Aint a case that im confessing you all what i feel, and you do the same


You lay your lips on mine. Sweetly you have wanted to kiss me, suddenly

Here you are

Again close to me, inside of me, inside of my head, and our little connection slowly begins. You look at up to the sky, whispering my name. Sweetly you coming to me, and i feel your hands around my hips. I close my eyes and i feel your scent that make me drive crazy. You… Continue reading Here you are

A punch

Our parallel world will be, also, a my own creation, but how is it possibile that all that is happens. What i feel and what which is happens is it just a coincidence?

In this way

You let me know, you're still on the other side of the planet, and i smile, cause all my feelings were right. Tonight, in some ways, i've feel you close to me, but a little bit far. My vise is always in me. But in these hours it's more light. But however i can loose… Continue reading In this way

Here you are

You make me slide slowly on your body, and when we are face to face i caress your face and our lips touch in a sweet kiss

Here you

Sometime i had no feel you. Now, what i feel is your costant closeness, also when i'm not in front of this pc screen

Here you are

Again. Behind me, you embracing me, trying to recreate the magic atmosphere of that morning. But you have no need to recreate it. Everytime we get connect, it's a magic feeling, and despite we are distant, in this bedroom, it'all amplified. Here, where our connection is began, it seems more magic than ever. Almost i've… Continue reading Here you are