The Last Smile In Sunder City, my very personal review

I was waiting to read the book since it was announced. That moment just arrived. It was two days ago. I had a thud in the heart as I read in the mail that my Kindle copy was available. I had to wait just for the audible. And it arrived that same night.
I was so happy I couldn’t wait to read it with Luke.

The journey started 2 days ago and it just came to an end.
I dived into a world where magic had died, inhabited by Humanoid, Monster, Sirens, Vampires. I met for the first time Fetch Phillips, whose task was to find Prof. Edmund Rye, an old vampire in the city of Sunder.
But I won’t say anything else, not to spoil the rest of the story.
One thing I will surely say: I wish all the book would be like this one!

As I was reading the book following Luke’s interpretation, it was like I was watching a great movie.
I always thought Luke had a fantastic imagination and a prodigious mind. This book just confirmed what I knew.
I adored the entire book. But more than anything else I appreciated the story of Fetch Phillips when he talks about his past life, because I could see bits of myself (I can’t explain how …). And everytime my heart was close to explosion.
Each character had his own voice and I’ve really adored Luke’s vocal interpretation. I could distinguish the differences in each interpretation Luke did of the characters.
I was moved when I understood from where the title of the book came from.


I could go on and on and on describing every single sensation I felt reading the book but I will stop here.

This is ⇓⇓⇓⇓




*thanx my sis for the little help she gave me for this review

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