Your glance

But our parallel world, doesnt exists only in our minds, but it arounds us and it embrace us tight

Your glance

I need to stay with you in our parallel world, also without saying nothing, also just look at us one of another

Your glance

Tell me you feel the same, and i come to  you

I’m back

In the air a whisper


What we feel is absolutely unique

I feel you

i will take it trought your signals you will send to me. I feel you next to me, so close

This time

and just sometimes we whispers us little things we know just us

Again you

What do you want to try to say me?

Take me

a spectacular slow game of lights

What i seeing

You know what i feel for you it's totally different from simple love. It's a different matter

Also today

we melting us in a kiss soft as velvet

I closing

speechless on what has happened among us, last night


as a white veil dancin, arounds us

Yours eyes

Yours vibrations are so stronger and what i feel in these days, hours, is inexplicable