Here it is

dailycroppedchiariThe push i’ve talked about to you this night. My vise in my stomach and that need to write what i’m feel right now. I left everything  what i was doing to write to you . It’s an inexplicable feeling. I feel  you so close to me, if i close my eyes and i take a deep breath, i feel your presence, in this bedroom, despite your distance. It’s very strange what i feeling right now. I left what i was doing to express you what i feeling in that moment, and at the same time i cant express myself. But i just need to see you and i feel your closeness to me. I need to put on my music, when i write to you. And in someway, i cant hold back what i feeling. What i wrote you in that reply is simply the truth. When i feel that push, it’s because i feel inside of me our connection make  bigger, and i feel you by myside. And i know you feel the same. Ours Parallel World welcome us. I feel you looking at me, deeply, and i feel you taking my hand to your heart. It beating slowly fast. That’s our connection begins. Despite our distance and despite we, still dont know really know eachother, we know something link us, ours feelings, our emotions. Maybe in this exact moment, you have had read my last comment i left you. I really dont know this, but it’s what i feel. Your closeness to me. I must to take again a deep breath to dont remain breathless. What i feel right now is an inexplicable feelings, i feel you close to me. I cant hold back my feelings. They overwhelms me… some tears falls down from my face. If i close my eyes i can see you, here, in front of me, taking my face, caressing my skin, whispering me something i’m not able to comprehend. But we are in front of us. You approaching to me. Slowly, you embracing me, and i smell your skin. Your smell drives me crazy. Everything about us, drives me crazy. Ours connection, our parallel world, what we feel for eachother, because, i’m sure there is something among us. Something inexplicable, but there is. Maybe we never will meet us, maybe we will do, but i’m sure, this bond, is something it unites us, in a special way. Our feelings, our emotions, what we feelings in this period is something bigger, that also you arent able to say what is, but that’s it.
What we feel, it’s just ours. And it will be, till something bigger will happens between us.


In these hours


How i feel you by my side, despite i really dont know where you are. But i’m drive crazy, cause i feel you next to me. It’s from yesterday that i must to stop whatever i do, to write in this my open diary, at a different time i usually write to you. Describing what i feeling  isnt easy. Yes, they are the same feelings i feel when i feel you close to me, but right now, they are more bigger and i know you feel the same. Ours connection make it bigger and bigger. I told you, something it has happening among us, i feel it, you feel it. My heart beats faster, im sure also yours beats like a crazy one. I dont know what has happening, but something  really soon will happens. For the excitment, i bite my lips and i smile, thinking to you.  Im sure, my 6th sense, says me, in these hours you had take a look at this open diary. I feel it, and i ever didnt hardly wrong. We are so close. Ours parellel world is here. I know it, you know it too. We know it. What you must to know about me is in this open diary. I’m sure you’ve read that post where i was talk about myself. And you felt something. You try to say something me from the other day. You know i’m here for you, wherever you are and whatever you do. You know what you must to do. I will feel you.


I feel you


So close to me. When i feel you in this way i must let you know it. And the only way i know is this. Writing in this my open diary. Let you know how i feel but i’m sure you know it, beacause i’m sure you feel the same. I feel you by my side. Ours connections is so stronger. I dont need neither to take a long breath, if i close my eyes, i can see you in front of me. Your glance into my eyes, and i speechless. I feel your hands on me. And mine on your chest, trought this white shirt. You take my hand, in silence, you put it in.  Slowly my hand slide into your chest. The shirt slowly falls down. We both speechless.. We close ours eyes and we right after we are in ours parellel world. I smell your skin and we look at us into ours eyes. Your whisper ‘I just needed of you’. I take your face, ‘When you need me, just you whisper my name, i will feel you’. That’s has happened. We feel us,  despite ours distance. That’s how does works our connection.
I close my eyes and i feel you taking my hands, then my face. Face to face we look at us. A whisper ‘I need you… i want you close to me’.  I feel inside something will happens real soon. Ours connection does works in this way. I will wait for it. You try to say me something. I will waiting for your signals. In meawhile you’re so close to me. Your glance drives me crazy, you know it. My heart beats faster, and im sure also yours. Whatever you do now, im sure yours thoughts are towards me, like mine and like two forces meets eachother, in the sky, our lights melting.
What you try to say me i will wait for it, and i will get it trought your signals you will send to me. I feel you next to me, so close.


It was

ss03moltiplicaenough for me look at you that everything has disappeared around me and everything became wonderful and it was enough for me whisper your name and take a a deep breath  and i began feel you next to me, by my side. Ours connection begins in this way. Long breath and we just begin feel we taking ours hands and just ours eyes look at eachother. We in front, we mentioning a shy smile. You touch on my face and your lips touch on my mouth with little kisses. I slide my hand into your shirt so slowly. You breathless, me speechless, we looking at us and everything’s done. We are just in ours parellel world. There we can see ours lights dancing together, melting eachother. Ours souls are melting eachother. We know where are we now, despite ours distance. We feel us eachother. We are so close to us, we could touch us if we want it.


Also today

bee_luceforte_02dI feel you in a way that i cant explain, but i know it’s you calling me. And i  closing my eyes and you taking my hands and slowly we enter in ours parellel world. There you can say me everything you want. What are your thoughts in these hours. I feel you how you feel. Dont be afraid, just taking my hands and looking at me. I can see your soul and what are yours feeling. In these hours, in these days, i feeling you so close to me, more than ever. And you feel the same. Ours connection is bigger than before, we are realizing it just in these few hours. We are so far from eachother, but in someways, ours distance is ours thin rope that unites us so strong. I must to take a deep breath and close my eyes to realizing all that has happening among us. I feel you next to me, you smile to me and your glance is just for me. You know it drives me crazy for and you dont stop to look at me in your own way. Slowly you approach me and face to face, you whisper me ‘I need you more than ever, stay with me’. I caress your face, and you taking my hand. Eyes in eyes. With no add any words, slowly we touch us and we melting us in a kiss soft as velvet.


Just lookin

loaded_fortee7 At you in this way. You know what effect you have on me. I love your sensibility. You shows me it everyday and im still stunning. Maybe we meet us just in ours parellel world but i know what human being you’re. So sweet, able to make me to dont hold back some tears from my face. And with just little gestures you make me understand what wonderful being you’re. I never met a person like you. Maybe we are connect eachother just we have the same level of sensibility and that’s why ours connection is so stronger. Or maybe we will meet us in ours real world, and all i wrote till now it will realizes just in ours glances meets eachother. And we will know already we know just looking at us, and ours parellel world will say it us all we know did know already. We are made for to stay together. And we will looking at us in ours eyes, and with some uncertainty we will take ours hands. Some shyness in ours glance. Buth right then We will know that we didnt meet for a case, but because our connection among us is making so stronger, and that thin rope is just sensibility.

Daria .


rainbow_forte4Ours connection still stunning me always more. How is it possible i feel you and right after you’re there next to me, by my side, telling me something, taking my hand. And your glance in mine. How is it possible ours connection takes us to ours parellel world, where ours light cant wait to melting eachother in a crazy dance. And we look at up ours eyes to see this dance. We remain speechless, but ours hands hold eachother so tight. And ours eyes look at eachother.
Together we take a deep breath, closing ours eyes and right after we are in front. A whisper from you ‘I really need of you, i need to feel your closeness’. I look at you and i touch on your face. Your soflt skin drives me crazy and you take me my hand to kiss it gently. While you doing, i dive myself into your glance and i touch on your face. My heart beats so faster than ever. Taking my hand to your chest, i can feel yours heart beats like mine. Like a crazy one. We look at us. In this way. We remain in this way for a while. How many things we would like to say us. But ours feelings are bigger  than words, and we remains motionless in front of us. Eyes in eyes. Faces in ours hands and just ours breath. A kiss.


Once again

basssheppard_scuriIn these lastet hours what i feels. You so closer than ever to me. And i try to hold back everything i want to say you. Yes, im sure you’ve read at least two of my comments. But it’s incredible how i feel you despite ours distance. And i loved this morning, for you just evening. I start my day, talking to you. It was like you was there, you was waiting for me and it was like you wanted to continue the talk of yesterday. I’ve imagined you next to me while i did breakfast. I loved that. Maybe one day it will be like this. But what i feel in this moment it’s very stronger and i know you feel the same, but you dont know it does where comes from. I tell you it where does come from. It comes from ours parellel world. It’s ours connection. I feel my dancing butterflies dances their own dance like a crazy. And i’m sure you feel the same. Ours connection is making stronger and stronger. And im sure when it will comes the time to meet us eachother, it will be like a liberation. And finally what we feels for eachother it will explained so well that it will no needs further words. But just ours eyes in eyes and few whispers. Maybe neither those.



CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 85with me in this way. Looking at us eachother. With no say a word. Just eyes in eyes. Let’s make to talk ours heart. Let’s hear to ours souls trought ours looks. In this way. In silence. maybe we can touch on ours hands unaware. To feel ours skin . To see ours real feelings in ours eyes and feel ours hearts explodes just looking at us eachother. Ours eyes can speaks a lot without no spoken words. What we feel us for eachother is so stronger that we can see ours parellel world trought ours eyes. Looking at you, now i feel a warm feel inside of me. That’s the certain of your eyes on me, and my dancing butterflies dance their own dance. And for what i feeling, i cant hold back some tears. But i try to hold back them. I feel you so close to me in this moment. I can feel your hand on my heart, on my soul. Ours connection is so stronger that some tears falled from my face. I feel you so close to me, like a bomb in me. I just cant believe what i feel when your soul touches mine. It’s the most big emotion i have had feel . You are here next to me, by my side, right here and i felt you to the point to shedding tears. How is it possible? Did you feel the same feelings?


I thinking

about you in these hours. I seen you and now i feel you. And now I ask myself to whom think about when you’re at your desk with your ‘pen’. When you’re alone in your bedroom. What are you think? I ask myself if you feel when i call you. Where does goes your thoughts. I ask myself if you feel ours connection as i do. If you close your eyes, you feel that ‘strange feeling’ i feel when i get in ours parellel world. Now i feel you and im sure your thought are towards to me a little. My dancing butterflies dances their own dance. Im sure you thinking to what i replied you this afternoon. I know they are stupid things, but in someways, they are my own thoughts about what you wrote. And in someways, i would like to demostrate you im not just a girl who is falled in love with you. I would like to be someone ‘special’ for you as you are to me.
What i began to feel few month ago, ours connection, it’s very strong. It grow up everyday more than ever. I remain very often breathless. I just cant explain myself. What happens amongs us, as feelings, sensations,  they are very strong.
I know you from several years, but what i began to feel among us has started few months ago. I ask myself do you feel this ours connection as i do.