It’s a strange

this sensation, seems be reciprocated, and in that exact moment, we both know we are in our parallel world


that's our parallel world, that it says us, it miss so little to touch us one to another

I need

I writing so fast, cuz my emotions run fast

….In love

our senses makes us feel so in love, one for another

At this

i always asked myself what did you thought?

You look at

i feel you're alone in your room and something pushes you to me

How is it

Or because in these hours, you, on the other side of the planet, me here alone with  our music on, we are alone and our flows arrives more easily

It’s from

what i see in your eyes, is only a sparkle light, that make me feel so quite and our parallel world is the only place i where i want to stay

How many

Times i have feel you close to me today. I think to i have lose the count. What do you try to say me. I never have feel you so close to me in this way. My head explodes, and i feeling ours flows are in connection. I feel, you have whisper my name many… Continue reading How many

If i

You waiting for something. And i know what is that.  It's enough i look at your eyes and all around us it transforms


i dive myself in your eyes, where i can feel every emotions, feelings when you are with me, in this way. In front one of another

Tell me

what which i feel when we connect, it's like my mind expands. and what which i feel around me, inside me, it as if slowing down, and only we existed