Tonight i need

austin_forte-1To look at you in this way. I need to touch you softly. I need you take my hand to your chest, i need to feel your heart trough your shirt, and i need to dive myself in our parallel world, in this way, so kindly, with you that look at me with your sweet eyes, and i need to hear from your deep voice, that you feeling the same im feel. This strange bond that unites us. I close my eyes and suddendly we are in front one of another, and without we realizing it, we entering in our parallel world. There our mind get connect more strong. There, our energy flow is like a stormy river. Our lights melting. We standing in front. Our senses expanding. I feel your heartbeat get faster. I take a deep breath to dont lose my senses. That’s how i feel when i feel you close to me. I close my eyes and my hands on your chest, slowly you let them slide it in your shirt, and i remain breathless. Each our little movement is a big emotion, inside of our bodies, but above all inside our minds. We feel each little vibes, each rustle of our clothes. Everything we feel, expands each our sense. When you take my hand to your heart, it’s like your heart was exploded. My heart is doing the same. When we touch us, each our senses, explodes. When we look at us, what which we feel is like a twirl of emotions, and what we feel is what we seeing in our eyes, one in another. And we see it, only us. Nobody else’ can’t. Our hearts are like two bombs that exploding at the same time.



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