What do i

You are far from me, but i feel you, here by my side, that you smiling to me. You dont say nothing, but what i see in your glance is your pride of me

You arrive

Each time you've put your like on each comment i left on you blog or in twitter, you knew who was i'm and more or less you did rembember who i was

Tell me,

We seems flying, but it's only our perception

Waiting for you

If all that it was the begining of our real world?

If you only

you giving me this possibility


In that glance, what i see is all your soul beauty

When you look

you're the only person i really would like to have by my side

Tell me

Your eyes are an ocean of emotion

Here it

You kissing, me, im flying.


What you try to say me is in your kiss, i feel it.