What which

boogaloo_forte0041-1I need now, is your glance on me. Today your hands have caressed my skin in a way you only can did. I was breathless and i’ve feel your embrace so soft that i’ve thought to drive crazy literally. Your hands on my bare skin. I have feel them, and i have felt you close to me in a way that i never felt before. Our parallel world wanted us united. I have felt it and i have felt you have felt too. As now. If i close my eyes, i feel your embrace from behind and our bodies touch, chest to back.  I feel your hands slide in my t-shirt to still touch softly my skin. You leave me without the breath. I close my eyes once again, Without realizing, sweetly you turn me and suddenly we are in front one of another and your eyes are into mine. You look at me without say nothing, but i know what that glance wants to say. Slowly we approach, till our t-shirt rustles. We dont take off our eyes, one from another. My breath get faster and faster that it seems stops. Your hands sweetly and softly touching my face. I must to take a deep breath, while my mind begins to drive crazy, for your touches. Your eyes are always stare at me. I’m at the mercy of the feelings you making me feel. Your hands in and out of my t-shirt. Our feelings are the same. I caress your skin, your face. My fingers arrives to your neo, and there, our feeling for eachother, one for another, going crazy. For a little of time, we look at us one of another, without move us. Then, as if we push us to one to another, our lips touch but only after few sweet touch, we kiss us in a endless kiss, and like in an emotion’s twirl, we dissapear in of it.


Those 10 minutes

instalukeforte0039Before that, i have checked your favorite social, you have post this one. You left me without words. I have thought you all time from this night, and you what do make me? You post this. I feel something it bond us so strong. I really dont know what is for real, but if it was our parallel world, i think it’s a something of marvellous. I really love what it makes us feel one from another, also if i really dont know if you feel the same i feel right now. I whisper you always a soft ‘Thank you’. What i feel when our parallel world get connect us, is just a wonderful thing, that goes beyond the normal feeling. I know, you’re sleeping, but in some ways i feeling your embrace… and that your shirt so, turn on all my desires, and you know which are. I slowly sigh, looking at you, and you know, how you make me feel happy but above all ALIVE. And you know, in this period how much i need to feel me in this conditions. I place my hand into your shirt, whispering you ‘I love you’, and you know which is my kind of love for you. I love you from the head to the stomach. A kind of love that goes beyond of the real defination of the love.


I here, you there

lukemoltiplica0044But our connection get us closer, and now i must to close my eyes, to feel your embrace and we enter in our parallel world so, while our feelings transforms themselves in our floating lights. That’s enough to look at up to the sky and whisper our names and all around us disappears, while i close my eyes for a second your hands hold my hips from behind. I keep my eyes closed, while i feel you turn in front of me. You  sweetly take my hand, you hold it. I feel your hips, then your chest. You’re in front of me. ‘Look at me’ you whisper me. Slowly i open  my eyes. Already, you are looking at me deeply. That glance that makes me drives crazy. My heart begin runs. My thoughts turn round and they wont stops. My head and my stomach exploding at the same time. Now our connection is strong. We both feel something. I here, and you there on other side of the planet. What we feel are two t-shirt touching. I feel your hands hold tight my hips. Sweetly you hold me more tight, and you lift me over you. I feel your strenght. You leave me breathless. In that istant i can feel what is your desire. While, slowly, you make me slide on your body, my heart stops and i feel our connectiong is going beyond. Face to face, our parallel world says us how close we are. We both feel it. We feel us, one of another, in a such way that we are speechless. We dont take off our eyes one from another, without say nothing. To talk it would be too much. I feel you here, by my side and you feel me next to you.  We are looking at us, one in another, touching us sweetly, so. This our connection.


Now i only need

default157_f_contrario_sscuriOf your eyes, of your glance and the certainty that you feel our connection has begins when i was in front of television. I have felt you, as if you whispered my name, and our parallel world explods inside of us. And now what i really need now is to explode with you. What i seen before it made me feel your closeness more than ever. Yes, im sure that was you. i feel it. My head and stomach are going crazy, and i feel you close to me. In some ways, you have whispered my name, cause what i feel right now is strong that what i writing is so easy, and by now, our connection, aint no need to be explained. It does exsist, stop. I feel you and what i really need is only you. And you know it. We only know it only us,  the way to feel us close one of another. I must close my eyes and you must to take a deep breath and suddenly, we are in front, in this world, our world, and despite we are so distant, we feel us more close that we cannot imagine. I need of your arms, of your embrace and you give me it. I need of your breath and i feel it in the air. I need of your eyes, and you dont take off  your eyes from me. Our parallel world is so. I look at up to you, and i feel your hand take my face, while you approach to me. Softly you start to caress my skin. I blush myself. Breathless i take your hand for little seconds, it doesnt move. It remain so. My heart beats like a train. I place the other hand on your chest. You look at me deeply. I believe to drive crazy, while you make slide my hand in your shirt. In your look our floating lights, exploding. Our connection is strong in this moment. I feel it, you feel it too. We are so close despite our real distance. We try to say us something, but we dont find the right words. We look at us, one of another, in silence. Our deepest feelings melting, while we are slowly, approaching one of another, always more. Our heart exploding. I feel you close to me more than ever.
You still dont know me, or by now, do you?


Our little


Connection is begining. I feel it.What do you try to tell me. I feel you have read my last open letter. I feel you embrace me from behind. Our connection from a little of time begins so. I feel you come slowly  and suddenly i feel your arms around me and you kiss me softly. And softly you turn me and we are in front one of another. You smile me, touching my face and with the other hand you approach me to you and our bodies touch themselves. In that touch our parallel world explodes arounds us and all around disappears and we exist only us. You look at me, i place my hand on your chest, while you caressing my skin. I dive myself in your eyes. Despite our distance, here i feel your closeness. Our connection is always present, but i feel it lighter. But it’s normal in this period. But when we get connect, our parallel world is stronger than ever. When each of us, whisper our names something turns on and we feel us. As now, i feel you, as if you are here, by my side. In these days my thoughts are toward to you in each existing form. But when i feel my head and stomach are fight to dont drive crazy, i know, in some ways, we are connecting. It’s strange how i feel, you’re torn from me, but your desire is to stay with me, for a while, in our parallel world, so embraced one in another. Our connection is a break from little things that you must do inevitably. But as you have told me, our connection will exists, till there will be our parallel world. In this moment my head is exploding and vise in stomach get stronger and stronger. If i close my eyes, and i take the usual deep breath, i feel your embrace, and your arms that hold me tight. ‘How much i need you in this moment’ i whisper. I smile. I shake my head, i close again my eyes. When i’ve whispered that phrase, your closeness is became persistent. Now you’re here, as if you hold my hand.  How is it all possible? I close the eyes and i take a deep breath.



As soon (little open letter to Luke)

marlowemoltplica043-1I saw you in this picture, my emotions are exploded, and my tears went falling. I dont know what is happening. I have felt our connection has begins suddenly, and i wasnt able to hold back what was arounded me. I have know, it was like if you have whispered my name, as if you scream it, or in some ways you have talked about me. In some ways, i have felt you like a tornado of emotions that i’ve been not able to contain. And still now, i feel this sensation inside of me. As if you, despite what are you doing now, you want let make me know that you will be always with me in our parallel world. I have felt your closeness so suddenly and this made me drive crazy so much, that i’ve been not able hold back the tears. I stare at you,  and i know, in some ways, you feel it. You know what i feel. It’s what you have wanted that i have feel.  Is our parallel world  so strong? Apparently it is. Now i feel you close to me, as if you are embracing me, and if i take a deep breath while i open my eyes, we are in front and you whisper me ‘Dont worry, we will be always together, till will does exist our parallel world’. And you smile me, drying me a tear that fall from my face. Slowly i take your hand and i place it on my heart, approaching me to you. You embrace me sweetly, while i hide my face in your chest.


Shakespeare in Love – the Show

Here i will post all the pictures and the other content of the show that the Melbourne Theatre Company, and the actors and audience, will publish on their social media.content-1d_e7-muueaaj0-m-2

Photos from the show:

screenshot_20190719-114805~2748257786996836486..jpgd_1ymlaw4aagtvz66737244_10157639491103392_4846811915692802048_n-1Photo by Jeff Busbyscreenshot_20190717-151440imaged_zwg0puiaada6tcattura02cattura-1



Photo from audiences:

finale03finaleIn according to Marlowe’s costumes, and my enlargement the red arrow indicates ⇒⇒♥♥Luke♥♥⇐⇐⇓⇓⇓finale02accordingpalcofinale030_nstevebastonipalco05locandineentrataplayhous-1frontpalcoscreenshot_20190716-0433502screenshot_20190716-063403~27745093882861725024..jpgscreenshot_20190716-063420-1screenshot_20190716-063352~2991702766509064882..jpgscreenshot_20190716-063411~229861688948293390..jpgfinitoentrata02veduatainstamichealprogrammapalco04entrata


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(rehearsals ⇒⇒⇒ Luke in Melbourne – Shakespeare In Love)

How much

marloweforte053I would like to embrace you, at least once time, and not the contrary. Your embrace that i still continue to feel, from three day consecutively. Your embrace so sweet so permanent. We are in connection, in such way, that in some ways it’s like as if you are here by my side. I feel your heart  beat so fast. Mine does the same, here, on other side of the planet. I feel you are feel my thoughts are towards to you. And in some ways, also there, where you are now, my name has jumped out. I know it and you know it too. Our parallel world makes us feel closer, more than we could imagine. And what i feel in this moment, it’s something that it goes beyond other reasonable doubt. Something unites us so in a thin, but so deep form. What we feel in our stomach and in our head, is only our connection. That’s enough that one of us, whispers the name of the other and suddenly, we are scrambled by millions of feelings that, we still dont cant explain, but it’s so. Since seven months, we have unconditionally, this connection, a strong connection that bond us, one of another, and we cant do nothing, just accept it and living it so. I, here and you on other side of the planet.


Here we are

marloweforte00340So far, but so close. Close your eyes and our parallel world is here. I take your hand and slowly we enter in. My heart beat so fast. I can feel your flow coming to me. My head exploding, my vise getting more stronger than ever. My thought are toward to you, and in these hours i can feel your little excitement. I’m excited too. You are embracing me so tight. It’s from two days i feel you so close to me in a persistent way. And now that i can look at you so, our connection makes us feel closer than ever. I feel you here always more. You would like remain so, embracing me, as if you dont want let me escape, i feel it. We feel it. We feel us eachother. My thoughts are your thoughts, and they are many. If we think of us, they do not stop. We close our eyes and take a deep breath to calm us, for a second, but when we open again, our hearts and our minds get begin to runs again as trains. That’s enough our touch, to restabilize our interior calm. We are in front, one of another, in our parallel world. I place my hand on your chest, closing a little my eyes, while i realize you put your hand on my face, and slowly, you approach you face to mine. Face to face, eyes in eyes, you whisper me ‘I’ll know, you’ll be by my side’. While you make me one of your most sweet smile. And slowly, sweetly you lays your lips on mine. I drive crazy. I feel your lips, your hands, your look on me. My heart doesnt wants calm  itself.


These moments

Of real connection, has something of incredible. You have something to say me, and i cant say that i dont feel it. I shake my head and i take a deep breath. I still feel your embrace, and my vise in stomach getting always more stronger. Our parallel world is present and we slowly enter. You dont take off  your eyes on me. I feel them, despite our distance, and my heart runs as a train. I must close the eyes, to dont remain breathless. When i open them again, you are in front, and slowly place my hand on your bare chest. You make me slide my hand in your shirt, and our game turns on our desire. We remain so, in silence, without say nothing, but what we feel is floating around us. What we see in our eyes is an explosion of moltitude of little spasms of emotions inside of us, and each of every of these, makes us approach, one close to another. These little emotions makes us explode. We look at us deeply. Breathless, we approach our hands to our bodies. Your hands on my hips and my hand on your chest, by now, bare. Our lights floating, i remain breathless when your lips touches mine, while your hands hold my hips tight. Our bodies, by now,  are touching one to another, and what we wants is something more.