in Our Parallel World.
We had realized that, and now we had also understand that kind of light that was spreaded in the sky the late night, while we have done love, It was our very first act of protection toward our world.
We looked at eachother and everything this was more clear in our heads, but above all in our souls. We remained breatheless for a long time. I have took your hands and the only thing i could did was to bring them to my chest. Unconciously or not, that gesture had linked our fear. And fear per fear, this great scare we have had, rapidly it disappeared.
At the end, you have lean the pink stone on the little table. We had took a look at it, together and then we looked at eachother. You have took my hands holding them tight in your and we sighed losting ourselves in the eyes one in another.
This moment of deep sharing of glances, was been broke by the hoarsely voice of Fenkuz that called us knocking the grey door.”



⇐“It was

“We knew ⇒

If i dont put

luke00455sovrappostoiOn it on this diary, what i’m feeling in these moments, i think i go crazy. It’s from this  late night that i feel your closeness more strong than ever. Even we are so far one from eachother each time i feel this sensation i can feel you, here close to me and in these istants my heart is beating so strong.
Despite we are so far i can feel our connection get stronger and stronger.
I can feel you are whispering my name and my soul is strambling. I must take a deep breathe for dont going crazy.
Your eyes are looking at me and in someways i can feel them set on me.
I’m biting my lips… I feeling your hands touching my stomach and you holding me tight
More the time passing by, more i think about the dream i’ve done from where has began everything and more i dont understand how it’s possible, but it is so.
Our Parallel World is, slowly born around us and if i close the eyes, i can feel your hands that bring me there.
We only and our eyes they can say us what we want to feel.


“It was

Long time that we didnt see one. I’ve waited for show it to you. I wanted glimpsed which symbol was, but i wasnt been able to, so i left it there where it was fallen.
luke4446forte-1You was arrived with the breakfast on a tray and you have placed it on the little table.
I was smiling at you. A shy smile. My heart was beating like a crazy, while you settled yourself  next to me. You was busy with the cup of coffee and the milk and the rest of the breakfast that you hadnt still noticed my glance.
Me, i was still smiling and you have felt that emotion too. At the end, you have launched me a glance and you have asked me ‘What’s up?’. Our hearts started to beat at unison. I sighed and with a whisper i’ve said ‘Look!’, indicating the floor next the stereo’s furniture. One of our stones was fallen.
We have took a deep breathe, we looked at ourselves. We were surprised as if we had seen this phenomenon for the first time. And it wasnt at all.
Just it didnt happened from long time.
Silently, we had decide make breakfast first. But our glances were set on that pink stone on the floor. The stones were saying us something, and we were there, with our hearts that were pumping as crazy.
At the end, you have cleaned yourself and you got up from the floor close the little table, and delicately you have took the stone. Meanwhile i settled myself on the sofa and i was looking at you approaching yourself to me.
Always with the closed fist you sat close to me.
Our glances met eachother, while slowly you was opening your hand, and for the first time we had seen Dagaz. ‘A new begining…’ was been your whisper, while you was lifting your glance toward me. I was looking at  you too. Our  hearts were beating fast.”


⇐“We looked

“Your words ⇒


I feel your

vanguardmare.scuri_Perfume around me. If  i close the eyes i can feel your hands hold me and i can hear your voice that wrapping me. Your hands touching my satin shirt. I’m going crazy.
I feel your closeness. I close my eyes and my vise in stomach is growing up.
I can see, you’re closing the eyes too.
Your hands are so gentle on me, and i can feel your whispers and your hand delicately sliding into my shirt.
I’m sighing. Your perfume strong around me. It is taking me into our parallel world.
There, you lean me on the floor and we looking at us. Without say nothing we say everything.
Delicately you take me off the shirt.
I feeling your perfume…



“We looked

At ourselves deeply. We didnt say us anything for a little bit. We had know to wait for still several minutes to move ourselves or at least to talk.
This changing was been one of more intense we had faced up to.
We were looking at us one in another Occassionally we have only whispered our names and we knew it was the only thing we could did.
lukecattura02scuriYou have wanted settled yourself, sweetly, again over me, and your hands were touching my face. Sometimes you have gave me sweet little kisses and i have filled my lungs with new air.
What we were doing it seemed a magical ritual. There was this question in our eyes. Everything around us was magical and we were part of this magic.
Slowly we were falling asleep. We were really tired. We had close the eyes while you hand was touching my belly and i was touching  your and while, we had smiled us.
The morning after, we have opened the eyes, aware to know what was happened in our appartment.
We went downstairs, as usually. Me in your arms, and that sensantion that filling my heart each time was expanding and now you could feel the same that i was feeling. While you have took me among your arms, our minds got connected eachother and for a while you have stopped youself and have looked at me. Without say nothing, we said us everything.
Me, in your arms, i sighed deeply. I’ve closed the eyes. I did it when we went downstairs. I have leaned my face on your chest and there, i have could hear your heart that was beating fast. The stairs were seven. The journey to do them was short, but those  few istants seemed had no end. Our heads were about to explode, but you were guided a slow invisible hand, and each steps you was doing, was wrapped, also, by my great emotion.
But finally, you have leaned me on the floor and that emotion, suddenly faded. I have left your hand while you went in the kitchen for prepare the necessary for breakfast.
I was looking at you from the sofa. But then something had catched my attention.”


⇐“We were

“It was ⇒


“We were

luke256forteStill looking at us, while we were feeling around us this changing.
We were still enjoying ourselves for the contractions of the orgasm we were feeling. You was still in me.
We were looking at us and our breathe was decreasing, our heart were returning to the normal beating, while we didnt take our glances off. In that atmosphere, everything seemed suspend, even our breathe.
That atmosphere seemed wrapped us and we could feel as a new oxygen was filling our lungs.
We hadnt moved yet. We were as hypnotized one by another. And that new thread of oxygen was still entering in our bodies, and we werent still didnt have divided us. And so, this flow was in continue movement between you and me, and the orgasm we have had was amplifying each little new sensations that we were  feeling in those moments.
I was holding your face in my hands and your eyes were set in mine.
Unconciously we had started  to take short but intense breathes.
We  knew that we were acrossing something, but that we had to wait for that all this emotion drape was gone away.
While our lips were touching delicately you have whispered ‘Shhh’ and then our lips kissed still. Slowly, everything was itself fading, and everything seemed was returning to the normality, but we knew, by now, it wasnt so.
We have looked at eachother. The air around us was still as if it was suspended. The new oxygen in our bodies it had to be still pumped well. We were put us infront one another, and as in the previous times, we have took our hands one in another, we looked at us without ever took off our glance one with another, and without say nothing, we had begun to take deep breathes. We were feeling it, also this time,it was working.
The new oxygen was entering  replacing the old one.
Our mental connection was becoming more stronger than before.
We were shyly smiling us. My last last gesture was been a sweet caress on your face.
At the same time we had close the eyes. Our hearts still was  beating strong.”



“We looked ⇒

… in meanwhile

luke-10forteYou, always more, giving me the certainty of my sensations.
Since i was woke up is that my vise in stomach is growing faster and faster….  and then what i’ve seen here, after your tweets… I dont want add anything else.
Just i  feel your closeness always more closer despite our real distance. And can feel your whispers, your  voice is wrapping me and i can feel your arms embrace me tight, you leave me without breathe.
My fingers are almost shaking on this keyboard and my thought is travelling fast to reaching you. Also me, i’m whspering your name. And our parallel world it opening itself, and there our glances can melt eachother.
My heart is beating strong. I feel you here by my side. You’re holding my belly, my hips, and the only thing i can do, is còlose my eyes and sigh.
Everything inside of me is exploding, while your are looking at me silently.
Delicately i can feel your hand is touching my face. I think i could going to drive crazy.
Does Our Parallel World exists for real and this little open diary it’s our real bond.
My heart is exploding…