“Our flows…” – ○1○


Our flows are connect, more than ever.
My head is exploding like a bomb and the soft punch in the stomach is growing always more
When I felt you was embracing me tight, I have whisper you:“What I saw last night, made me imagine this scenario”

“We are two creatures of habit.
We are frequenters of the same bar.
We always crossed paths, but we never presented each other.
We have share, only shy smiles.

Me, I have never separated from my diary, where I always write everything, especially my feelings.
In this bar I meet some nice people, but when you come in, they slowly everybody disappear.
I usually sit in a corner where I have a wide view of the bar.

That night the bar was a little fuller than usual.

I always had trouble to walk.
I walked slow to cross the whole pub to reach my corner.
I had to pass in front of you.
My heart was exploding. I closed my eyes, I held back breath, and I’ve taken the courage go straight on.
Our eyes  were meet. You smiled at me shyly.
This was the millionth shy smile we shared each other. “Oh my god” it was what I have thought.
As fast ran I have could, in that foolish ride, I fallen on the floor, and my diary flew in the air.
My face became all red: I just wanted to bury myself.
People in the bar had seen the whole scene and started looking at me: some whispered, others laughed.

I tried to get up by myself, but I was not able to, and the only hand that it has taken me, was yours. In that touch, something made click. You kindly asked me “Is it everything okay?”
Breathless I could, only shake my head.
You gently taken my hand, and helped me get up. With the other you collected my diary, and your eyes stopped on a poem I wrote **

You accompanied me to my table, assuring yourself everything was ok.
A little hesitant, you were leaving me.
Right after, you stopped to get back to me.
Softly, you asked me “Can I sit down with you for a while?”
And from that moment our story began.

**Once Again


“We are meeting” – ○2○⇒

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