“… for a while

last010008forteWe looked at eachother, and we took our hands. We said us ‘Let’s dont stop ourselves’, and finally we had crossed that black line. Those steps we were doing, seemed had no end. Our hearts were beating hard and at the same time. Seemed, they were fighting a battle against the entire universe. The entrance in Our Parallel World was so close. Just another few steps and the Nothing was  behind us.
At the last step on the nothing, we were about to enter in the bubble, but we were got relax too soon.
While, i was about to lift my foot for enter in the bubble, i felt something, such as a force that wanted me hold back. You had still my hands in your, but suddenly,  you have felt i stopped. I was petrified, and i wasnt able to say nothing.
The Nothing was sucking me inside of it. It had took my foot and i was about falling in of it.
In those seconds, everything it was passing in front of me.  I had the fear, inside of me.
You was trying get me up, while we were looking at us, one another.
‘I dont leave you, i dont leave you… i dont leave you’, you was continuing say me.
We kept staring at eachother, until our shimmer in both of our eyes has destroyed the catch of  nothing, and you have lifted me up.
We entered in the bubble then in our Parallel World.
For a moment we stayed without moving. We had to just stare at us one another. Taking again breathe, and then we had go across the pathway. We did it with much calm.
I knew what were your thoughts in these istants.  I’ve holded your hand. We stopped in the middle of the walkway and we looked at us for a moment, but seemed lasting an eternity.
‘You will dont ever loose me. Rembember it. NEVER’. You have sighed.
Slowly, we started to walk again trought the walkway, where at the end, the Markùts waited for us.”


⇐“We were been

“The Markùts ⇒

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