books02forte-2at you, diving myself in yours eyes, i just can feel just what i feel for you. A feelings goes beyond love. A bond so stronger everyday, and eachtime we connect eachother make it bigger. I still realizing what happened among us. And isnt just fruit of my imagination. It’s real. Now i feel you, right here, next to me. Slowly we connecting eachother. Just closing ours eyes and taking a deep breath. And wherever you are and whatever you doing, i can see you, your’re here next to me. Looking at me with these eyes, i remain breathless and slowly we enter in ours parellel world. We are in front of us, you mention a shy smile and you whisper me a ‘hi…’, taking my face in your hands. I feel yours soft skin on mine. That touch makes me blush and a tear falls down from my face. You stay in front of me in this way, makes me feel excite.
To know that ours parellel world is able let us be together in this way is a inexplicable thing, but it’s fantastic. I know it, and also you know it.
And eachtime you want to stay with me, need to talk to me. you must to whisper my name. You know for sure i’ll feel it and together we will enter in ours world and there we can stay together embraced, looking at us and feel ours feelings arounds us.


You in this way

stage_sommanYou know make me drive crazy. Just looking at you with yours eyes closed you transporting me in ours parellel world i hear you while you whispering me sweet words, turning me around me, while i look at you speechless, breathless, hearing your voice and my hands touches you gently. You stop yourself in front of me. For the first time i see your eyes in mine and with just your glance you leave me breathless. Your eyes are the most beautiful thing in ours parellel world i see. And i take your face in my hand. You let me reach to your skin mole with my finger. I see all the magic of you in it. Throught it i feel your heart, see your soul and everything wonderful you have in. You take my hand and begin to kiss it softly.  I remain hypnotized by your slow moves on me, on my skin. And my eyes are into yours. Few words in few whispers arounds us. Til to the end we look at us eachother without says any further words. Unawareness makes we close to us and face to face finally a lips touch. A kiss.





I feel you so stronger in me… And in fact you are around here and there. Today i feel  you inside of me like a velvet fire that caress my heart and my soul. If i close my eyes i just see the white color, as silk around me. and behind that white silk veil, i can see you toward your hands to me. You make dance this white veil around me. My heart beats so faster than before. I can see you throught this veil. I can see your shape. Trought this veil you touch on me. You can see me. I can hear your kind laugh. You take me trought the veil. You make me dance. My feelings explodes themselves. I see you throught this silky veil. You whisper me kind words. They make me feel speechless. You walking around me. For a while you stay behind me. Whispering in my ear something you never say to anyone. Your bottoms desires, your secrets, your thoughts. Your arms hold me tight. I remain breathless. My heart would runs aways. It explodes everytime you say something. And i would look at your eyes. I need your presence. Here right now. And i know your’re here. I feel your closeness in my heart, in my soul, in my mind. I need to look at you. Let me feel more breathless. Leave this white veil and let me show you. For a while silence. And then this veil falls on the floor. Then just you, without any shirt on. And as if we were far we embrace so strong. A look into our own eyes then the kiss we waited for from long time.