lukebvacktruccoocchiI feel your eyes placing on me. My heart start to beat fast. I feel your glance. Slowly i blush, our desire growing. We stay in front one of another. I bite my lips, my hands shaking. You approaching me. I caress your face, while we dont take off of eyes, one to another. We remain so. ‘Tell me more about you’ you whisper me. What you must to know about me, you know it already. What which you make me feel it’s one of the most beautiful sensation i had ever felt in my life. When as  a click, our parallel world get connect us eachother, and we are close one to another. I feel your hands trough my t-shirt. I close my eyes. Our breath make itself fast. I can’t help touching your neo, and you letting me do it, while you are approaching, you taking my hand and bring it, on your heart.
We remain so. Suspended. While our glances dive one in another.
Slowly… an endless tender kiss and in of it, we disappear.


“As if your

0wenn0046pluniformeEyes wanted captured each my shade of my  glance, you slowly, you was sitting down on the little table in front.
With your sheet, in your hand, you have looked at me, deeply.
Our breath were at unison, and slowly make itself, always more fast.
It seemed that this moment had no end, and our feelings were grow up and we felt them around us.
We looked at us eachother.
You have wanted to hold my hand, and without realizing, i left you do it. We were, hypnotized by eachother.
You have started to read what you wrote, but as if  you have memorized the words, without take off your eyes from me, you acted the what it was on that sheet.
‘«As two stars in the darkness,
you have started to give me something that i was about to forget.
you are always in that little corner.
to whom do you think, when i see you writing?
when our glance meet eachother, i feel myself, reborn again»’.
I have closed my eyes when you have began. I have felt your hand have had still holding mine tight.
My heart has stopped itself, for the whole time you have acted the poem that you have wrote thinking to me.
When you have placed the sheet on the table, next to you, we have looked at eachother, knowing, by now, what we were one for another.”


⇐“I was about read

“You had ⇒ 

“I was about read

226_0039forteWhat it was wrote on the sheet.
It was a handwritten.
Without asking, i knew, it was yours.
I was looking at you with a rapid glimpse.
You roamed, nervousely around the room. I didnt say you still nothing, but at the end you was sit down on the other chair, letting me all for me, the sofa. But with my eyes, i wanted you next to me.
Finally you have decided to sit down close to me and you have asked me ‘Can i…?’ touching sweetly my hand that holded the sheet.
With your deep voice, you have had take the courage to speak, letting apart the sheet, for a moment.
You had your glance, as lost in a vacuum, and you have started to talk to me.
‘Since we met in that bar… when i came back home, i have felt need to write something.
I have started to write a lot. All in these sheets…’
You stopped yourself.
What was about happening. It was what does was i’ve always waited for?
You had always your sheet in hand, and without realizing, you have started to reading what was  you wrote”



“As if your ⇒


owen043pluniformeIn front, one to another. Me on the table and you in front standing, we have looked at eachother. Your eyes have said me something that your words could not. You would want have say me something, but you wasnt able to pronounce no words, You have spoken with your eyes. Slowly, you have slide me on your body and you have put me in front of you. Taking my hand, you have gently accompanied me at the sofa. You made me sit down. You sat down too, next to me. You still have not say nothing, but your little gestures said me, you had your heart full of words.
The little table in front of us, was always full of sheets, magazines and several pencils, and our stones. You was looking for a sheet in particular. I was looking at you, breathless. I knew,it was something important and i didnt wanted break this atmosphere so strangely magic. Each thing with you was magic. Your eyes had a brillant light and i dived myself in them. And finally when you have found that sheet, you gave me it. Still without any word pronnounced. You was standed up and you roamed around the room. While i was starting to read what it was wrote on that sheet.”


⇐“I have

“I was about read ⇒

Tonight (11th open letter to Luke)

mikemc02t_sommaNo even, a fantasy tale could explain what i’m feeling right now.  My heart is exploding, but if doesnt explode, i feel i could implode and all that it would disappears. So then, it explode. It’s a fight of sensations.
When i feel you close to me, in this way i can remain only breathless.
Some people can take me  like a crazy, but i’m sure you would not.
Also if, we dont know eachother, you would believe me.
We have the same empathy, the same sensibility and in someway, we know eachother.
You are entered in my life, for the first time, for a case. Then, you have helped me a lot of times.
You have impersonificated my doubts, my thoughts, my fears, but slowly you have tought me that from those weakness, i could be more strong, and it’s been so. I lost the count of how many times i have said you thank you, and it still lasting.
Maybe we ever will not meet us, but with this open diary, i leave a door open, and who ever know, if a day you will knock it.
Other times you have knocked at my little windows…


I’m able to


Feel you here by my side, and i feel you are embracing me sweetly. I must to stop for a second to collect all my sensations and making them yours, also, i know there is no need. You feel the same, and when we feel ourselves, our parallel world get connect us, one to another. And what which we are feeling make us feel us closer.
Despite your distance, you are here, you are looking at me and i feel your glance on me. My heart beat fast. More the connection make itself more strong, more i feel you here next to me. You are with me. That’s enough to close my eyes, just for few second, the time to make a deep breath, and i feel you that you are with me. Now, we are face to face. In our magic world, our bodies touch. Our shirts touch eachother and we dont take off our eyes from one to another. You touch my lips with your finger. I let you do it. In that fragment of second, my heart exploded. You approach, slowly you place your head against mine and our eyes dive themselves in the eyes of the other. We remain breathless. We touch our faces sweetly. Tenderly and slowly our lips touch in a kiss that has no end.


“I have

owen0046pluniformeTake your face in my hand and i stared at you for a while, then i started to talk. ‘Some of us, very few, in this universe, can find their soul mates, When you have entered in that bar i didnt believe it. In my head something has made click. It has passed  alot of  time, since when you have launched me the first glance, to last night. Slowly i have felt something special in you, and that’s been so.’
You have looked at me without words and you have left me continue
‘Since we were glance met, slowly something inside of me, has changed, and i began to write poems about you’.
Suddenly, you seemed as stunned. I have started to caress your sweet face. Then i have continued. ‘Look what has happened in few hours. Without realizing,the universe, or whatever it is, told us, that which told us, and we had felt and what we have felt, it had brought us, where we are now.
As you, i asked myself many questions, but in front of them, there was no need to answer. To me, that’s enough what i feeling when i’m with you’.
At the end, you was always, staring at me, but what i’ve notice was a little tear has falled from your face. After a moment of silence, you have standed up and you have take my face in your hand, and slowly you have whispered me ‘I never felt what i feeling with you. Stay with me…Be mine soulmate’
‘We are already’, then i placed your face against mine. ‘What we had passed is only ours, and it has been magic, and who knows since when this it had to happen. If you, wasnt entered in that bar, maybe we were would  always in looking for of  both of us eachother, and maybe we would didnt ever met eachother. And all this, it never would happened’. I was say you all this, while i was dry another tear from your face.”


⇐“You still

“Always ⇒ 

“You still

owenmppluniformeGird my hips while our glances met.
In your eyes i have could see  what which you had face up to while you have left your girlfriend. I have felt all your insecurity. But that embrace was that you have needed at this moment.
‘What we had passed in these hours it has been, like a cyclone that has revolutioned our lives. What the stones said us, what we have felt it has been incredible’ you have said me looking at me, while i was in silence. I didnt want interrupt you. I could feel that you was opening yourself one more time. And i didnt want say you what which i was seeing beyond your shoulder. I just whispered ‘it’s just magic’.
Another time we had felt that sensantion inside of both of us, and our hearts seemed explode at the same time.
We looked at eachother and we kissed eachother, while little pink dust arounded us and it bonded us always more.”


⇐“While we

“I have ⇒

“While we

032buildforteMade eachother those little promises, as a, flashback, i rembembered the very first glance you have launched me.
You was with your friends at the bar counter. You was playful. I have seen you, and something in me has made click. I didnt take off my eyes from you. I was almost embarassed for my insistance. When you have laughed for some joke, for the first time i heard your voice.
For some reasons, while you was laughing, you turned yourself toward my little corner and there, you have noticed me. At the first impact you didnt smiled me, and right after you turned yourself again toward your friends, but slowly after a little bit, you have turned yourself again, toward to me. We were looked at eachother, shyly we have smiled eachother.
You was with your friends and they were making a mess, and you was making the same. But ocassionally, you turned yourself toward to me again and our glance met yet. When you cameback to your friends, some of them, gave you a pat on the shoulder, like, to wake you up. I heard the laughes. I was embarassed.
Always less, that night you have turned yourself toward to me and you have smiled me.
Our glances met, several times. You have made attention to dont make you notice from your friends.
And when you have finished your beer, and 
you was about leaving away with your friends, you did the way to stand up yourself so that i could see you, and with a gentle nod with your head, you have saluted me, smiling me.”


⇐“You looked

“You still ⇒