How much

missed you today, I felt you close to me. But i wasnt able to  strectch my arms to you.
But now im going back home you was here to waited for me. And this is the most beautiful thing you gave me. From two days you left me breathless. Your desire to kiss me is the most beautiful thing i never received from you. Yours unexepected kisses leave me eachtime speechless. Yours lips on mine are so soft and how i love your kindness while you approach me. Yours kisses transporting us in ours parellel world. We are breathless. Your lips on my mouth. Your tongue… it playing with mine. Ours souls melting eachtother. So slowly we detach us. and ours eyes meets. Just a whisper of both of us ‘How missed you today’. And once again  ours lips touches eachother so kindly. Like a twirl of a such emotions arounds us. We continue to kiss us endless.


Yours eyes

lmcm_fortedTells me everything about you, and i can remain speechless just looking at yours glance into mine. Yours eyes has the sun inside. and i can see your soul trought them. And what i see leave me breathless eachtime. I close my eyes and i feel you here close to me. You by my side, and i have the certain that in these days, in these hours, you took a look at me more than before, and for real our parellel world has becoming ours real world, and i continue to talk to you trought this open diary and i’m sure this the right path to reach to you. Ours parellel world is more closer than before. I feel it as you do.We feel us closer than ever. Yours vibrations are so stronger and what i feel in these days, hours, is inexplicable. Yours feelings sorrounding me and what i feeling to the end enexhausted me. Ours incessant sharing of feelings, that i see as ours lights that comes and goes trought ours minds, ours souls and above all ours hearts make me feel in a strange way. And i never felt myself in this way and i know it’s you the reason how i feel and im sure you feel yourself like me. It’s ours connection It becoming so stronger than ever. I know, you know it, and slowly, together we realizing it. We should meet us one of these days. Maybe also just online


I was

wl_forte5Taking the flight to reach to you. in my dreams. And this is the feeling im feel from today. And now, i’m in my bedroom with ours music its just easy to close my eyes and feel your closeness to me. I just need to take a long breath and you’re  by my side looking at me with your glance, like this, and i lost myself in your soul and i feel your hand taking mine and with the other one you take my face, and i look at down for a while, but right after ours eyes meets eachother and in a second later, we are trasported in ours parellel world. We still looking at us eachother in this way. You lost yourself in myself and i lost myself in yourself. Just ours glances talking. We remain speechless, breathless.  You let me show, with no say any words, how much love you have in. Just throught your eyes i can see it and this kind of love you didnt show anyone else, but just to me. Breathless i know it. Just taking your face in my hands, looking at you, there is no need to talk or whisper. Ours souls, ours hearts and ours minds does know it.

This moment slowly will reach, and we know it will be like this. Just ours hearts will exploding at the same time that  we will look at us eachother, for the very first time. We must just to waiting for it.


And you

ljhnslvr_sommaStill surprised me. And i remain always more speechless. You leave me breathless. If i close my eyes and concentrate myself i can see ours minds, hearts and souls get connect eachother. A multitude of colorful lights comes and goes from me to you continuosly, and all that is it my feelings drives crazy. It’s a like a continuosly communication trought ours hearts, souls, but above all trought ours minds. And all that it seems exploding inside of me, when we are so close to us, also despite our distance, despite i really dont know where are you. But this continuos connection, it makes know me you are close to me, and i feel it right here, right now. If i close my eyes and i take a long breath, i know you did the same and when i open my eyes, we are in ours parellel world, where with just a whisper we say us how much we need us. I looking at you, in your glance, and you dont say anything, but slowly you to get close your hand to mine. Ours skins touches eachother. A thrill of both of us. A warm thrill. Ours eyes in eyes, but then you look forward and whisper me ‘Dont move us, let’s stay in this way’. I look at you, then me too i look at forward. taking your hand, in silence.



Stockholm, SwedenMy dancing butterflies began to dance their own dance from a while. And my thoughts are just for you. And i dont know where are you, but in someways i know you’re here by my side. You looking at me and what im doing. Maybe what im doing it doesnt matter, but to whom im thinking. I’m thinking to you, with all myself. And im sure you doing the same. Ours souls are get connecting themselves undicontionally. And in this way we enter in ours parellel world. Your smile is the first thing about you i see. And i remain speechless. You take me to you, and you take my face in your hands. Slowly and gently, you touch on my face. I dive myself in your glance and with no words i touch on your face, your skin mole. Slowly i go down and touch on your lips. Here we no need to talk. Ours emotions talks for us. We need just to whispers what we feelings for eachother. And these feelings says everything. We need just to touch us to know what we want to hear from eachother. A moment, ours glances in themselves and just your whisper, so light. You  left me breathless. ‘I love you so much’.


In those eyes


I just see ours parellel world and ours souls can dance together melting eachother. In those eyes i just see peace and serenity and when you look at me my thoughts are just for you. And everything around me dissappears and when you take my hand i dive myself in your eyes and ours parellel world becomes true. All colors of the rainbow dances around us. While you whisper me ‘Look up at the sky’, you show me ours lights dancing together. I see you, you look at me and your glance is smiling. And i feel something warm inside of me. I know it’s just comes from you. I turn myself to you, and with no any words i touch on your face with a finger. In silence i touch on your skin mole then your lips.
Those eyes still looking at me and we remain speechless in this way for long time. Eyes in eyes. Between us a color dance is being done. Ours souls lights melting eachother.



And yes

owen_forteIt’s strange how i begin to feel you so close to me in this moment. I’m toward to you and altought you’re there, on the other side of the planet, what i feel is ours heat ours souls calls us eachother. And i think about what you said yesterday. My soul is full of a feeling it goes on beyond love. Looking at your eyes i cant hold back little tears from my face. I know it could seems so stupid, but in your eyes i see something magic and the love i feel for you isnt enough to describe what i’m feel right now. It’s a twirl of emotions that makes me feel something new eachtime i feel you. And now i know for sure that is your sensibility binds to us And in ours parellel world, is ours sensibility is ampliflied. And now i know  better why we no need to talk us eachother, when we meet us eachother in ours world. The words are unnecessary. In ours world, it needs just of ours looks, of ours touches, ours hands on us eachother. Maybe just few whispers to say what we feel for us. But ours parellel world is made by all that.
What can i add that you dont know already? Maybe i can whisper, looking at your eyes, taking your hand, touch on your skin, your skin mole… just ‘I miss you strongly and i thinking of you’. And you?


You’re again

LukeMike_pluniformeWith this look into mine and i cant help to dont drive crazy for it. My heart begin to beat so fast and i close my eyes and i see you, there. You toward your hands to me and take me to ours parellel world when our souls meets themselves and in someways melting eachother in one soul.
I close my eyes. I feel your hands on me. I breathless myself. Slowly i open my eyes, your look into mine. You touch on my lips with your finger and a whisper from you. Words you didnt say to anybody else. I remain in front of you speechless. You look at me saying any words, but i know what you want to say me. ‘Me too badly’, my reply. We hold eachother so tight and ours souls dancing toghether. Til become only one  in ours parellel world.

I feel you next to me, by my side. Do you?



Here you


Are, next to me, i feel you inside of me. My dancing butterflies scrambling my stomach and i know, in someway we get connecting eachother. Do you feel me as i feel you close to me?
Someone once said ‘There are people connect eachother, also if they are so far’, so i ask myself our parellel does  exists for real! Ask myself if your for real do you feel the same feeling i having in this moment. Feel you so close to me, if i close my eyes i feel you by my side, and i feel you take my hand to your heart. You look at me with your wonderful eyes. A whisper by you. Your hand on me. You in front of me. Closer to me. Forehead to forehead, you caress my face with your fingers.
I would like to stay in this way forever. Any words spoken, just our look into ourselves, just ours breath, our hands, just ours smells, just our touches. Just ours souls melting eachother. Just ourselves, like in this way. Surprised by ours love.