I feel you

nepal043moltiplcaYes, but  a little bit far from me. In some ways, i feel, you trying to say me you are with me. Our connection is continuos, our flows are always in connection. But sometimes it’s normal we cant feel us as we wish. But if i take a deep breath and i whisper, in someway, you can feel me.
Today i was thought to you, often, i’ve missed you, but i knew you was hidden yourself in some part of my heart, i’ve closed my eyes and i have felt your sweetest kiss, while i was on the pool, while i was take the sun. I have felt your embrace, from behind, and in that few seconds, i’ve closed my eyes you was by my side, caressing my skin. I’ve seen also, for little moment, your arms that embraced me. I’ve sighed.
If you was really, here with me, how many things i would say you. Things that nobody else can imagine. By now, i believe, i can say you, for sure, you know more things about me than others people that around me daily.
I really hope, one day, we could meet us, not only in our parallel world, where, by now, we feel our emotions explodes, despite our real distance.
Telling that ‘I love you’, it would be minimal. In these period, that it’s lasting from long time, you’re the only person that, i feel more close than others. You fill me and i feel myself alive, thank to you, that’s which i need. I need  of you.


Let me


Looking at you, for a second, in this way.  Let me make understand what man i have in front of me. Dont say anything. Just in this way. I must still understand it. I have need to embrace you so tight, and feeling you close to me. I knew your sensibility was one of the greatest, and maybe that’s why i feel you so close to me, and our minds get connecting eachother so easily. But what i seen tonight, it was magnificient.
Let me admire you.
Everytime i begin to write here, i write what i feeling, what we feeling when we are in our parallel world. What our energy flows say us. But tonight i was remain speechless. Your little gesture left me breathless.
I knew how big your heart was. How big your soul was. What i feeling for you growing eachday it pass. I respect you a lot. My feelings for you goes beyond love, and, by now, you know it very well.
One day, if we will meet us, i will tell you my whole story.
But now, let me looking at you in this way. Let me caress your face. Let me touch sweetly your lips and let me whisper you ‘How much i really would like to stay with you, in this moment’. Also only be embraced by you, to feel your breath in your chest. To feel your heart beating. To see our souls melting, to watch to ours lights dancing around us.