lukeaurora_contrario_forteIn this bedroom, i waiting for the magic realize. Slowly i whisper your name. I waiting for something is reaches to you. I close my eyes, taking a deep breathe, looking me around. Hoping something reaching to me. I looking at you, waiting for you. And something slowly it coming. My vise, slowly growing fast. I close my eyes again, and suddendly, i feel your closeness. Despite our distance, we are approaching one of another. I feel your hand on my shoulder, while i’m writing in this diary. You turn around me. You kneel in front of me. And right after we stand up, and we are in front one of another. You look at me with your glance that make it me blush, and i look down, but you whisper me ‘Look at me’. And in that glance we enter together in our parallel world. I touch on your chest trough your shirt. In that touch, our lights begins to floating among us, and our emotions get bigger. Little whispers, they leave us breathless, speechless. You take my face in your hands, your fingers caress my skin, i thrills. I remain without oxygen. Closing my eyes, you approaching me, and sweetly kissing. I take you hand and i put it on my heart. It beating like a crazy one. You do the same. Slowly you let me make slide my hand in your shirt that slowly falls down on the floor, and you remain in front of me, in this way, speechless while you look at me, caressing my face and i dive myself in your eyes, where i can feel every emotions, feelings when you are with me, in this way. In front one of another, leaving all what we feeling arounding us.


Your glance

cherry6ae7_scuri-2Goes beyond your feelings. Tell me what you thinking. I see in that your look, that you would to stay in other place. Tell me, with whom would you like to be? I slowly  whispering your name. I closing my eyes, i take a breath, and slowly, very slowly, i feeling, something of mine, get connect with you. I feel your mind would to run away. I’m here. Slowly, almost to dont disturb you, i whispering again your name. In a second, i realized, you’ve feel it. Despite our distance, we are connect. Slowly, we take our hands, and we entering, in our parallel world without take off ours glances. Now we are in front one of another. I take your face in my hands. Whispering you ‘Tell me what’s wrong?’ You taking my hands to your heart, and eyes in eyes, you tell me ‘I’ve realized how much i missing you’. You’ve say that me with your nostalgic eyes. I’m touching your sweet face. ‘It’s hard also to me’. To be near, but also be so far one of another, in this way. To stay close with only the strenght of our connection, sometimes isnt enough. How many times, i’ve said it. Sometimes i feel need to stay in front of you, for real. To feel your hands on me, and my hands on your chest. Sliding them in your shirt and let it falls down on your arms, and caress your bare chest, while you shy smile me. Looking at up to the sky and see our lights, dancing and melting together. While we need to feel what we feel for eachother. Whispering us what we feeling, we remain speechless and breathless for what we’ve just say to us, only looking at us one in another.
Tell me you feel the same, and i come to  you. Our parallel world is here.


Dont look at

00323sovrappostoMe in this way, cause you knew, i felt you so close to me, in these days. Woke myself, with my vise in my stomach so stronger than ever. And it’s still in. And if in next hours, you will tweet something, i’ve seen it in my mind, i will have the certain we are connected, and for sure our parallel world wants us unites. Yesterday night, when i’ve see these visualizations, i just dont wanted believe it. Our connection is strong. Here, in my bedroom, i feeling a lot of emotions that comes from you. And the only person i can say that, is you. And i know, in someways…. you feel the same. I’m sorrounding by emotions, and i know something is reaching to you.  I have a sensantion, that something will happens in few time. If it this real will happens, i will run away, hiding myself. These feelings i feel are so strong and are all comes from you.
If something will happens, i knew it even  before it happen. And dont tell me that it was just coincidence, ‘cuz, now i really dont believe it.


Tell me…

Imclusckie014_pluniforme-1f it’s not a signal from our parallel world, that it wants unites us. Can you explain it to me. When i’ve see it, something inside of me it is exploded, like a bomb. Million of  differents  emotions was exploded at the same time. And aint the first time it has happening, but when it happens, everytime it’s like the very first time. Maybe it happens also too you, i really dont know, but when it happens here, my emotions, my feelings drives crazy. When happens, millions of thoughts exploding in my head, and i feeling you so close to me. As now. I must to close my eyes and i must to take a deep breath, to dont drive crazy. What does wants our parallel world tell us? It wants to tell us something, im sure of this. I remained breathless. You looking at me in this way, maybe you awaiting for something, looking for it in my eyes. I’m doing the same, looking at your glance. We waiting for something more bigger than our imagination. Here, in my bedroom, i  hold back my tears, but with some difficulties. I see it and i thinking to you, and i feel you do the same, on the other side of the planet. I’ve feel, it, you’ve whisper my name, slowly.
My head exploding, like my heart, i ìf i think to all that and i just cant believe it. And you?


You be

forte-sq-e1450302296540around me, and i feel you close to me. You have whispered my name, i’ve close my eyes and i’ve see you. I feel your presence by my side. Your presence it’s like a white veil dancing in this bedroom. I close my eyes and i feel you from behind, that you embrace me. Our connection it get bigger. My emotions, what i feeling when you’re close to me, overwhelm me. I really dont know what to think.  I love when we get connect and you take my hand to enter together in our parallel world. Our lights dancing one in another, melting. Our souls dancing in the air. In the middle of all that, we are  in front one of another. We look at us, we touch on us. We remain standing, surprising ourselves what we feeling in this moment, despite our real distance. I feel your smell, i feel your soft hand on me. You don take off eyes on me. I remain as like hypnotized. Slowly we making our love.


In this way


You let me know you’re still in Australia. When i look at you and what i feel is right, i cant believe it. It make me feel good, you make me feel good.  I cant believe is happening among us. You dont know me, neither, but it is so. I knew you was doing something and you have let me know it. Our connection was so stronger than ever. And still now i feel you close to me. You turn around me. When i woke myself i felt you embrace me so softly. I never had these sensantions, then you let me know what you did. Is our connection has passed another level? I really dont know, but if it is so, dont surprising myself anymore. And now what i feel is your closeness, despite our distance. What i would like say to you is ‘how much i miss you, despite i feel you close to me.’ What i would do is just to look at your eyes, in this way, in silence and hear our breath, and maybe touch you so sweetly. I can feel your smell in the air. If i close my eyes, i can still feel your arms that around me. Our connection is one the most beautiful feeling i ever had in this last period, and it is becoming the most beautiful i have ever have in my life, and i have it with you. I dont ask for anything better.


Tonight i need

austin_forte-1To look at you in this way. I need to touch you softly. I need you take my hand to your chest, i need to feel your heart trough your shirt, and i need to dive myself in our parallel world, in this way, so kindly, with you that look at me with your sweet eyes, and i need to hear from your deep voice, that you feeling the same im feel. This strange bond that unites us. I close my eyes and suddendly we are in front one of another, and without we realizing it, we entering in our parallel world. There our mind get connect more strong. There, our energy flow is like a stormy river. Our lights melting. We standing in front. Our senses expanding. I feel your heartbeat get faster. I take a deep breath to dont lose my senses. That’s how i feel when i feel you close to me. I close my eyes and my hands on your chest, slowly you let them slide it in your shirt, and i remain breathless. Each our little movement is a big emotion, inside of our bodies, but above all inside our minds. We feel each little vibes, each rustle of our clothes. Everything we feel, expands each our sense. When you take my hand to your heart, it’s like your heart was exploded. My heart is doing the same. When we touch us, each our senses, explodes. When we look at us, what which we feel is like a twirl of emotions, and what we feel is what we seeing in our eyes, one in another. And we see it, only us. Nobody else’ can’t. Our hearts are like two bombs that exploding at the same time.


You can smile

dailyforte-1At these things, but i remaining speechless. It’s true, our parallel world want unites. Our minds get connecting in this moment i feel it. My vise in the stomach is more strongest than ever, and i feel you turn around me. There are too many coincidences that unites us. And now  this last, i’ve find in bathroom I can hold back my tears, but it’s hard. I really dont know if laugh or make overwhelm me, by one of the most big emotion i’m feeling in this moment. If i think to all that, i could drive crazy, but dont drive crazy and that’s enough, beyond. I begin to think on how it is possible. These little things, make grow up more bigger my emotions, our connection. Now, you dont know how i feel you so close to me. I need to make a deep breath to calm me. My heart beats so fast. If i close my eyes, i see you turn around me. My feeling are made of these little sensations, coincidences, that for me they are not, but simply little signals from our parallel world, that wants unites us.  And i gather them, and put all together.
You can smile to all these things, but for me, are little signals and they says me, that one day we will meet. And this make me beats fast my heart.  Now im living in a big emotion that only you give me.


Oh, your

mmcluskie_forte155Embrace how it was so sweet this afternoon. I felt it. You was lay next to me and slowly i felt your hands around me. My dancing butterflies began their dance. I’ve closed my eyes many times, and imagined you really next to me. But it was only imagination. But our minds was connect. We were only us, you and me, embraced. In silence. We just only heard to our breathe. And in our silence we entered in our parallel world. Your arms has arounded me, making me feel the only person you have need. ‘You’re’, you whispered me. Oh my, i remained speechless. You’ve hold me tight. I would like to stay in ths way, forever. Your embrace it’s soft, kind, and the most beautful i’ve ever had. Please, we remain in this way for all time. I need it, you need it. I feel it. We need one of another in a such way, we can’t explain it.

How much

mikemccluskie02_forte-1I need to feel you close to me, and you feel it. Our minds get connect. I need to feel your embrace. You that hold me. you tell me to close my eyes. You embracing me tighter and together, we take flight. I see our parallel world in your eyes, while we are in front one of another. Eyes in eyes, without tell us nothing. What which we want to tell us, we know it already. Our glance speaks. It’s enough to look at us. In your eyes, there is an universe in which i would like to dive in. In mine, you see what which i feel for you. What i see in your eyes is the most beautiful sun i’ve ever seen. It warms me, and that’s i really need it. And i’ve found you. It’s incredible what you giving to me, also with only a glance. What i feel, despite our distance, it’s like you was here watching to me. I feel you around me. Sometimes i feel you embrace me softly from behind, and i need to take a deep breath to dont drive crazy.
Sometimes, i feel you close to me in an incredible way, that i say myself ‘aint impossible’ instead it is so. Does real exists our parallel world? It’s from four months, i asking myself, if you feel the same, what i feel. Maybe i will never have no any answers. But i can say you, here in this open diary, that what which i feel when i feel you close to me, it makes me feel quiet, it had open my mind and it makes me feel aware, that there is some kind menthal connection among people, also if they doesnt know eachother. And our connection is one of these.