“With the same

Calm with which we went to the bar, we returned at your house.
You was looking at me, as if you had see in me  something more of spectacular.
Me, i was careful to walk, and your hand holded me tight. You knew to be my support, and this was another proof of trust for both of us.
There were few people in the street, we walked between them, but we were, as if were protected by an invisible shield.
glance_sommaYour eyes were always set on me, i’ve felt them, even if i couldnt see your face, cuz i was focused where i could put my feet without to do not fall.
Along the street, we didnt talked.
I felt your heart, take again the normal beat. In my apartement our hearts were about explode. And surely, you have felt mine doing the same thing.
To walk, take again the normal fuctions of our bodies, it made us feel good.
We didnt realize that we’ve taking deep breathe, always at the same time.
We arrived at the rusty gate, you’ve opened it.
You stopped youself for a while. We looked at us, one another. The feelings we had have feel in my apartement, seemed faded.  But just after, you’ve whispered me ‘My god, how much you are beautiful’ and right after you have kissed me, were wrapped and scrambled us, once again.
Silently, we entered. Without looking at us around, you have take me in your arms and slowly, we went in your bedroom, and there you have lean me then you’ve done the same.
Face to face, we’ve caressed our faces till we have closed the eyes.
In this way, you had turned round one of the saddest page of  your life, caressing my face.”


⇐“Since has began

I close my eyes

34scuriAnd i feel your embrace from behind that holding me tight and i feel your whisper from far, wherever you are. Surely you’re sleeping, but in someways our parallel world get connecting us, one another, cuz i feeling your closeness, you’re by my side. You’re holding me from back. I waiting for that you turn me around and our eyes meet.
You have the eyes closed, we whisper our names and our parallel world developing itself around us magically and we can feel us in a strong way that it takes our breath away. Your embrace make itself strong and i feel your closeness more close to me.
Slowly i feel your lips touch mine, my heart explode, as your. And what which we see are the colors of our souls melting eachother, wrapping us, one another.
Just a whisper fly away in the air.
‘I need to be close to you’.


“Since has began

This adventure, our glances didnt take off one from another. We were feeling, as if were two calamites were attracted one another. Your glance was fixed on mine and my eyes were fixed on your. As if the eyes had wanted say more than the feelings that we were already feeling.
mikeluke05forteWe had decided to return at your home.
By now my little apartment was charged of  many emotions that were become almost tangibles, and we were about be swallowed in of  them, and our hearts was about to explode, literally.
We had must to make enter new air in that little room. It was full of vibrations of which we, were the authors.
Even the minimum touch had provocate in us a new emotion, and everytime, we had must took a deep breathe.
We had must leave my apartement immediately.
In that apartment, we entered, load of old memories, bad sensations that we wanted delete from our minds, and we came out reborn.
And our glances had saying us just this Above all your.
I was looked at you in bar, and i’ve understood, you had must escape from there.
You have had need to remove all that one from your mind, and by now, in your eyes i was watching the calm and  the beauty of love that you was feeling for me.
Slowly, we had left my apartment, and that  ‘I love you’ resounded again, fading, just closed the door.”


⇐“We had to must

“With the same ⇒

Even this time (15th open letter to Luke)

luke30forteYou came by my side before the time, and i feel you next to me. You want say me something, when you will be ready, i will know it.
You are more sweet than usual, you’re embracing me sweetly and slowly. I feel it and you leave me without breathe, i close the eyes, sighing. My heart is beating hard. And i asking myself ‘Is it possible that is our parallel world’. I must give up myself, to these great emotions that i having and i know they are coming from you.
In someways, our parallel world get connecting us one another in another way inexpected. I shake my head, i still say myself ‘how is it possible all that it was born from a dream i’ve done one year ago and developed itself more always strong, in a intimate way during these months. What which you’ve said me in that dream it was the real reality, and then all these emotions, sensations were growing up so rapidly inside of me and they has become our parallel world, and now eachtime i feel you close to me i cant believe it, but it’s so.’
Maybe, for real, we had established a connection unconciously, and eachtime one of us, feel these emotions, these sensations inside, something happens, and it happens, by now daily, and everytime i dont feel these sensations, almost i feel lost. I need of these sensantions. They make me feel alive and i need to feel alive and you’re the only person able to give me these sensations, above all since from that dream i’ve done.


“We had to must

Still understand how to move us inside of these new awareness of feelings we had felt since when we met us. We had know, that we were arrived at this point of this journey very important, that it would have marked in a definitely way, our lives.
We were looked at us one in another, and right after, you was caressing my face, and i’ve 
took, your hand in mine, and with a big sighing i asked you ‘Are we ready to go on?’  You looked at me with the most intense glance, aninsta0forted with your deep voice, that i always loved, you have replied
With you and for you i would face up  everything. I’ve understood it, since when we stay together that there is no need to make big things to be happy. The only important thing is only to feel our emotions, and you gave them me alot. Even now, im looking at you….  i feeling your sensantions in your eyes. They are many, i feeling them and im feeling good. I need of these emotions. I just need of you’
While you was saying these words, my hands holded tight yours, and each words you have pronounced, was explode in my heart. You was looking at me and with a whisper, you made me the same question. I was still scrambled by your words, that the only thing, i have had could was looked at you and slowly kiss your mouth and right after i have replied you ‘I was already ready, when you was entered the first night in the bar, you have revolutioned my life since our first glance. I’ve understood that you would been part of my life, even only in my poems, if i wasnt falled and you didnt gave me your hand. I would say, yes.’
We were looked at us for a long moment, then we given us one another a passionate kiss.
We were ready to fight everything the world would put us in front.
We were hold our hands, tight.”


⇐“Our glances

“Since has began ⇒


micheal17forteI’ve felt your lips on mine. I remained breathless, speechless. I’ve felt your arms holding me tight.
You leaving me without the breathe. I can feel your scent. I can take deep breathe to dont drive crazy. I can hear you ‘You, missed me in these hours’. You, missed me too much.
Eachtime i feel you far, i feel a little bit lost, but now you’re here close to me.  i feel your embrace. It’s tight, as if you wanted dont leave me anymore. But we dont leave us, our parallel world is get connecting us one another stronger. My vise in stomach get bigger and bigger, and you feel it as i do. I can feel your chest against my back and you breathe get fast. I wait for you turn me around to dive myself in your eyes and feel our world explode around us, and for magic, disappear in of it, together embraced one another, while you’re kissing me sweetly and my feelings melts with yours.



Slowly i’m

long0039lineareWhispering your name and  slowly, from far, our parallel world get connect us, one another, and more i think of you, more you feel me. Slowly very slowly you’re coming to me. Our connection is far, but little eletric shocks communicating. We both feeling them. We are not losing our magic, we are only a little bit more distant. But that bond there is always. We feeling it inside of us. Maybe you’re doing something important, and you dont must stop, but you are feel my whisper. Slowly i can feel your desire to come next to me. This time i can embrace you from behind and i can leave you breathless. This time i can turn you around and make meet our glance suddenly and wait for that our parallel world explode around us.
To see in your eyes what i had always i would have i wanted to see, our parallel world, born from your surprise, from your sweetness, from the beauty of your soul and whispering you ‘Im here’, as eachtime you do, with me.


“Our glances

owenmppluniformeWere stare, one in another. What we were feeling was still a thing undefinied. We had understood, altough, everything we were feeling, still one more time, it was one thing that we had no felt till  we didnt met us.
In that little room, one time, without any meaning, now it was concretizing the most beautiful thing of the world. All what we had felt, since we met, everything we had done. From all that it was about born the real love that we had collected trough all of the little pieces we had put together, since when you have helped me to stand up in the bar.
And it was the most great feeling of love that we have could feel.
We were feeling us, as wrapped in a invisible blanket and our need to embrace us one in another it was so strong, but we had still need of our glances.
What we could, see in our eyes, was the purest form of love and we could feel, our hearts melting eachother.
Our feelings were really exploding and we were the fuse from which everything was burning.
We had no say a word. We were looking at one in another.
We were feeling one of the most big feeling that we ever had have feel.
We were attending to the born of our purest love.”


⇐“That feeling

“We had to must ⇒

“That feeling

insta26moltiplicaWhispered, it was full of meaning.
Whoever of us had said it, knew that had a great meaning for both of us. It knew that pronouncing that phrase, it would have united its soul to the other more than ever.
We both had know it. We were looked at us, one another aware of what we had have said and heard and of what that phrase it would have involved. All our life.
Those little phrase contained the most big of the magics, and we were looked at us, one another, knowing that phrase, by now, it have be must pronounce, and everything we had felt and something still more, it was contained in that phrase and sometimes, it could have be exceed the feeling itself.
You had deleted from your mind all the bad memories of the past. I was looking at you, as, a new begin of my life.
When we had make love, i had deleted all my solitary life that i had have lived till now.  As you, i was reborn. From my ashes, were reborn all my feelings and they were reborn thank to your glance towarded to me.
In few seconds, after saying and heard that phrase, we had lived again, all our life till now, in our own way.
We had felt it.
Sometimes, in different times, we had sighing as if we wanted throw away behind our shoulders, everything of the past, and begin to watch to the future, living again in our minds everything what we had lived together.”


⇐“We were

“Our glances ⇒

“We were

insta25sommaRemained so, embraced without say a word for all the time we had felt it was necessary. We had feel our hearts beat sometimes fast, sometimes slow. We had still, felt our feelings  flowing in us, but they were fading slowly, but we had felt, even, that a little part of the feelings of the other, were remained in us, and our connection was growing up more.
Suddenly, you was settled yourself on backrest of the bed and you had taking a deep breathe.
Our eyes met one another. You was about to talk, and those feeling, we were feeling, it didnt wanted go away.
Slowly, you have started to whisper.
‘Since when we had crossed our eyes, one in another, i have know that you would been a special person for me, and that has been. In your eyes there was world without boundaries and you have taking me there’. My heart was beating so hard. Your words were the same that i would wanted to say to you.  I was remained breathless but at the same time enchanted by the sound of your voice.
You was declaring slowly, your sincere love, for me. By now, you could feel my heat in my soul expand itself rapidly, and you could feel my feelings were the same, without i had added anything else.
Your words resounded in that little room and slowly they wrapped us sweetly.
I wanted only feel your embrace wrapping me still.
Embraced, one another, a whisper flew away in the air. ‘I love you’.



“That feeling ⇒