I feel you

nepal043moltiplcaYes, but  a little bit far from me. In some ways, i feel, you trying to say me you are with me. Our connection is continuos, our flows are always in connection. But sometimes it’s normal we cant feel us as we wish. But if i take a deep breath and i whisper, in someway, you can feel me.
Today i was thought to you, often, i’ve missed you, but i knew you was hidden yourself in some part of my heart, i’ve closed my eyes and i have felt your sweetest kiss, while i was on the pool, while i was take the sun. I have felt your embrace, from behind, and in that few seconds, i’ve closed my eyes you was by my side, caressing my skin. I’ve seen also, for little moment, your arms that embraced me. I’ve sighed.
If you was really, here with me, how many things i would say you. Things that nobody else can imagine. By now, i believe, i can say you, for sure, you know more things about me than others people that around me daily.
I really hope, one day, we could meet us, not only in our parallel world, where, by now, we feel our emotions explodes, despite our real distance.
Telling that ‘I love you’, it would be minimal. In these period, that it’s lasting from long time, you’re the only person that, i feel more close than others. You fill me and i feel myself alive, thank to you, that’s which i need. I need  of you.


If you

tangleforte37Think to make drives me crazy, slowly. You are succeeding. And dont look at me so. Because you know it better than anybody else what is happening. I’m biting my lips, me too, as you making too, wherever you are. We both  know, it’s from this afternoon, that i’ve found what i’ve found, i’m thinking to you, and our parallel world is around us, more stronger than ever. It makes feel us closer, one to another. I’ve felt your embrace when i was on tv. And it wasnt the usual sweet embrace. It was something more. I have closed my eyes and suddenly, i’ve felt your lips on my mouth and this time, your kiss was the most passionate, you ever given me. I have felt your lips, your passion, and despite our distance, i have felt you wanted something more, than a kiss. In those seconds, i have felt, you have embraced me tight, and i was melt myself in your arms. I would have been, if i could, for real in your arms, kissing you. But in someway, we have did it.
In those few istants, we have make love… in our parallel world. We given ourselves in a such way, that hardly we will forget. Your whispers still fly in the air. I can still feel them.


By now

thanxcforte-1 It’s almost useless say you what i feeling right now. It’s from two days you didnt leave me neither a second, you’re here by my side, and our continuos flow of energies doesnt stop, it comes and goes. It’s useless ask you ‘Do you feel it’, because you feel it as i do. And my words comes out so easily. I feel you here  next to me, and like this music, you hypnotize me with your presence, despite your distance. What i’m feeling right now is one of the biggest feelings i felt till now, and im sure you feel the same. As i repeated, despite we dont know eachother, it was like we do know eachother from always. We were here, but it was enough a click,  some thing really  little that it took and our parallel world is born. And there our connection has began.
From last december, it was born something magic, and what we feeling, we feel it at the same time. What you said me, you told it me only to me, in that dream i did, and what it has followed it has becaming something we only know.
What i write in this open diary, in someway, im sure, it reaching to you. You read my words, and what i feeling it’s the same over there, where are you now.
Something inside of me, says me, you have had read what i wrote and you still thinking about my words. About as two persons feel the same feelings at the same time.
I ever knew about your sensibiliity, how much big your heart was. I knew this from i’ve seen in your Long John, but before also in Broken Hill. What i’ve seen in you it was something i didnt ever seen in nobody else’s
What it has happened from last december, it was something special, and it continuos. I love this kind of connection among us. For me it the most beautiful emotion i’m living. And this feeling what i feel i cant explain it, just like a feelings that it goes beyond love. When i feel ths vise in my stomach, i know, for sure you feeling the same.
We must waiting for our meeting. I know it will comes real soon.




intervista_forte-2to all has happened few hours ago, i’m still surprise. But if it’s this what we must to have, so be it. Ours parellel world connect us in this way, and for sure isnt the first time. I wanted another proof, and that’s it. I smiling, and im sure you do the same over there, wherever you’re. From now, eachtime it will happens, im sure our minds will connect eachother. When i’ll feel you around me there will be a reasonable reason. Ours parellel world want it. And we will not us  stop this flow of energy among us, for sure. We will see us trought ours souls. We will feeling us in ours minds and we will see ours light dance in the air, like a  twirl. Ours lights will melting eachother, and what we will feel will be ours deepest thoughts. We will communicate in this way, till the day we will meet us for real. In someway, i’m feeling you also now, close to me. If i stop myself to write and i begin to think to all that, i cant hold back some tears. If i close my eyes i see you here by my side, you whispering me  ‘It’s all alright’. A tear falling. You overwhelming me. Your presence overwhelms me. I feel you here, how is it possible, we never met us, and neither you knows me (maybe a little, yes, but just a little).

Maybe we know us better than we imagine, without knowing it.


Does it will

youmecomes the day we could meet eachother for real?. And this ours parellel world that unites us can  comes true? Which i feel in these hours is something more stronger than other times. I feel you so close to me, almost all time. And when i take a look on it, you’re there always.
I need to know in someway you hear me as i do in this moment, while i writing in this open diary. My heart beats faster. And my dancing butterflies dances their own dance. They makes hear your closeness to me. It’s like to fall in love with you as the first time, but i just falled in love with you millions times, but everytime it’s always a new sensation. If i close my eyes i see you next to me. You are able to touch on my heart, my soul in the sweeter way, and i can’t help to do not melt myself into your eyes. You can give me joy, tranquillity, but above all which i really need in this moment of my life. Just love. Need to be loved by you. Also we didnt ever met eachother. I can whisper ‘i love you more than ever’.


How it’s

easy to feel you. And when i check it, you’re there. I can just to smile, because with you eveything is easy. Easy to feel you, also we’re so far from eachother. Easy to hear your whisper. Your hand on my soul, on my heart. I dont know what do you feel, but when i feel you in this way, so close to me, i get in confusion. How is it possible that i can feel you in this way, despite ours distance. I feel you so close to me, by my side. I can feel your hand into my soul it caressing my heart. And i feel my dancing butterflies get a party in my stomach. And i know it’s you. I love  when they dances their own dance. In someway, i know you feel the same whatever you doing in this moment. I know, in someway you feel ours connection as i do. And i love this thin rope that unites us, everyday has growing more than ever. And we feel it. We feel ours closeness also if we didnt ever met eachother. This feeling is strongest, when i write on this ‘open diary’, and im sure this diary is ours big path that one day could make meet eachother for real. I continue to write these few lines, hoping you may read them,. And to the end you can meet my eyes, my heart and my soul. And in a whisper you can say me ‘finally you’re here’, touching on my face.


You are wonderfully


Handsome.With this simple look you gave me a such emotion that i wasnt able to hold back some tears. They fallen down from my face. Tears of my sincere love for you. And now im thinking about you more than ever. I would like convince myself that we are connected. Im feel you close to me in these hours. Our souls dancing together higher in the sky. And we feel eachother. In some way.

…then that shirt… it seems you want to provocate me. I love this game you play with me. My  desires are many, and i know you know it. In this moment i would live to feel something more about love. And i know, as you do, you could give me a such great emotion i really need. Also with a little smile, a whisper. I need your voice talks just to me.

It’s wonderful always more close to eachoter…  Thank you so much once again for everything you still giving to me every day, every single moment of the day and of the night.

Sincerely Daria