You know

our greatest emotions floating around us

“My heart” – ○4○

I was look at you, and you seemed completely taken, from those words

I can

My hand place itself on your chest and with all your sweetness you place yours on mine

“Slowly” -○3○

You got up: I was look at you, asking myself many things, While our glance didn’t take off one from another. We captured by something magic. You placed standing next where I was sit, and with an infinite sweetness, you have asked me :"Can I sit by your side?" You have smiled me: I have… Continue reading “Slowly” -○3○

This aint

Now i must think that our parallel world is something real, and all this that is happening among us is something it goes beyond

I’m calling you

Our parallel world makes us feel close one of another, since when this strange bond has began

Tell me,

We seems flying, but it's only our perception

With this smile

but that in someways we knows eachother better than anyone else

I take

the only thing you can do is kiss me. In this exact moment what we feeling for one of another, disappear with us, in our world

I feel

'We need only of this'

Your glance

Tell me you feel the same, and i come to  you

I still

Just in this way i'm waiting for you

You reached

An istant

Tell me

Your eyes are an ocean of emotion