This aint

talkchiaroeA coincidence. No at all. This it’s called connection. Yesterday i’ve felt something that today you would be come to see this my open diary, and you did it. How is it possible that our connect is so strong till to this point. You looking at me in silence, and my vise get bigger and bigger. I feel you close to me, despite our distance. I feel you by my side, i feel you are embrace me, slowly. I need to close my eyes and i must take a deep breath. Our flows get connect eachother so fast, that my head is exploding and my heart is beating like a crazy one. What which i see in to my amethyst ball is our parallel world turns and it want says us something, that we know already. From a dream from which was born, our connect get bigger and bigger. And now it enough, we know what the other will do. This still scare me a  little. Since when i was a child i have had this perception. But i never thought to have it with you. Im a reasonable person, but this it goes beyond the reasonable things. Now i must think that our parallel world is something real, and all this that is happening among us is something it goes beyond. I want believe, since when i’ve had that dream, that something, that i’ve called parallel world, has made click in our minds and we didnt realizing it. Does we have the same sensibility? I know you have great soul, and heart… but are we connect till this point?


I’m calling you

jakenowakoski0019_forte-1And slowly you feel my recall. I close my eyes and stretch my body foward and in some ways i feel your hands take me and hold me tight. I lose myself in your eyes, while, slowly, you slide my body on your, to the floor. I dont waste time, and when my lips are in front one of another, i kiss them. That kiss, makes us fly. Our lights begins to floats around and our parallel world welcome us in of it. You didnt take off eyes from me, and i feel that sensations, despite our real distance. In some ways, i’ve had know you’ve started to study your theatrical script. I imagine you while you read it. Something says me, something take you to me.  Our bond is strong also when you’re working. In some ways, though, i feel you a little, but very little, far. My vise is always present. Despite our real distance, so far, our parallel world makes us feel close one of another, since when this strange bond has began. ‘Do you know how much i need you in this moment of my life?’ I’m sure you know it, and you let me know it trough your feeling you are able to make me feel them.


Tell me,

handface132_forteWhat i feel, is the same you’re feel too. Since when i woke myself, since i have feel you have embrace me, i have the sensation, that you are here with me. I feel, you still embrace me, and ours skin still touching. You from behind and i feeling your arms arounds me, while you whispering me all your desires, moving my hair and kiss sweetly my neck. I close my eyes, while you turn me and finally we are in front one of another, while our lights floating around us. We seems flying, but it’s only our perception. Slowly, we enter in our parallel world. We must to take a deep breath and in this breath we feel us so close more than ever. Our scents mixing up themselves. I feel yours and you feel mine. We standing in front, we dont move. Just waiting for that the other one, make the first move. We look at one in another.  Each of us knows what would  to do. You look at me, waiting for. I put my hand close to you. And rightafter, your silky white shirt takes flight and my hands touches your chest till arrives to your hips, while our bodies approach, without we realizing it. We didnt take off our eyes one from another. And our sensations expands. I’ve designed a variable map on your body, and you have caressed my face till to know each my neo. I remain hypnotized by your glance on me. For an instant we remain in this way.  But right after, we look at us one of another till our lips touches themselves, in little touches, without to kiss us really, and we drives crazy for it.


With this smile

andrewmurraysmile_forteAnd this glance, every time, you make me feel alive and, in some ways, i know your smile is the reason of all this. I see you smile and i see our parallel world opens. And when i feel your closeness, it’s because with your eyes you seeing what im writing and what im feel.
I whispering your name in this moment, and what which i feel is, that you’ve feel it. You’re look at up to the sky, and wherever you are, you are whispering my name. Our connect begins. We must to close our eyes to feel us eachother close one of another. Our parallel world has embraced us, and we must to take a deep breath to dont drive crazy for what we feeling in this istant. Me in this bedroom and you on the other side of the planet, but so close as if we was in the same place. My heart begins get beat faster. So fast that it seems stops. And i feel you here by my side, and you start to touch me softly. I whisper ‘Stop, i want to see you’. You are behind me. Slowly, you turn me, and what which i see in your eyes, is all i’ve wish in my life. A man who loves me for which as i’m, without ask nothing, but only accept all what is happening among us. Our connect, our feelings and hope that our parallel world continues for long time, despite we dont still know eachother, but that in someways we knows eachother better than anyone else.
How i feel you close to me in this moment.

I take

books_forte4A deep breath and in the air i can feel the same freshness i have feel the other day. And you have this white shirt on. And i feel you embrace me from behind. The freshness of the air, in someways, drives me crazy. You know it. And slowly, you turn me in front of you. We look at us in our eyes, entering in our parallel world. You bring my hand to your chest, and slowly you slide my hand into your shirt. I touch softly your bare chest and i feel your heart beats like a crazy. All around us it transforms. Our lights floating among us. You mentioning me a shy smile, while you kindly touch my face and you whisper me ‘Do it’, as if you was breathless. I remain speechless, fixing my hands that sliding slowly in your shirt. Without add further things, your shirt falls downs over your arms to stay there, while you hold me tight. This combination, drives me crazy. And you know it good. These rustles, your glances, our floating lights, my emotions, this air we can feel around us, leaves me breath and make me beats my heart fast. Slowly, you approach me. You whisper me ‘We stay in this way, for all time we wish’. I look at you in your eyes, saying nothing, while i touch your shirt on your arms. We look at us one in another, listening to our breath gets faster. Our feeling going drives crazy. And the only thing you can do is kiss me. In this exact moment what we feeling for one of another, disappear with us, in our world.




I close my eyes.  Slowly i perceive your glance on me. I feel you are by my side. You say me to dont open my eyes. I feel your breath close to me. I feel you take my hands and slowly we enter in our parallel world. My senses expands. And i feel you are in front. You whisper me now to open my eyes. What which i see is only you and our lights floating in the air. What you want to do is only to touch my face and let me dive myself in your glance. Around us a path that we go trough, remaining in front one of another. Around us a world of fantastic emotions, feelings, that we only we see and we feeling. What which we feeling is only ours. We need just to look at us, one in another. In our glances, we can see what we really need. What we need is stay in this way, also for hours, days, and we know what we saying us. Our glances, ours eyes are ours souls’ mirror. And in this glance, that i see, now,  is an entire world of your emotions, feelings, and you want me lives them with you.
I’m here, in our parallel world. Hold me tight, and look at me, let dive myself in your glance.
Our world.


I feel

books02soloscuri01Your smell in the air. You are coming. I’ve put on our music. Something it says me to close my eyes and take a deep breath. Slowly, i whispering your name. Like a light breeze i feel, you really slowly,  enter in this bedroom. ‘Dont turn’ you whisper me. I feel your arms around me. ‘Close your eyes’. I feel you are turn towards to me. Breathless i know, when i will open my eyes i will be dive myself in our parallel world trough your glance. And it is so. You take my face, you caress it, and slowly we both, we entering in our world, where it waits for us a world of moltitude colors, emotions, feelings, only looking at us one in another. Slowly i caress your face, and you mention a shy smile. Our lights, dancing between us, what which we feel is our feeling expands, in and out of us. What we can do is only look at us and stay in silence and touch each other, very sweetly. Your glance let me do what i wish. My game. And slowly it slide on your arms. You no say no words, and that rustle make me close my eyes, for a second. Biting my lips, i feel you are approaching to me. Next to me, slowly you turn me, feeling your bare chest against my back, you begin to kiss my neck, and your hands on my body. Our lights floating around us. Slowly you turn me again, and we are in front one of another. Ours glances into eachother. We dont move, but what which we need is only to touch on our face. A whisper ‘We need only of this’.


Your glance

cherry6ae7_scuri-2Goes beyond your feelings. Tell me what you thinking. I see in that your look, that you would to stay in other place. Tell me, with whom would you like to be? I slowly  whispering your name. I closing my eyes, i take a breath, and slowly, very slowly, i feeling, something of mine, get connect with you. I feel your mind would to run away. I’m here. Slowly, almost to dont disturb you, i whispering again your name. In a second, i realized, you’ve feel it. Despite our distance, we are connect. Slowly, we take our hands, and we entering, in our parallel world without take off ours glances. Now we are in front one of another. I take your face in my hands. Whispering you ‘Tell me what’s wrong?’ You taking my hands to your heart, and eyes in eyes, you tell me ‘I’ve realized how much i missing you’. You’ve say that me with your nostalgic eyes. I’m touching your sweet face. ‘It’s hard also to me’. To be near, but also be so far one of another, in this way. To stay close with only the strenght of our connection, sometimes isnt enough. How many times, i’ve said it. Sometimes i feel need to stay in front of you, for real. To feel your hands on me, and my hands on your chest. Sliding them in your shirt and let it falls down on your arms, and caress your bare chest, while you shy smile me. Looking at up to the sky and see our lights, dancing and melting together. While we need to feel what we feel for eachother. Whispering us what we feeling, we remain speechless and breathless for what we’ve just say to us, only looking at us one in another.
Tell me you feel the same, and i come to  you. Our parallel world is here.


I still

foxaustralia_forte_cc-1Feel your smell in the air, and in someways i felt your touch. Your hands on my hips. But i turn round myself to looking for you, but you did disappear. I whispering your name. Do you hear me? I looking for you, closing my eyes, taking a long breath. Our parallel world wait for us. I waiting for you. I wait for to dive myself in your eyes, where i can see all i really need.  And what i really need you know what is. To looking at your eyes, stand in front of you and to feel your hand taking mine taking it to your chest and to feel your heart beating slowly fast. Your shy smile for me. You taking my face in your hands, and our eyes into eachother.Slowly, you let me slide my hand in your shirt and you let it falls down over your arms and there, ours parallel world explodes trought that little rustle. Our lights begins turning around us and we, like in a multitude of colors, we begins twirl, without ever taking ours eyes off us. We taking flight, and in this way, slowly, we making love. Between our lights, ours feelings and emotions.
Just in this way i’m waiting for you.  I whispering your name. Ours Parallel world waiting for us. I waiting for you. While i still feel your smell that arounds me.


You reached

whoforteme in this way, slowly. I felt you. Ours flow has began to melt together. I here, and you in somewhere on other side of the planet. But so close to me. If i close my eyes i can see you look at me, in this way with your untied shirt and you whisper me to come close to you. Breathless i blush a little, but you take my hands I take it and slowly i lay myself to your bare chest. I smell your skin, touching it so kindly. Your eyes on me, and you begins to caress my hair till you reach my face. Your glance just for me. An istant. You slowly approach my lips, there ours parallel world explodes and ours souls melting like didnt ever before. I slide my hand into your shirt and slowly falls over your arms and you stay in this way, looking at me. In your eyes i can see your desire to subside yourself in me. You feel my desire of your body. You feel what i feeling in this moment. We feel the same feeling.We melting us together and to stay in this limbo for long time. ‘Forever’ you whisper me kissing me.