I say

Luke.urora4.jpgBy now, the coincidence aint no more coincidence. And when feel my vise in stomach get stronger and stronger and i feel you so close to me, it’s our parallel world wants say us something more. When i see again that visualisation, while i seen you around on your favorite social, i made me myself a lot of questions but surely they werent important. It was important though, how i’ve felt you close to me. And how i feel you by my side, right now. When i was in the pool, it was like as if you was really by my side and you have hold me tight, as if you wouldnt want let me going away from you. I have felt your closeness much to close my eyes and i have take deep breath several times.
As now, if i close the eyes i can feel your hands on me. Your soft hands, but above all i can feel your eyes on me, and my head is exploding, as my flows that are coming to you and our connection begins. Despite we are far, one from another, we feel close. I feel your hands travel trought my body, and they stop on my chest trought this soft t-shirt i have on, and i feel your touch so gentle. ‘Close your eyes’, you whisper me. With all your lightness, slowly you lift me in the air, while you smiling me, you make slide me on your body. Im all yours. And that’s i like it. Our minds in connection and our feelings out of control. We close our eyes and we are together, despite our real distance.


My sweetest



As you’ve tell me, dont you give up, i did, and now i feel you are smiling to me, as in this pic. I dont know how explain my feeling, if not to write them, in this open diary. Each day, you make me feel happy, also just look at you, and i feel you here close by my side. If i close my eyes, i can feel your soft touch, and i feel your arms embracing me. It’s the most beautiful embrace i have had in my life. So soft, but at the same time, it makes me feel thrill me. I must to take a deep breath. While you arrive in front of me, we dont take off our eyes, one from another. Your hand caress my face. You can feel my heart beating so fast, despite we are far. But our parallel world it here for us. In of it, we can feel, we see us and we can explode together, and what we feel it’s only ours. Slowly i close my eyes and i imagine you sleeping, but in some ways your thoughts are towards to me, i feel it…. i feel you, and i love to feel these things, despite our real distance. You’re the only person i really need in this moment of my life, and im sure, you feel it too.


I would stay

pullover_fortey2Here to write you for hours and hours about what im feeling when on my mind begins ours flow, when our connection link us, despite we are far. When our parallel world wants us close. I close my eyes and i feel you presence. My vise in my stomach is always here. It doesnt leave me. And what i feeling is always more strong eachday it pass. You stay here by my side, and how i feel you. What i feel when i looking at you, in your eyes is, something it goes beyond everything. In these days what i wrote has flowing without problems. My emotions guided me. What i feeling in these hours is one most greatest feeling i have had in my life. And aint love, it’s something goes beyond. I feel my dancing butterflies dance their own dance, it something sorround it. But the love aint love. It’s just our connection, and our connection is something more strong than love. I feel you here, next to me. You fill my soul, and what i feel it’s something marvellous. If i close my eyes the only person i see, and you’re the only person i really need in this period. I dont need nobody else’s. I only need of you and of your sensibility.
I would stay also here in silence, looking at us in our eyes, taking us ours hands. Also this it would be enough for me. You and me together, in this way.  Feel what we feeling for us. In this way, eyes in eyes. in silence.