Each time

10-02-20202I see that shack, or some part of it, my mind take a flight and it goes at that dream i’ve done much time earlier that i’ve realized that it was a real thing and that was for really at your house.
Each time i see it, i rembember that dream, and the sensations i have felt. And everything matches, and stunning me everytime i think about it.
I could drive crazy, but i really think im not crazy…. Im sure about one thing, we are strongly, connected.
Talking seriously, from i’ve done that dream in which you said me, what we know, everything turned in a strange way, and everything bonded us  always more. Strangely, but it was happened. Maybe you dont know it yet, perhaps me too. We are in a limbo, where our emotions are melting one another and we dont understand what is happening, but is happening right now, in this moment.
And each time i see that shack, everything take me at the primordial first moment we were connect ourselves.
I repeat you, i have realized that those shack was at your house much time after.


I had must

los256_contrrario_forteTo stop what i was doing, cause i felt your recall, and my vise in stomach was growing up fast. I feel our connection making itself strong. I need to close my eyes and slowly, you’re coming to me, trought Our Parallel World. You’re stretching your hands toward to me. I can feel them. You’re wrapping me. You have leaned your chest on my back. I have felt it. Oh my. That’s is sensation i really love. And slowly, we will be in front one another.
I have my close my eyes, while you turning me around.
Slowly i take you off these sunglasses. Softly, my hand is sliding inside.
You whisper ‘My heart is beating only for you’. I biting my lips and i say the same.
We are in Our Parallel World. You are still wispering my name, i feeling you.
It will arrive the day, we will meet us im sure of that.
In meanwhile, we loving us, here, in Our Parallel World.
….you still whispering my name….


As promised

03.JPGYou had something to say me, and you have done it as soon as possible, that i could imagine, you have left me breathless. My head is exploding, my thoughts are confusing, but always towards to you.
I wrote that i would been not surprised if you had tweet or posted something in the future hours, you have done it and i was remained speechless.
Im  still with my thoughts and now my only thought is you.
My hands shaking on this keyboard. I must to take a deep breathe to dont drive crazy.
I feel like in the tale that im writing. Looking at you in this pic, you seem in my little white apartement, i smiling a little.
Our parallel world getting connect us more than earlier, and i just cant believe it.
If i think what is happened i cant hold back the tears and maybe this is not a dream, but just the real reality and everything around us, what we feel, what i feel when i feel your closeness, it’s real, and this open diary is our real way to communicate. And with this, you have told me you’re back home.  And i feel you more close than before. I can touch you if i stretch my hand.


«Here you are

How did i know »

“We were

michealuke5forteWoke up in someway, still united, we had feeling as our energies were still melting eachother, one with another and you was looking at me smiling me. We both, have understand that, as those little ray of light was enter in the room, when we have make love, the last piece of your past life it was really, gone  away. It’s been as if those little ray of sun had swept it away, and now you was looking at me with a new sparkle in the eyes. I was happy and those heat that, earlier, wrapped only you, now, was slowly wrapping even me.
We were in that little room, but it was like, as if the wall were disappeared and our feelings made flight the bed with us on it. We were feeling the same emotions at the same time.  We were feeling the aboslute happiness.
We had have exceeded eveything and even this, maybe one the most hard moment, we fighting old demons, facing up to them and defeating them doing the most soft of the love.”


⇐“You was already

“Still wrapped ⇒

I really

20-10-19forteDont know how we were get connect eachother. Which strange flows of the universe put us in touch, but last night my vise in my stomach has growed up suddenly always more.
I’ve felt it make itself more bigger and my head was exploding more than usual. My little voice, or maybe was your whisper called me and it said me to check your favorite social. And you was there, you had just posted this pic. I was about to drive crazy. But i have take a deep breathe and i close my eyes and i have felt you here close to me.
You was saying me something. I still deciphering it.
Our parallel world is closer than we can imagine. And what i feeling is becoming more strong, more the time  pass by.
I really dont know, if even you can feel what im feeling, bu t what which i feeling in these days make me feel closer to you more than earlier, and that thin line between our parallel world and the real  world, has becoming more short.
And i take always a look at our stones, and what they says me still surprise me.
Our parallel world is here and always more faster transforming itself in something more fantatstic.


I was reading

From the begin my tale that im writing and suddenly i have felt our connection making itself more bigger and i knew, it was something important, very important. Infact it was. You had just tweeted that you will come in Italy to present your book.  You have no idea what gift you have made me.
Just now i realizing of that, and million of thoughts, emotions, big sensations i feel in this moment. And just one question with a little certainty.

You have wanted me, let me know it. That tweet. It was the first tweet after the announce of the translations in other languages, and it was directed, even if unconciously, to me, i’ve felt it.
Our parallel world gettin connecting us yet. My vise in stomach is constantly present from i have started to feel our connection, and now that im typing on this keyboard, sometimes my hands shaking. I shaking inside.
I also, left you a message, in your blog, in the hope you can read it.
At the end, we will meet us. Our eyes will meet  for the first time, and there i really dont know what will happens.
In meanwhile our thoughts meeting, there, in our parallel world.


I was thinking (13th open letter to Luke)

billy_blueTo write you an email, from i wrote my last part of my tale. My need to let you read this part it become important, more than the tale itself and i think i will do, even if you will doesnt read it or you will trash it. But in the life it must always to try, isnt? And i always try it  and sometime i’ve succedeed to reach you
Maybe you will read this than my email, or maybe not. Who knows.
What i wrote in my last part of my tale, moved me, because i wrote what you would understand about me if you know me, for real and maybe you know me a little bit.
I will be a little crazy, but what i have in my deep, is a sincere feeling and i’ll never stop to whisper you ‘Thank you for everything you are giving me without you realizing’


When i feel (little open letter to Luke)

simon0044forteYou so close to me, isnt possible to dont explode. I feel you by my side. I whisper you ‘Let me make my deep breath’ Your hands embrace me. We are in front one of another. Let me look at you so, without breath. You look at me without saying me nothing, but you have understand what i feeling in this moment. We are united more we could imagine. My head is exploding and i cant hold back my emotions. You know what i want to say. Our parallel world isnt a thing created by my imagination. Day by day, i discovering more thing than i can imagine that unites us. And this feeling i have, it confirms me your sensibility, and this makes me drives crazy. It makes me drive crazy our real distance, because, instead we are so close more than we could imagine. I feel you, despite you are far from me. And our parallel world, now i have the certainty is our little world of our connection. Im writing you, as if i was scream you. I dont know, if you can hear me, in my silence, i screaming all what i feeling. Tell me if you can hear what i saying you silencely.


I cant (4th open letter to Luke)

bookpromoforteBreath if you stare at me in this way. I was thinking to write you something different, but it’s so difficult, if you stare at me so. My head and my stomach get in confusion, and i know, in some ways, you’re close to me. My confusion get connecting with yours and slowly our parallel world is waiting for us. If we both close our eyes at the same time, we can feel we touch, we taking our hands and slowly and together we enter in our world. Our sensations is expanding, and what we feeling is something we can only feel, when we are in this magic world. My heart starts to beat so fast and it seems it stops sometimes. I look at you and what i feel is something that i cant explain still to myself, but it’s the most beautiful emotion i ever have felt from long time. What i feel when i’m with you, alone, here in this bedroom, in front of this pc, where i can write everything openly, it’s beautiful. And i didnt still found the right words to describe it. Sometimes i stop myself. I try to collect all what i feel and i’m not able to. The only thing i can do is, to shake my head, taking the usual deep breath and to continue to stare at you, and wonder myself how much i feel your closeness, despite our real distance and the most important thing, you still dont know about me, as i wish. Sometimes i feel your closeness in a way that i must to stop, close my eyes, and i can feel your embrace. Like a punch in stomach, but a punch that makes me fly and make me think, that what we have created it’s real. From that night i have had that dream and you have said me, what we know.
That’s enough that each of us whisper our names and our connection get active itself, and what we feels is only ours. Maybe it’s only fruit of my imagination, but i dont want believe it. It’s too real. And the coincidences are became too many.


Should i be

mikemccluskie_esclusioneUsed, to these emotions. But eachtime i feeling them, also when i sleep, i feel myself as if i was embrace by you. And this time i’ve feel you whispered by name, but i was slept  so deeply and i wasnt able to wake me up, but i felt you. You’ve called my name. And now im here, in bedroom, writing, you are here, looking at me. Sometimes i feel you that you hold me tight from behind and sometimes i feel you eyes penetrates me deeply, looking for something. Your glance tell me, you looking for that something link us in this strange way. While i was slept, trying to wake me up, i felt your embrace so sweet and tender. Maybe you was just close to me, and it was just in that moment our parallel world is became for a second our real world.
Now, i’m write what i have feel, my vise gets bigger and bigger, and if i close my eyes i can see you by my side. You mentioning me a shy smile and our lights float around. My heart is exploding, while our glance meet. If i close my eyes and i take a deep breath, i can feel your scent in the air that around me, and i can find in your eyes, a place where i can dive myself peacefully, while we approach one to another so slowly we are touching our own skin, and we stay so. Face to face. While we feel our own breath getting slower. We embraced us, we disappearing in of it.