I close my eyes

34scuriAnd i feel your embrace from behind that holding me tight and i feel your whisper from far, wherever you are. Surely you’re sleeping, but in someways our parallel world get connecting us, one another, cuz i feeling your closeness, you’re by my side. You’re holding me from back. I waiting for that you turn me around and our eyes meet.
You have the eyes closed, we whisper our names and our parallel world developing itself around us magically and we can feel us in a strong way that it takes our breath away. Your embrace make itself strong and i feel your closeness more close to me.
Slowly i feel your lips touch mine, my heart explode, as your. And what which we see are the colors of our souls melting eachother, wrapping us, one another.
Just a whisper fly away in the air.
‘I need to be close to you’.


Even this time (15th open letter to Luke)

luke30forteYou came by my side before the time, and i feel you next to me. You want say me something, when you will be ready, i will know it.
You are more sweet than usual, you’re embracing me sweetly and slowly. I feel it and you leave me without breathe, i close the eyes, sighing. My heart is beating hard. And i asking myself ‘Is it possible that is our parallel world’. I must give up myself, to these great emotions that i having and i know they are coming from you.
In someways, our parallel world get connecting us one another in another way inexpected. I shake my head, i still say myself ‘how is it possible all that it was born from a dream i’ve done one year ago and developed itself more always strong, in a intimate way during these months. What which you’ve said me in that dream it was the real reality, and then all these emotions, sensations were growing up so rapidly inside of me and they has become our parallel world, and now eachtime i feel you close to me i cant believe it, but it’s so.’
Maybe, for real, we had established a connection unconciously, and eachtime one of us, feel these emotions, these sensations inside, something happens, and it happens, by now daily, and everytime i dont feel these sensations, almost i feel lost. I need of these sensantions. They make me feel alive and i need to feel alive and you’re the only person able to give me these sensations, above all since from that dream i’ve done.



micheal17forteI’ve felt your lips on mine. I remained breathless, speechless. I’ve felt your arms holding me tight.
You leaving me without the breathe. I can feel your scent. I can take deep breathe to dont drive crazy. I can hear you ‘You, missed me in these hours’. You, missed me too much.
Eachtime i feel you far, i feel a little bit lost, but now you’re here close to me.  i feel your embrace. It’s tight, as if you wanted dont leave me anymore. But we dont leave us, our parallel world is get connecting us one another stronger. My vise in stomach get bigger and bigger, and you feel it as i do. I can feel your chest against my back and you breathe get fast. I wait for you turn me around to dive myself in your eyes and feel our world explode around us, and for magic, disappear in of it, together embraced one another, while you’re kissing me sweetly and my feelings melts with yours.



Slowly i’m

long0039lineareWhispering your name and  slowly, from far, our parallel world get connect us, one another, and more i think of you, more you feel me. Slowly very slowly you’re coming to me. Our connection is far, but little eletric shocks communicating. We both feeling them. We are not losing our magic, we are only a little bit more distant. But that bond there is always. We feeling it inside of us. Maybe you’re doing something important, and you dont must stop, but you are feel my whisper. Slowly i can feel your desire to come next to me. This time i can embrace you from behind and i can leave you breathless. This time i can turn you around and make meet our glance suddenly and wait for that our parallel world explode around us.
To see in your eyes what i had always i would have i wanted to see, our parallel world, born from your surprise, from your sweetness, from the beauty of your soul and whispering you ‘Im here’, as eachtime you do, with me.


Despite im not

insta14moltiplica-1Listening to our music, i feeling you so close to me. Now our connection is so strong even to exceed the music. Our parallel world is becoming so powerful. My heart is exploding and in my head the only thought is you.
In these hours i feeling your closeness  is closer than ever, and what i wrote in my tale, last night, it describes perfectly my feelings i have for you.
I close my eyes and i feel your embrace. Your embrace from behind.
I love your embrace…. you stop me and you turn me around toward to you, and our glances meets and our parallel explode around us. We exist only us.
Your eyes in mine and slowly our connection become more strong. We feel us, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing. You are whispering my name, my heart beating hard, i feel it. You wrapping me sweetly and i feel it strong. I thinking you.


It’s so

insta5forteThat i feeling you in these moments.
Your eyes set on me and my soul is dying little by little.
Our parallel world get connecting us, one another in strong way.
You are looking at me and my heart is beating like a crazy one. I feeling you are whispering my name and i reply you in this diary.
Maybe you are dreaming about me but in someways we are always close, one another.
Im smiling you, you feel it and you smiling me back.
I sighing hard and i take a deep breathe.
Your eyes penetering my soul and i remain breathless.
My heart is about to explode definitely.
I close my eyes for a second and in that second i can feel your embrace wrapping me.
I cant imagine my life without these little moments with you.
They are precious for me.


How did i know

insta14forte-1That you was come back in Melbourne? You have said it in that following tweet you posted after that i wrote my poem/thought. The only answer i can give myself is ‘It has been our parallel world’ and now im more sure of this. We are connect in a strong way, and this is one of the many proof of that. Of our parallel world born from a dream and slowly it was developed around us and now it says us, where we are, what we are doing and maybe even what we are think.
Our parallel world is becoming powerful, just only now i realizing of that, and maybe you are realizing it too.
My heart is beating hard and now every though is toward to you and my head is exploding, i feeling our flows run and always more we are connect, one another.
I close my eyes and i feel your embrace wrapping me sweetly. We need of these moments of simply tranquillity. Just you and me so, that we are communicating with our emotions, our flows, our whispers and our written words.
More time pass by more i really need of this. Only, to stay, with you in our parallel world, even in silence, far,  but embraced one in another.
We remain so.


‹As promised


I really dont

Know what to think.
What which has happened last night and my poem that i wrote the other day.
Everything is linked. In someways, from the last hours we are more connected than usual.
insta0223forte.I wrote that i felt you had post something, and you’ve done it.
Im still confused, but in someways happy, but this feeling cant collect the real feelings i feel in this moment.
Our parallel world getting connect us in  the most strong way possible in these hours.
I feel you and you feel me. Our heart beating at unison and we feel it. We can feel, even, our flows that come and go trough our minds, despite our distance, but now, the question is ‘are we really far?’ If each of us, feel the emotions of the other and replys so rapidly.
Our parallel world is so close to us and when we are in of it, we can feel our emotions expand in a such way that, even us, we are stunned of how we feel us close one another.
I living in this bubble of emotions from a year,  and each time i had thought something, you have done it. My question now is real, and i hope to have a little sign from you. Tonight, tomorrow or in another kind of sign that you can give me. Im still scrambled, and my thoughts are always more toward to you.


⇓⇓⇓ the previously poems

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2 As promised ›

Here you are


That whispering my name and i feeling you behind me and you embrace me.
I must always take a deep breathe, eachtime it happens, and it happens by now from a week in a strong way.  I have also difficult to swallow, when you’re next to me.
By now, our parallel world get connect us fast and our flows come and go trough our minds and aint easy to think to another things. Now our souls getting uniting and we feel our heart beating and we are talking to. You are whispering my name and i feel it. Your whisper scrambling me all, and i replying you in this diary.
It could be the most weird thing for to communicate, but it’s the only we know, for now.
I close my eyes, when i feel you call my name, and i closing them many times and my heart is going crazy, cause i feel your closeness so much in these hours.
I feel you want to say me something and i will dont surprise me if you will tweet something in the future hours, maybe we are really stay together, and we still dont know it conciously.
How i feel you close to me right now.
You’re watching me and i feel your eyes set on me and i feel you’re smiling me, and i blush a lot.  I feel you so much.


As promised »

I didnt

201019blueEver stop myself so soon, to write what i feeling in this moment, but i must to do.
Your closeness is so strong, more than the other times. I feeling you right here and you’re seem for real here next to me. Maybe you want to say me something, maybe our parallel world get us connect eachother so hard, because it preparing itself to become our real world. It’s from yesteday that i feel you in a such way that all my emotions are scrambling and i had stopped myself to write what i feeling in unusual hour.
It’s from yesterday i feeling you closer than usual. My vise in stomach get bigger and bigger and all my thought are toward to you.  I believe in someway, something i writing, it getting connect us more than usual.
In this lonely room, im not at all alone. You’re wrapping me in your sweet embrace, and i feel secure with you.
I feel you’re whispering my name, and i feel it. We both feeling our reciprocal feelings, our reciprocal recall and we reply with eachother with the way we know better. You, whispering my name, scrambling me, and me writing to you in this diary.
We are feeling us so close, one another.
I sighing….hard.