Unlikely Interview by Daria Francisci

On Twitter i found this, and i  replied to each questions

This is my unlikely interview, but i belive in this way you can know me a little bit more

1- I’ve written many characters, each one has a special place in my heart.

2- From child i loved all Agatha Christie book, i believe she had an unconscious influence on me. Anne Rice has inspired me to write my first novel “Heart of Vampire” (still in the drawer), but it’s Luke Arnold who has inspired me to take again to restart to write.

3 – When i finished to write Our Parallel World, i never figured to continue to write the prequel and the sequel. When i wrote prequel  (The Dancing Souls), i never figured to affectioning me much to the starring in the mediaval period: starring who aren’t else me and Luke.
But when i wrote Blue City i have affectioned me to all the characters i wrote, i’ve imagined in my mind: i poured alot tears when i have to make die one of them. I have poured alot tears when i have wrote Blue City.

4 – There is no a character that i least liked. each one, bad or good were been importants in each story i wrote.

5 – My big author dream? It’s very simple: be published from a big house publishing.

6 – Surely plotting, even because each time when i start to write the first lines, then are the starring who are taking me to where THEY want to take me to, don’t the contrary, and that’s why i love write: each time i make a different journey: i follow them, step by step. Each scene it’s a new emotion.

7 – I can define my current Working In Progress genre, as Dark Fantasy Suspence.

8- My first working in progress was horror fantasy (a vampire story).

9 – Fortunately, i had few stucks, but when i’m stuck i’m free my mind, i wander on line, but always think to what write, and usually works. I help myself with a background music created to enter better in the atmosphere of the story which i’m writing: fortunately these few elements, helping me much to continue to write.

10 – Surely the night, the silence, with the music in my headphones, with nobody who disturbing me.

11 – The style of the author i admire the most: surely, that one that since from the first line catch my attention to continue the reading.

12 – When i read, I READ, when i write I WRITE: i can’t do these things at the same time: i don’t write during the day, because i collect thoughts for what i will write in the night.
When i read i’m fully dive in what i read: the atmosphere, the starrings, the enviroment, that i can do these things at the same time.

13 – Yes i write everyday: it’s a primary need, since i was a child.

14 – The maximum average words i can write in a day, among stories and thoughts, are 1000.

15 – Surely the night, with it’s darkness, silence, and the ease to dive myself in the world in which i make live my starrings.

16 – Fortunately, i have a simple method: i never finish a story, there is, always a common thread that link the end of a story, and the begin of the new one.

17 – My inspiration come from always from what i feeling in these instants, and i’m a person who is sorrounded always by million of emotions, every moments, each day, even in this moment.


Listen to it ⇓⇓



here the ITALIAN  version of the interview

(with the marvellous collaboration of  Silvia Greci)


⇒⇒ here the link to the 2nd Unlikely Interview

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