My first review of DMIAD

Just tonight i’ve finished to read and listen Dead Man In A Ditch (E- book ISBN: 9780316455879 – Audiobook ISBN: 9781405542517).
It’s been  wonderful meet again Fetch Phillips with his nostalgic side and some characters that i met in The Last Smile in Sunder City. 
I didn’t know that i was reading the latest lines of the book, when a veil of nostalgia has enveloping me, leaving me so in sospension but if i better reflect i felt it this sensation even when i’ve read the last lines of The Last Smile in Sunder City.
When i was reading it, listening to the audiobook masterfully recorded by Luke, in the studios of SoundsquareStudio in Sydney, i dived myself in Sunder City atmosphere and i really loved to hear again distinctly his charaterizations voices of each characters, that he was able make me see perfectly as i rembembered them in the first book of the Fetch Phillips Archives. 
I underlined many phrases he wrote in my e-book version. Some of them made me  reflect. 
As in The Last Smile in Sunder City, some situations of the story made me laugh til the tears.
Despite his roughness to tell the story, (Luke/Fetch) when he describes some romantic and dramatic scene, he has left me breathless, till chock me and till make me fall some tears from my face.

cover01  cover02

When i realized that had finished the book a sense of void has wrapped me and asked myself: “…and now?”…. Now i’ll wait for a while, at least a month, to take the paperback version (ISBN: 9780316455862) in hand and i will read it again as i did with The Last Smile In Sunder City without the audiook.


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