I would stay

pullover_fortey2Here to write you for hours and hours about what im feeling when on my mind begins ours flow, when our connection link us, despite we are far. When our parallel world wants us close. I close my eyes and i feel you presence. My vise in my stomach is always here. It doesnt leave me. And what i feeling is always more strong eachday it pass. You stay here by my side, and how i feel you. What i feel when i looking at you, in your eyes is, something it goes beyond everything. In these days what i wrote has flowing without problems. My emotions guided me. What i feeling in these hours is one most greatest feeling i have had in my life. And aint love, it’s something goes beyond. I feel my dancing butterflies dance their own dance, it something sorround it. But the love aint love. It’s just our connection, and our connection is something more strong than love. I feel you here, next to me. You fill my soul, and what i feel it’s something marvellous. If i close my eyes the only person i see, and you’re the only person i really need in this period. I dont need nobody else’s. I only need of you and of your sensibility.
I would stay also here in silence, looking at us in our eyes, taking us ours hands. Also this it would be enough for me. You and me together, in this way.  Feel what we feeling for us. In this way, eyes in eyes. in silence.



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