“We were been” – ○195○


Dragged by this new unique flow.
Slowly, you have took my hand, and we went to rest on the sofa, but we weren’t tired: on the contrary, we could feel the energy ran in us and it pushed ourselves to do more, or at least to think to do more: but what?

We had know, your transformation was completed.
We wanted challenge that thin line that we had crossed trough the rusty gate.
In someway, we wanted enter in our parallel world trough the second entrance.

We hadn’t opened the grey door from days, and we wanted feel some new excitements.
We wanted to know if our magic was ready to face up to some little danger: were we ready?
Our hearts were full of something that also, we couldn’t still define,
but we were determined to discover it.

You have stretched your hand tightening mine, and without any scruple, but with all determination, we went in front of the grey door: you have gently, warned me about the little stair, and you have took the key.
Opened the door, the scenario wasn’t changed at all.

Our apartment faced itself on the grey concrete, rounded by dried plants, and some rusty iron spikes planted in the concrete.
It no seemed be in our universe, but seemed we remained on the earth, with its all ugly things.
As the very first time i entered in «your apartment», I’ve asked myself, what they were for.

And in front of us the second entrance of Our Parallel World: the rusty gate, and beyond it, the Nothing.
We could seen it. It was a black line, where everything could be sucked in a second, and disappear to never return back.

We had see its power under our eyes: it has scared us.
But we were determined to cross it: we wanted know if our unique magic flow was so powerful to cross also this second entrance.



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