In some ways

I have said something it would happens....And it has happened

Dont look at

If something will happens, i knew it even  before it happen. And dont tell me that it was just coincidence, 'cuz, now i really dont believe it

Few istants

Million of thoughts about you, crowd my mind

Here it is

I left everything  what i was doing to write to you

I still

Just in this way i'm waiting for you

Aint strange

It's inexplicable, it's just ours


i love to think to yours Long John, my pirate, my soulmate who encourages me to goes on, like he did


My connection with you has becoming bigger everyday

I closing

speechless on what has happened among us, last night

In these

one day we meet us eachother and in that moment we will know it has been ours world

You came

Ours Parellel World


just your whisper, so light.