You are

instadforteSmiling at me, but this stuff among you and me, almost scares me a while. Few days ago i have feel that shortly you would have tweeted.  And you have do it. I really dont what to think. In meanwhile that woke myself i have feel my vise in my stomach. You was lay down close to me, embracing me. I have feel you. You was, as always so sweet. Our connect is growing up so faster. Our parallel world wants say us something, but i cant still decipher what. For sure, it say us, we are connect, and this i know, you have feel it, we know it. What has happened last december, has something of incredible, but to reaching to feel something that will happens within few days, it has something that goes beyond. And i still cant believe it. Do you feel the same feeling i’m feel?? Tell me yes, if not, i drive crazy. I really dont know what i to think.  Your embrace, this afternoon, was one ot the most sweet i have had. And now, if you let me think, it was at the the exact time you have tweeted. My mind is exploding. By now, i dont care if you dont take a look at this open diary (or you look at it, who know), i’m not sure how has happened, that rope unites us strongly. I dont need to have the crystal ball, to see what you do or what you will do, i only need to feel my emotions, my vise in stomach, your embrace, and i will know that you’re doing something or you will do something in few days.



intervista_forte-2to all has happened few hours ago, i’m still surprise. But if it’s this what we must to have, so be it. Ours parellel world connect us in this way, and for sure isnt the first time. I wanted another proof, and that’s it. I smiling, and im sure you do the same over there, wherever you’re. From now, eachtime it will happens, im sure our minds will connect eachother. When i’ll feel you around me there will be a reasonable reason. Ours parellel world want it. And we will not us  stop this flow of energy among us, for sure. We will see us trought ours souls. We will feeling us in ours minds and we will see ours light dance in the air, like a  twirl. Ours lights will melting eachother, and what we will feel will be ours deepest thoughts. We will communicate in this way, till the day we will meet us for real. In someway, i’m feeling you also now, close to me. If i stop myself to write and i begin to think to all that, i cant hold back some tears. If i close my eyes i see you here by my side, you whispering me  ‘It’s all alright’. A tear falling. You overwhelming me. Your presence overwhelms me. I feel you here, how is it possible, we never met us, and neither you knows me (maybe a little, yes, but just a little).

Maybe we know us better than we imagine, without knowing it.



wloser_chiari0Feelings it didnt leave me neither a minute from the other day. Despite your distance, you’re so close to me. We are in continuos connection. I feel you as you feel me, and it’s strange how we feel eachother also we are so far  eachother. You’re here and i’m there, wherever you are. Close. And ours feelings are stronger. We must look at up the sky  and ours lights melting eachother and we feel like one and only soul.
As always, when i feel you close, my dancing butterflies dance their own dance. I close my eyes and right after i see you in front of me in ours parellel world.
As i whispered  you all my love for you  is total different matter from all kind of love i felt. It borns inside of me and it expanding to all my body till reach to my mind, and there it does explodes completely. It’s like a tangle in my stomach and my mind exploding and there i feel you close to me. And it’s continuos. I sure, i feel, it’s the same for you.  This tangle it’s the most beautiful and great feeling i ever felt in my life and i have it with you. That’s incredible what i feeling and i sure you feel the same. For sure it’s that’s it.