i dive myself in your eyes, where i can feel every emotions, feelings when you are with me, in this way. In front one of another

Your glance

Tell me you feel the same, and i come to  you

Dont look at

If something will happens, i knew it even  before it happen. And dont tell me that it was just coincidence, 'cuz, now i really dont believe it

Tell me…

We waiting for something more bigger than our imagination

You be

My emotions, what i feeling when you're close to me, overwhelm me. I really dont know what to think.  I love when we get connect and you take my hand to enter together in our parallel world.

In this way

it is becoming the most beautiful i have ever have in my life, and i have it with you. I dont ask for anything better

Tonight i need

Everything we feel, expands each our sense. When you take my hand to your heart, it’s like your heart was exploded

You can smile

im living in a big emotion that only you give me

Oh, your

You've hold me tight. I would like to stay in ths way, forever. Your embrace it's soft, kind, and the most beautful i've ever had

How much

Maybe i will never have no any answers

What which i

Making the sum of the people to whom i tell  what which i feel, you're the only one

You slowly

Accompanied me in my bedroom, and now i feel you close to me. You're around me. I feel our minds get connect, and as in an explosion, we enter together in our parallel world. My vise in my stomach is growing fast. And what i need to dont drive crazy is close my eyes, for… Continue reading You slowly

Here you are

Again. Behind me, you embracing me, trying to recreate the magic atmosphere of that morning. But you have no need to recreate it. Everytime we get connect, it's a magic feeling, and despite we are distant, in this bedroom, it'all amplified. Here, where our connection is began, it seems more magic than ever. Almost i've… Continue reading Here you are

You came

I wouldn’t never awake me from all this. It’s the most emotional thing i’m living. And i’m living it with you