Who am I – Cont@ct

Daria Francisci was born in Rome on March 23, under Aries’ sign.
She cultivates various passions, all of an artistic nature,
Certainly thanks to the air was breath in the family with two important grandparents: Franco Gentilini the painter, and Pietro Francisci the director.

She is very fond of music with two points of reference: Elvis Presley, and Prince of which she wanted to know their roots by going both to Memphis, and to Minneapolis, where she also had a close encounter with his hero.

She is skilled navigator of the Net and this ability of her
to move with great ease on the Internet mitigates, at least in
part the difficulties that derive from a disability that, from
her birth limits her movements.

She lives between Rome and Tuscany dedicating
pretty much all of her time writing.
Strictly at night, and strictly in English.


Unlikely Interview 

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