I can

austin_sommai7Close my eyes and i can feel you start to wake up yourself, and in some way, your thoughts were been toward to me. My head and my stomach are going crazy and our connection is begin. What i feel in these moments is a twirl of emotions that around us, despite our distance. Our parallel world is inside of us and we both of us we feel it. I close my eyes and i feel your embrace, your sweet embrace. When you turn me, your glance looks at me and our bodies touch. My hand place itself on your chest and with all your sweetness you place yours on mine and you have whispered me ‘Do you feel my heart?’. It beats so fast. We didnt take off our look, one from another. Just few second and my eyes placed on you t-shirt. You slowly, have take my hand, and you have slide it inside. I have look at you, breathless. Right after, you have take my face in your hand, and you have whispered me ‘How much i wanted you.’ Slowly, you have approached yourself to my lips and kindly you have kissed me passionately.


Our flows… [1st part]

lukedraftforteAre connected themselves, more than ever. My head is exploding as a bomb and my stomach is scrambled. While i feel you’re embracing me so tight, i whisper you ‘What i’ve seen last night, it made me imagined this scenario’.
“We are two creatures of habit. We are goers the same bar. We have seen eachother, but we didnt ever present eachtoher. We have had shared some little shy smiles.
I didnt ever separated by my diary, where i write each thing, above all my feelings.  In this bar i meet some cool people, but when you was entered in, the other people, slowly disappears. Usually i place myself in a little corner, where i have a wide visual of the bar. That night the bar, was a little bit full more than usual.
I have had always problems to walk, so slowly i have walked trou the bar. To reach my little corner i had to pass next to you. My heart exploded till die. I have close my eyes, took a deep breath, and make me courage to goes on. Our eyes met, you have shy smile me. This was the millionth shy smile we had shared one of another. What i thought when you have smile me it has been ‘Oh my!’ As far i could, i ran, but in that goofy ran, i fallen on the floor, and my diary has fly in the air. My face is became all red, i wanted only bury myself. The people in the bar have seen the whole scene and they has started to look at me, someone whispering, others laughing.
I tried to stand up myself. But the only help hand i have had, it has been yours. In that touch, something has made clicked. You gently asked me ‘Is it all ok?’. Breathless i was able only to shake my head. Sweetly you have take me my hand and you have help me to stand up. With the other, you’ve collected my diary, and your eyes have paused on a poem i wrote**
You have accompanied me to my table, assuring yourself that everything was ok. A little hesitant, you were leaving me. But right after, you have stopped yourself, to back to me. Sweetly, you have asked me ‘Can i sit with you for a little?’ And from that istant, it has began our story.”

**Once Again


We are meeting (2nd part)

Slowly (3rd part)

My heart (4th part)

For (5th part)

While (6th part)

You (7th part)

& it continues at the end of the 7th part

I imagine

22-07forte0046-2You wait for these moments, as i do. In these moments our connection is strong and our minds get connect eachother as a click in our head and what which we feel, is our parallel world, slowly makes us enter and it close the gates behind us. And what we feel, one for another it does transforms in our floating lights. And what we feel overwhelm us, everytime. We in front one of another. Silencely we approach us. I feel you by my side, i feel your glance on me. My head and stomach are scrambled by what i feel. That’s you. I must to close my eyes for a little bit. I feel you turn behind me. I feel your hands around me. Your chest close to my back and your hands hold me tight ‘I wish you was here, with me’. I open my eyes. You have left me breathless saying me this. Slowly i turn myself, while you still embrace me. Our glance meets. Face to face, your hand caress my face. In that moment all around us changed. An istant, that it seemed no end. Me with eye wide open, i was look at you, while you shy smiled me. Without realizing, i placed my hand on your chest, still overwhelm. Slowly you have slide my hand in your shirt, while around us, have changed once again. Moltitude of floating colors. Our scents mix up themselves. Our glances didnt ever take off one from another. Our emotions makes us drives crazy. While we are far one from another. And that’s what we wait for eachday. Only to enter in our parallel world, for whisper us, one to another, this.



marlowe02fortesJust few istants and here you are, again by my side, holding me sweetly. Just few istants and my head and stomach makes me feel myself like overwhelm, and our parallel world opens its gates to makes us enter in of it. We realizing  that now, we are alone. Our lights are floating and we are in front one of another. You lay your lips on mine. Sweetly you have wanted to kiss me, suddenly. Breathless, my heart for a second, stops. I have placed my hand on your chest, on the shirt you have on. You smiling deeply. Your hands slides, without i realizing, on my hips. Our glance doesnt take off one from another. What we feel is our connection, what we feel one for another. A light emotion inside of us, that makes us feel closer than before, despite our real distance. An emotion, as a veil that around us, that it wrap us and we inside of it, we hold us, one to another, for fear to be removed one from another, and arounded by this veil, we sweetly kiss us endless.




I start to write you, our parallel world open its gates, and i see you already there. I approach you. While, i come to you, slowly, i close my eyes. I feel your scent in the air. In front of you, i whisper you ‘Look at me’. Your eyes are towards me, and in that exact moment, something in our hearts, in our souls, exploding. We are in front, one of another. We dont take off our eyes, one from another. Our scent mixing up. I feel yours and you feel mine. We are so close, that almost our bodies touches eachother. I place my hand on your chest, and what i feel is the softness of your shirt. I must take a deep breath to dont remain breathless. While i do that, you make slide my hand in your shirt, and you make me feel your other hand that slide on my hip. ‘You make me drive crazy’ i whisper. You look at me, caressing my face. And another whisper answers. ‘I know it’. A moment in silence. It seems an eternity. And in that eternity it seems, as if  we collect our emotions, that we have felt till now. We look at us, one in another, as if we in front for the first time. As if we are surprised by what we feeling for one for another. Our hands explore our skin. As if that shirt falls down from your shoulders to stay over your arms for the first time. We look at us, as if we are surprised on what is happening among us, while our hearts beat faster than ever. The only thing we can do, is let guide our feelings freely. I let your shirt, to falls down on the floor. While i do that, you slowly close your eyes. When you have your eyes close, i slowly approach to you. You dont realizing that, sweetly i have begin to kiss you in a way you never rembembered.



How is it

Possible that i stil feel you close to me, despite our distance. Maybe you still thinking a little of me and that’s why, our flows are in a continuos movement between us. Or because in these hours, you, on the other side of the planet, me here alone with  our music on, we are alone and our flows arrives more easily. We must need to do our little moves and we are in front one of another and the feeling we feel transport us in our parallel world. I need to close again my eyes, earlier to look at you. When i open them, you just caressing my face, mentioning me a shy smile. My heart explode among feelings and emotions. You can see them, trough my eyes. And when i place my hands on your chest, i feel your heart does the same. A whisper fly in the air ‘I havent had need of someone like you in this moment’. You look at me. These words. I remain so. Breathless, speechless. In these words all our lights begins to floating, while we touch eachother us our face, our skin. We dont take off eyes, one from another. We continuing to look at us. And really slowly, we approach, till to touch on our lips, without realizing it.


I’ve waited

lmcm109_moltiplicaFor just few instants and you’ve arrived and you have embraced me so tight. In this moment what i need is just your embrace, just to dive  myself in your eyes and slowly, we enter in our parallel world, where noboby else cant touches us. In our world, you and me, where everything disappears and all what we see are our lights floats around and our emotions welcomes us. You whisper me just one question looking at me with your eyes that i love so much ‘What’s up?’. I looking at you, caressing your face, your neo, i simply say you ‘Did i tell you, you’re the only person i feel so close to me, and you’re the only person with which i can open myself….?’ You mentioning me a shy smile taking my face in your hands. In these moments my heart explodes, im in a twirl of emotions. You’re in front of me, caressing my skin. For a second i close my eyes and in that moment you put my hand in your shirt and when i open again my eyes, your shirt is falls down from your shoulders to remain over your arms. We stay in silence and we dont moves, only my hands moves on your bare chest. Breathless, you close your eyes and your breath slowly,  gets faster, as mine. We feel our sensations mixing up themselves. We feel us so close one of another, despite  our distance. We feel our hearts, our souls, and our minds join in the act of our love.


If those


Eyes could look at me in this way, i could take flight in your soul and i couldn’t leave anymore. I could stay in this way for the rest of my life. Tell me what you see in my eyes, because what i see in yours, it’s the most beautiful feeling i ever have feel. Your eyes tells me to enter slowly in our parallel world, where you are waiting for me. What which i see in your eyes, it’s what i feeling, in this moment around me. Your closeness. Closing my eyes i feel  like as if you embrace me. We are in front one of another. We have need to say nothing, because we know it already. In your eyes i see all your tenderness. I only need see in your eyes, our parallel world that explodes. I see your goodness, and i see explodes our lights that begin to float around us. I need to close my eyes, just a second to realize that you are looking at me. And in that second i feel your hand on my face. What which i see in you eyes, it’s all your being. You dont say nothing, but with your glance, what you say it’s clear. I blush myself. My heart stops for an istant, while you looking at me, always in this way. We look at us one of another. You smiling at me. I smile back to you, and slowly you take my hand and we start to walk trough this path. Our parallel world wants lead us to a place more secret of our connect.
A my whisper ‘Tell me you can feel it, as i do’ I feeling you closer than before. I’m speechless, breathless.



bass006scuriIn a corner in my bedroom, but more closer. Now i feel you here next to me. We smile us one of another. I’m here, writing what i feel, looking at you, you sat  more close to me. If i close my eyes i can feel your smell, and that it drives me crazy. You know it. We look at us one of another. Slowly you stand up, and you come behind me, to see what i write. I blush myself. I stop myself, for a second. You brush me away my hair, and slowly, you whisper me ‘Continue’. Breathless, i take a deep breathe, closing my eyes for a second, and in that second i have feel your lips on my neck. A thrill runs away from my body. You take my fingers and you push them on this keyboard. And rightafter, we are in our parallel world. Slowly you turn me around and you stand me up.  We are in front, one of another. We look at us deeply. We smile. I blush myself, i biting my lips. Softly, you take my face in your hands and you begin to whisper me sweet words i never have heard from nobody’ else. What i which i need, want, is to see you trough your eyes. Your sweet touch leave me breathless. You bring my hand to your face. With no say nothing i caress it. And our lights floating between us, like a dance. We dive ourselve in our glances, slowly we disappear.


Tell me…

Imclusckie014_pluniforme-1f it’s not a signal from our parallel world, that it wants unites us. Can you explain it to me. When i’ve see it, something inside of me it is exploded, like a bomb. Million of  differents  emotions was exploded at the same time. And aint the first time it has happening, but when it happens, everytime it’s like the very first time. Maybe it happens also too you, i really dont know, but when it happens here, my emotions, my feelings drives crazy. When happens, millions of thoughts exploding in my head, and i feeling you so close to me. As now. I must to close my eyes and i must to take a deep breath, to dont drive crazy. What does wants our parallel world tell us? It wants to tell us something, im sure of this. I remained breathless. You looking at me in this way, maybe you awaiting for something, looking for it in my eyes. I’m doing the same, looking at your glance. We waiting for something more bigger than our imagination. Here, in my bedroom, i  hold back my tears, but with some difficulties. I see it and i thinking to you, and i feel you do the same, on the other side of the planet. I’ve feel, it, you’ve whisper my name, slowly.
My head exploding, like my heart, i ìf i think to all that and i just cant believe it. And you?