You’re always

10_forteAround me, i feel your closeness, despite i dont know where are you now, you’re always by my side. Your scent is the air and it make me drives crazy. My thoughts are towards to you, after what is happened today.  This pic that i’ve choose penetrates me. You seems you smiling and in someways you are doing it.  I feel it. Your glance on me, almost hypnotize me.
I’ve just talk about you on twitter, and what i wrote is just the truth. You gave me such strenght to goes on, after what I had to face
But now what i which want to do is to enter in our parallel world with you. I want to look at you, to stay in front of you. To close my eyes and feel our feelings explodes around us. To listen, from your deep voice what i want you to say. I want to feel your soft skin on mine, your fingers to touch my lips. Your shy smile only for me. And our glances dive ourselves into our souls. And sweetly, we embraced, we see our lights floats in the air, like in a dance. And one moment after, we looking at one of another, slowly we approach us to give us one of the most sweet and infinite of the kisses.


Inside of

owen109_fortteOf me i’m laughing, still surprise how i have feel you, I’ve checked it and you was there. Surely you have read what i have write. Surely you have smile. I stay here biting my lips, almost blushing with my heart is going crazy. I really think all that is crazy, but is what is happening between us, and i dont still know if it’s a coincidence or something more big, that we dont still comprehend, but it happens eachtime. My heart is go crazy with all which involves. Feelings, emotions, our parallel world and the other things. Above all i still wonder myself, how i have feel your closeness after this umpteenth thing that is happened few istants ago. I have feel your closeness get bigger and bigger and when i’ve check you was there, our connect has grow up so fast, and i’ve stop to do what i was doing to go here to write what i have feel, and if i close my eyes, but above all if i take a deep breath i feel you around me. What is happening is a little magic, a little magic that slowly is becoming more bigger between us.


I’ve waited for

0054moltiplicaTo whisper your name, i’ve look at you in your eyes. I’ve waited for a while and suddenly i’ve feel, you have feel it. I’m still slowly, whispering your name, but to the end our connect is began. It enough very little, and you have feel my recall. And now my bedroom is full of you. I take a deep breath and i feel you by my side. It enough a whisper to connect  us one of another? And our parallel world is ready to make us part of it? Is it so big our connect and we feel so close one of another. Our flows is began to comes and goes trough our minds and if we close our eyes, we can see our lights floats among us, and it enough to close our eyes for a second then open them right after to stay in front one of another and to feel ours caresses trough our emotions we feel, even knowing of our distance.
Is it enough only this to feel us so close one of another.?
Tell me if you feeling the same, because i really need to know it. Is it enough so few to feel you so close to me. Is our parallel world get bigger and bigger in this way?
These are all my questions i’m doing to myself each day. And i havent still look for the right answer. And you?



lukelongjessica108_forte-2I was doing cyclette i’ve feel your presence around me. You was look at me, and my thought was towards to you. And this picture of you symbolize better your glance i have feel on me. Your look so intense and only for me. And im feel your closeness to me in this moment while i’m writing to you.
Your closeness is a persistent feeling i’m feel in these days. I dont know if you feel the same, but something it says me yes. Even now, i feel your closeness, you arounding me, whispering in my ears sweet words. And i must to close to my eyes for a second, to dont drive crazy. I feel your hands hold me tight, from behind, and i feel your shirt touch my back and you know it drives crazy me, and you stay in this way till you turn me round, and finally we are in front one of another. Your glance into my eyes, and i dont realize your hands approaching to my face and slowly approach your face, to kiss me. You give me one of the most sensual kiss you have gave me till now. You  leave me breathless. Right after i look at you and our parallel world shows us one of the most feeling we have feel till now.


By now

broke0011_forteWhat i feel it’s a constant feeling. By now, your closeness is a feeling which i need to feel and you give me it to me everytime i need it. As i told you, by now, you’re the only person with which i can talk freely. And what which i feel when i feel you close to me, is the only emotion i wish to live.
It’s from long time i feel our connect. Our parallel world doesn’t wants break away us. It link us, with its thin rope that each day gets bigger and bigger, and i must to close my eyes and take a deep breath to dont drive crazy. I feel our energy comes and goes one to another and sometimes, my head as if it explodes. You giving me the emotions that i always needed. As now. If i close my eyes i see you by my side, you look at what i’m writing here. But you turn me around and you make me stand up, and in front one of another, you leave me breathless with your glance just for me and you take my hand on your chest. Around us all disappears and suddenly become our parallel world with our lights floating around us. And all what we see are our emotions transforming in a moltitude of colors. Our hearts explodes at the same time, and the only thing we can do is looking at us, still for a second  and right after we kiss one of another to stop what we feeling, to dont drive crazy for what which we see arounds and for what we feeling, to take a deep breath. One of the great emotion we have feel till now, since when it is began our connect.


In the air


That smell, make me drive crazy, and my  thoughts are towards to you with your white shirt, and my thoughts go crazy. Since when i woke me up, i have feel your closeness. I have feel you lay by my side and i have feel you have holded me tight, as usually, when you woke me up in your sweet way. I’ve imagined you with this shirt, and my imagination has take the flight.  You’are the only person which i can tell these little things, without no shame. And maybe our parallel world is great, also because of these little things. In bed, i have feel you holded me tight, and i rembember to have feel your lips on my mouth. You have kissed me sweetly, and in that kiss, i have feel our parallel world explodes around us.
Now we are in front one of another, and i softly touch your white shirt and you make me slide my hand int of it, and slowly it falls down over your arms, to stay there, while you bring my face in your hand, and slowly you approach to me. Our lips touch ourselves. We dont kiss us, but only our lips caress ourselves. How we’ve kissed when you’ve woke me up this morning. My emotions are going drive crazy even now. Despite we are far, im feeling all that, as if we were really in the same bedroom, as if we were in front one of another. I feel your sweet lips on my mouth. What im feeling is just extrordinary. I know you feeling the same. I have the certainty of it.  We kiss eachother in our parallel world. Despite our distance, when we are in our parallel world together, we can feel these great emotions, we can only us, we can feel them.


Can you believe

dailycroppedforteIf i told you, that i’ve feel your closeness when i was watching television. I have feel you by my side. Our flow of energy has began drive crazy. I have feel our parallel world around us. And you was close to me. It, was enough to close my eyes to see you sat by my side. You was with me. I have feel you hand that holded mine and my heart is went crazy, like now. Now, i’m in bedroom, with our music on, and i feeling your presence. I feel you here by my side. In someways i know, you have take a look on what i wrote in this open diary. In some ways, what i feeling aint thing that belong only to me, but it belong to you too. It belongs to one to another. And what which we feel, it’s just magic. Our parallel world exists for real. When we feel us one of another so close, it says us that slowly we travelling this path, always together, and our bond get growing faster and faster. Im sure that to the end of this path of these greatest emotions and feelings that we feel, we will meet us one of another. And what we could do is only, look us in our eyes, whispering ‘We made it, finally’.


I was sleeping


And you sweetly woke me up. I have feel you. Something it has said me to check, by now, you know what, and you was there. By now, i’m used to be to recognize our signal, but i still surprise myself, how i can feel also a little perception of you and how you send me also a little part of your sensations, trough our parallel world. And now this sensation, is around me as if you was really next to me. I still surprise myself how this connect get bigger and bigger each day it pass. How is it possible, all that is happening between two persons who doesn’t know eachother, for real. To the end, if ever we will meet eachother, the only question we will make us it will be ‘Are we know us already?’ And the answer will be in our eyes. It will be just necessary to touch us one of another to find it. In front one of another, everything we will feel, it will around us, and all arond us it will transforms in all what we have feel while we were far from one of another. In our parallel world.


What can i


Say if not, that i feel you so close to me in these hours. Since when you left your comment on twitter. I feel you around me, inside of me, as if you wants communicate with me through our world, and you are succeeding. My vise is strong and i feel you by my side in a such way that i really love.  Our parallel world saying us something we still dont understand. Our feelings, our emotions get bigger and bigger, when we feel us in this way, but in some ways we are close one of another. I feel you here in my bedroom, while i write in this open diary. You are observing me carefully, i feel you, despite you are far from me. My emotions overwhelm me, and i know it’s only because your thoughts are towards to me, and i feeling it. Sometimes it enough to feel your closeness, for to drive crazy, and what im feeling in this moment. Maybe you’ve just read my reply and you have just mentioned a shy smile, and i have just feel it. Our connect works also in this way. Also a little thought toward to me and i feel it. We feel us eachother close one of another. And this feeling continuing to exists. and how i love this emotion, this feeling we have created without realizing it. This bond among us.