camiciabianca_forte-1I close my eyes and i take a deep breath i can see you looking at me in this way but i dont need of it. It’s from today that i feeling you close to me. I feel you looking at me and what i feeling is just ours parellel world welcome us. I know you want to say me something and i’ve noticed it from little things. You know with me yours secrets are in safe. I’ll wait for. I’ll be by your side, when you will be ready to say me what you want to say me. In meanwhile, we are here. You stay stand with your white shirt untied, and you look at me in this way. I breathless, i feel you take my hands and my fingers playing with the shirt. We begins a glance game and a slow moves game. You take your necktie and you put it on my neck. I blushing myself. Right after, slowly, you approaching me to your face. I have still my hands on your chest. Ours eyes meet themselves, after few istants your lips are kindly on mine.
What you try to say me is in your kiss, i feel it.
If i close my eyes i feel your smell. It drives me crazy. Your shirt, slowly falls down over your arms. That rustle. I watch you, knowing you must say me something, you makes literally drives me crazy. We make love.


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