You know what i

tobyluke11forte2Really would like to do in this moment.
Escape in our parallel world where we in our bed we are in front one in another, without saying nothing, only caress our faces till my eyes closing and i hear your whispers and you get calm me with your deep voice and your arms wraps me in your embrace, and your breathe make me fell asleep like a lullaby
How much i need of this, in these hours, you have no idea. Much.
And in all of this, i feel your closeness growing….



last0005fondigranaWithout fear the other two animals were approached to us, but they have took a look to me first for have the certainty to do the better thing, to complete the transformation.
You was looking at me just like them. You was more surprised than me for what i was been  able to do. I was smiled you, as if was, for me, a normal thing. But it was.
‘You did it many time. To caress. You must just caress them and the magic is done’
It seemed our caresses could transfer our residual magical aura in them, and our direct touch was the change that these little Morgur have waited for from we have met the night you have came in the bar and from our first glance we have shared.
That night, in that bar, in our first glance was born something of magical and now the Morgurs having had the possibility to change permanently. They were as the carterpillar that has become a beautiful butterfly.
Slowly, we got up ourselves and together with the Morgurs, we were came to another borderline of Our Parallel World. It was the borderline where the Morgurs were worked on.
As the Markùts, they had an own language, but magically, we were able to understand everything they have said us.
The big one was explaining us that finally with this complete transformation, they could finish their works in a short time. Earlier, they have needed of our residual magical aura for work, but they had no know, when we would be return in Our Parallel World, and their works was suspended till our next coming. While we walked with the Morgurs, we have looked the work they have done against the Nothing. They explained us, the Nothing was the worst thing that they have had seen. It was made by the bad things and bad feelings we had felt in our lives, past and present. A mix up of bad things that it was trying to sucked everything we were  building, now that we have found ourselves again.”


⇐“I gave you

They thought

insta0039forteIt was a simply operation and almost they have conviced me about that. But by now it’s gone. The pain is there, but the only thing that make me feel a little good is our closeness is still here.  I must close my eyes and i can feel you here close to me.
Slowly i can take again my habits. This is my first thought that i write after my return from the hospital.
Slowly i whisper you name and my vise in stomach is growing faster. I need just to stare you and everything get calm, and our parallel world around us.
Everything with you is more easier.
Take my hand and let’s flight in our parallel world, where pain doesnt exists.
Let me tell you my whole story.
Let me love you and close the eyes.


“I gave you

last010008forte-1The binocular in hope, you could see this changing, but you wasnt able to see it.
These little animals were in front of us, as if they wanted some aknowledgment.
Sure, they had to have it, but each time i stretched my hand towards them, they shyly reciding from us. We saw, that they were so curiuos to see what would happened if they were been touched by us.
They knew, that something magical would be happened, but they were scare. We looked at us one another. We hadnt hurry to return in our appartment. We could stay there how long time we would have wanted.
Our Parallel World was a world in which everything was becoming true. All our emotions were the most beautiful we had felt and all around us was magical. It was everything we had wished till our first meeting.
We have spent several time staying in front to these little animals and they have done the same.
We had looking for to talk with them. For sure, they understood what we have say to them. We understood it from their glances.
Little by little, they approached to us. We talked to them, always more sweetly and at the end i was able to touch of one them and he didnt ran away.
We remained speechless. We were witness of a change. The change was what i’ve seen few minutes earlier. But this time was permanently. The brown fur was become rainbow, and the bristly fur was become soft as those of the Markùts
Now the other two little animals wanted the same treatment.
The first animal was the little one and now he could talk with us. These little animals, the little workers, were the Morgur.
After the change was completed, after their fur from brown was became rainbow, their shyness was disappeared.
And now we had other furry friends to better comprehend Our Parallel World.”


⇐“We were still

“Now ⇒

“We were still

2410forteUnder the tree embraced one in another, while these little animals were completing their work and one of these, gave us a kind of  binocular and he inviting us to watch throught.
He gave it to us rapidly, then he ran away. He seemed shyly scared to have touched us. He hided himself behind a bush, but behind it, he was watching us.
They wanted show us what did they have made.
You was been the first to watch throught the binocular, but it seemed you have didnt see anything particular. Then you have gave it to me. Your glance have said me everything.
I’ve watched toward what they worked on, but also me i’ve seen nothing. But something, it had to been happened. I wanted understand what, and i’ve close the eyes. I’ve took your hand and together, we had took a long deep breathe, and right after, it was been more clear.
Our Parallel World was born, just few seconds after we had shared our very first glance in the bar, those night. But was born, also, the Nothing, that thin line that would could suck everything in very few seconds and it would could have delete our past, present and even future lives in an istant.
The birth of the Nothing had arounded Our Parallel World. We had realized just in those moments, that the work of these little furry animals was very important, and our magical residual aura, was really important for these little workers. They were strenghtening the border of our world against the nothing. And each time we had visited our world, we had left some of our residual magical aura, and they had worked with it. But now, that we had spent a whole night in our world, they had get more of this magical residual aura, and they have had the possibilty to work with more calm and the border of Our Parallel World were more resistent against the Nothing.
I have had the possibilty to see the last, little furry animal that was going trought a kind of path. I was surprised to see that his fur from a rainbow fur was changing at the normal color, that was brown.
I wanted show this to Luke, but the little animal was been more fast.
He was, already, in front of us, earlier that i could have pass, the little binocular to Luke.”





orbit10forteWoke yourself, earlier me but you didnt move. I was laying on your knees, sleeping.
The light of day seemed make bright Our Parallel World.
You was watching these little furry  animals that seemed making something of real magical.
They ran and come back from us.
Their come and go, slowly awoke me.
You still wrapping me with your arms.
You have whispered ‘Good moorning, did you have slept well?’ You had didnt need of my reply. You knew it.
I have smiled you, while i was looking these little animals that were very busy in these their come and go.
‘It’s from i was wake up that their doing it’. You have said.
They were sure doing something for us. They never touched us. But  everytime they returned to us, it was like they catch something from us and they were bring it in somewhere.
They looked as our Markùts, but surely they weren’t Markùts. They were more faster than the Markùts and they were more little, and their fur was more bristly than the Markùts and it was brown.
They seemed like  a little maintainers of Our Parallel World.
When they returned to us, they catched the magical residual aura arounded us and they has bring it to the border of Our Parallel World.
They were in three. There was one more big than other two, and he seemed was the coordinator of all this.
We didnt move ourselves, till they have finished  their works.
We were indispensable for them. For their works. We had understood it in their big eyes.
Finally they had the opportunity to catch what they needed, directly from the source. Us.
We looked at us one another without saying nothing.
We had understood they were doing something for us, but what it was, it was still unknown.”


⇐“We were in front

“We were still ⇒

“We could stay

To stare us without an end and our emotions would have create another rainbow with colors never seen before. Our Parallel World was changing always more, and it was becoming more beautiful than the very first time. We were looking around, and more it was changing, we remained stunned, and we understood that all of this were our emotions, it make eveything more beautiful.
vanguard10fondigranaYou got up and you have helped me to get up. We have noticed that the Markùts had left us.
We didnt wanted return back in our appartment. We wanted explore more.
Hand in hand we started again our walk.
We were going on in another walkway, and we entered in a little village. It seemed uninhabited, but instead there was somebody or something. The little shacks were by little twigs.
The village had few shacks. More or less three or four.
At our passage we could hear little murmurs. And they came from the inside of the shacks, and whoever was, they were watching us walking.
The sound of the murmurs were similar as the voices of our little Markùts, but we werent sure they were other Markùts.
We didnt stopped us too long there. We moved on and slowly we had left behind us the village. We didnt turned ourselves but we were sure that whoever was in the shacks, they were came out to see us. We could heard their voices. They seemed salutes us.
We had walk still a little bit….
We wanted rest ourselves a little bit.
It seemed was dusk. We had found a tree where we could rest. You’ve putted yourself on the meadow and gently you have donated your hand to better support me, and i laying myself close to you. Sweetly you’ve embraced me, and slowly we fell asleep.
For the very first time, we had slept insde Our Parallel World.”


⇐“We were in front

“You ⇒

Each time

10-02-20202I see that shack, or some part of it, my mind take a flight and it goes at that dream i’ve done much time earlier that i’ve realized that it was a real thing and that was for really at your house.
Each time i see it, i rembember that dream, and the sensations i have felt. And everything matches, and stunning me everytime i think about it.
I could drive crazy, but i really think im not crazy…. Im sure about one thing, we are strongly, connected.
Talking seriously, from i’ve done that dream in which you said me, what we know, everything turned in a strange way, and everything bonded us  always more. Strangely, but it was happened. Maybe you dont know it yet, perhaps me too. We are in a limbo, where our emotions are melting one another and we dont understand what is happening, but is happening right now, in this moment.
And each time i see that shack, everything take me at the primordial first moment we were connect ourselves.
I repeat you, i have realized that those shack was at your house much time after.


I believed (21th open letter to Luke)

insta0039lmoltplicaIt was a bad dream, instead, it’s the reality. Tomorrow i’ll go into the hospital to make me remove the three pins i have in the leg.
You know, i dont have fear at all, but the hospitals reminds all my childhood and everything bad things i had in my life.
Maybe you’re the only one who can understand what i’m feeling in these hours, earlier to enter in that place.
I know, that it will be a simply operation, but for me just enter in a hospital it’s like enter in a hole full of thorns and snakes and, sure it isnt a good sensantion.
In these moment im whispering your name and our connection it’s making itself slowly stronger. I know, in someway, in a strange way, we are connected, and i know you have heard my whisper.
Stay close to me in these following hours more than ever.
I’ve told you, when i woke up myself from the last operation you was in my dream.  I hope to feel your closeness also this time. Stay close to me. I need of your closeness despite we are very far. Take me in Our Parallel World. Let me dream for a while.


“We were in front

One to another, staring us deeply, we were feeling something was about to growing inside of us. You wasnt take your eyes off from me.
vanguardmare.moltiplicaAround us the atmosphere was changing rapidly and around us there were a moltitude of colors that floating and melting one in another.
Usually that atmosphere changed when our desire were  grew up inside of us.
You was still kneeled in front of me, and i was sat on the little rock. You gently, took my hand and you have laying me on the meadow. I didnt have say nothing. I left myself guide by you.
Slowly and sweetly you have started to kiss me. I always loved these your kisses.
We only kissed us, but inside of us was flowing a great energy and this great energy was showing also around us.
For this one there was no need of the Markùts.
The Markùts were shyly left us.
This was our own magic, and we were creating only us.
Your arms holded me tight against your chest, and i remained breathless.
Our lips were playing one with another. Sometime, we given ourselves little bites, other they touching themselves, and other time we given ourselves kisses so sweet that we could believed to take flight.
Just this touch of lips, made us feel as drunk, but drunk of our love  that we had one for another.
At the end of  this sweet moment, you have took my face in your hands and you have looked at me without say noything.  Our hearts were beating at unison.
Slowly the atmosphere that were been created, was about to disappear around us, but it was dissolved itself in Our Parallel World. We had felt it.
This sensation ran in our veins. We were looking around, then we stared eachother.
Those bad moment was literally disappeared.”


⇐“After that

“We could stay ⇒