“It seemed

It was arrived my turn to throw out everything behind of my shoulders.
You didnt ever asked nothing my past life. But in your last glances, by now, there was always a question that you wanted ask me, and me, i noticed it.
I’ve started to talk, after i took a deep breathe, and took your hand, and i’ve hold it tight.
glowen044scuriYou knew, that you would have the reply to your question.
‘I always lived with my parents, till i have sent them to the hell. The reason has been a guy that i met at a party organized by  them. This guy was a son of  some friend of my parents. I had always a weak for him, but i didnt knew he, him felt the same for me.
At this party we had have a lot of fun. We were always been together that night.
But at that party it has happened a bad thing.
After we have talk much, he decided to go to my dad to declare his love for me. In those situation, i thought, it was so romantic, but i didnt realized that he was drunk, and he posed himself stupidly, I was blinded by the feelings that i was feel.
At this party there was almost a fight between my dad and this guy.
I was come out, i was go to go in his car and i had must wait for him. I had decided to leave with him. I had wait for him for hours in that car. I didnt ever see him anymore.
I was so angry and i have decided to leave from the house of my parents.
Fortunately the owner of the bar, had a room that he wanted sell for few money. I’ve took it. I have had no more news from my parents and from that guy.
They  were passed 7 years from that day. But from that day i’m feel  more free. I was as if i was chained. From that day i moved myself above the bar, i lived there.’
I was about to finish the phrase, but you’ve done for me. ”Till from you falled and i’ve help you to stand up’
You have said that phrase as if you was been the magician with his magic wand and he had make everything disappear in his hat, wrap everything in a magical dust.”


⇐“After that kiss

Even this music

x-defaultUnites us in such way. I just whispered you name and you’re come, and now yo’re embracing me tight. You turned me round and now we are smiling eachother. I whisper you ‘how i missing you’, but i feeling you by my side, you’re holding me tight. I take my deep breath. I bite my lips, looking at you. We are in front, my hands touching your chest trought this white shirt, slowly you slide it into, and right after you caress my face. My heart explode, you whispers and your lips sweetly touch mine and in our parallel world, we entering. Everything around reflects what we are feeling when we are close despite our distance.
I feel you so close to me. Your embrace is so sweet, i feel your eyes set on me, and you make me blush, wherever you are now. You’re here and i can feel you.


“After that kiss

tangle81moltiplicaYou have stared me, as if you wanted asked me what did i think about on what i had just read. As if you want to know if my feelings were the same that you was feeling.
You was biting your lips and my feelings were about explode. You seemed a child who asked the forbidden fruit, but forbidden, wasnt at all.
I have took again the paper and slowly i leaned  on your chest and together we had read your written words.
It was the first thing written after our meeting at the bar. And it was a your manuscript. They were your first written words after what happend among us.
I was reading aload, but always whispering, and you followed me with your whisper.
They were words of union, magic stones, souls that had fighted together against bad forces, emotions that reborn again and exploded, a sharing of sensations of  heat, communications without words, colors, lights melting eachother and about a profound LOVE never felt before and never seen in anybody else.
You have finished so ‘…your magic,  feelings that you are able to give me, are full of a love that im still to learn to receive. Everytime i looking at you my heart explode.’
I leaned the paper on the bed sheet and i sighed, lifted my face toward you, and i took a deep breathe.
‘They are the same feelings, that i feel even now’
I was looked at you and i wasnt able to hold back a tear.
What which i was feeling in those moment, was more bigger than me, and you was feeling it too.
We were looked at us, one in another, and in that exact moment, we had felt a big twirl of emotions that wrapped us, and we couldnt do anything, only staring one in another, and maybe sweetly we were touched our faces.”


⇐“I was woke up

“It seemed ⇒

Our whispers

luke-10forteAre meeting in our parallel world and there exploding in our glances. I feel your hands hold tight my hips and my hand on chest, slowly sliding in your sweater and you leave me do, you close your eyes for a second, whispering me to continue. Slowly and sweetly i take you it off, and you open again your eyes. What which we feeling for both, is written in your expression. There is such sweetness, tenderness and some mystery.
Even you, cant explain yourself, why our connection is strong.
In these hours our connection is far, but that thin rope doesnt ever break.
Everytime one of us, whisper the name of the other, it strenghtened always more.
Even now, i feel our parallel world expamnd around me and i feel you inside of it, you are embracing me and always more i think you, this embrace become more strong and i feel you always more close to me, and my emotions are growing up fast in me.
I’m thinking you always more and now i feel your closeness is always more present.
From a little thought our connection inexplicable, become the most beautiful sensation i had ever felt in my life. An emotion that contain everything which is beautiful. You.


“I was woke up

Myself, i was slowly opening my eyes, and you was next to me, sat on backrest of the bed, with a paper and a pencil, writing.
You was focused to write that you didnt realized that i was staring at you.
Me, i asked myself ‘What are you writing?’
michealwrite02fpluniforme-1You was so concetrated on that sheet. I was smiling, i didnt wanted distract you.
My feelings were strong and you pencil so fast, that in someways, they seemed go trought the same path, but on differents lanes.
Sometimes, you have lifted your face for to look at something that there wasnt. You was collecting your thoughts, and right after, you have put them on that sheet.
Maybe it has been, as the first time you have felt the need to put your feelings on paper.
You was still writing, and in my mind, an image, you that, just entered in your apartament, almost breathless, was in search of a sheet and  a pencil to write  many phrases, even unfinished, on what you had felt when our glances met, the first time.
You was writing fast, sometimes you deleted the last phrase you have wrote and you murmured.
You was so tender. But i understood you.
When, was seemed that you had finished to write, sweetly i caressed you, and our glances met for the first time, that morning.
You have smiled me sweetly, while you have put down the paper and the pencil on those little furniture close the bed, and you have kissed me, asking me if i had slept well. My glance was one of the most sweet i had could give to you. ‘Since when i sleep with you, everything around me is wonderful, you, are wonderful’ it was my reply.
You looked at me silently, then you gave me the sheet, in a whisper, you said me ‘I want you read it’.  I settled myself even me, on the backrest and i have began to read.
When i began to read it, i leak the breathe. My heart has began to beat hard.
What which you have wrote in that sheet, were the very same sensations, emotions, the feeling of freedom from the past that we had feel last night, and at the end, you have described your love for me.
When i have finished to read it, i have leaned the sheet by a side. You was looking at me. Our glances dived one in another, then after a moment in suspension, we kissed us passionately.”


⇐“With the same

“After that kiss ⇒

I feeling

mikesi_choiariAlready your closeness and i already close my eyes and i take my usual deep breathe.
Your eyes are set on me and i feel your desire to enter with me in our parallel world.
You know how to make. And i feel it, your doing it.
My vise get bigger and bigger and our connection is there. It enough to close our eyes and we are in our parallel world.
You’re whispering my name and i feel your embrace, your hands hold me tight. I sighing, you’re behind me and i wait for you turn me round. I need to dive myself in your eyes, where is our parallel world. I need you so much. I need your kisses, i need to stay with you alone,  with you in our parallel world.



“With the same

Calm with which we went to the bar, we returned at your house.
You was looking at me, as if you had see in me  something more of spectacular.
Me, i was careful to walk, and your hand holded me tight. You knew to be my support, and this was another proof of trust for both of us.
There were few people in the street, we walked between them, but we were, as if were protected by an invisible shield.
glance_sommaYour eyes were always set on me, i’ve felt them, even if i couldnt see your face, cuz i was focused where i could put my feet without to do not fall.
Along the street, we didnt talked.
I felt your heart, take again the normal beat. In my apartement our hearts were about explode. And surely, you have felt mine doing the same thing.
To walk, take again the normal fuctions of our bodies, it made us feel good.
We didnt realize that we’ve taking deep breathe, always at the same time.
We arrived at the rusty gate, you’ve opened it.
You stopped youself for a while. We looked at us, one another. The feelings we had have feel in my apartement, seemed faded.  But just after, you’ve whispered me ‘My god, how much you are beautiful’ and right after you have kissed me, were wrapped and scrambled us, once again.
Silently, we entered. Without looking at us around, you have take me in your arms and slowly, we went in your bedroom, and there you have lean me then you’ve done the same.
Face to face, we’ve caressed our faces till we have closed the eyes.
In this way, you had turned round one of the saddest page of  your life, caressing my face.”


⇐“Since has began

“I was woke up ⇒

I close my eyes

34scuriAnd i feel your embrace from behind that holding me tight and i feel your whisper from far, wherever you are. Surely you’re sleeping, but in someways our parallel world get connecting us, one another, cuz i feeling your closeness, you’re by my side. You’re holding me from back. I waiting for that you turn me around and our eyes meet.
You have the eyes closed, we whisper our names and our parallel world developing itself around us magically and we can feel us in a strong way that it takes our breath away. Your embrace make itself strong and i feel your closeness more close to me.
Slowly i feel your lips touch mine, my heart explode, as your. And what which we see are the colors of our souls melting eachother, wrapping us, one another.
Just a whisper fly away in the air.
‘I need to be close to you’.


“Since has began

This adventure, our glances didnt take off one from another. We were feeling, as if were two calamites were attracted one another. Your glance was fixed on mine and my eyes were fixed on your. As if the eyes had wanted say more than the feelings that we were already feeling.
mikeluke05forteWe had decided to return at your home.
By now my little apartment was charged of  many emotions that were become almost tangibles, and we were about be swallowed in of  them, and our hearts was about to explode, literally.
We had must to make enter new air in that little room. It was full of vibrations of which we, were the authors.
Even the minimum touch had provocate in us a new emotion, and everytime, we had must took a deep breathe.
We had must leave my apartement immediately.
In that apartment, we entered, load of old memories, bad sensations that we wanted delete from our minds, and we came out reborn.
And our glances had saying us just this Above all your.
I was looked at you in bar, and i’ve understood, you had must escape from there.
You have had need to remove all that one from your mind, and by now, in your eyes i was watching the calm and  the beauty of love that you was feeling for me.
Slowly, we had left my apartment, and that  ‘I love you’ resounded again, fading, just closed the door.”


⇐“We had to must

“With the same ⇒

Even this time (15th open letter to Luke)

luke30forteYou came by my side before the time, and i feel you next to me. You want say me something, when you will be ready, i will know it.
You are more sweet than usual, you’re embracing me sweetly and slowly. I feel it and you leave me without breathe, i close the eyes, sighing. My heart is beating hard. And i asking myself ‘Is it possible that is our parallel world’. I must give up myself, to these great emotions that i having and i know they are coming from you.
In someways, our parallel world get connecting us one another in another way inexpected. I shake my head, i still say myself ‘how is it possible all that it was born from a dream i’ve done one year ago and developed itself more always strong, in a intimate way during these months. What which you’ve said me in that dream it was the real reality, and then all these emotions, sensations were growing up so rapidly inside of me and they has become our parallel world, and now eachtime i feel you close to me i cant believe it, but it’s so.’
Maybe, for real, we had established a connection unconciously, and eachtime one of us, feel these emotions, these sensations inside, something happens, and it happens, by now daily, and everytime i dont feel these sensations, almost i feel lost. I need of these sensantions. They make me feel alive and i need to feel alive and you’re the only person able to give me these sensations, above all since from that dream i’ve done.