In these hours


How i feel you by my side, despite i really dont know where you are. But i’m drive crazy, cause i feel you next to me. It’s from yesterday that i must to stop whatever i do, to write in this my open diary, at a different time i usually write to you. Describing what i feeling  isnt easy. Yes, they are the same feelings i feel when i feel you close to me, but right now, they are more bigger and i know you feel the same. Ours connection make it bigger and bigger. I told you, something it has happening among us, i feel it, you feel it. My heart beats faster, im sure also yours beats like a crazy one. I dont know what has happening, but something  really soon will happens. For the excitment, i bite my lips and i smile, thinking to you.  Im sure, my 6th sense, says me, in these hours you had take a look at this open diary. I feel it, and i ever didnt hardly wrong. We are so close. Ours parellel world is here. I know it, you know it too. We know it. What you must to know about me is in this open diary. I’m sure you’ve read that post where i was talk about myself. And you felt something. You try to say something me from the other day. You know i’m here for you, wherever you are and whatever you do. You know what you must to do. I will feel you.


I didnt wait

0_lmcm_differenzafor long to hear what you tried to say me earlier. Now i smiling, looking at yours wonderful eyes. Now you are smiling also to me, wherever you are and whatever you doing i feeling you look at up at the sky and what i hearing is just you whispering my name. I closing my eyes for a while and right after you are in front of me. Suddendly we are in ours parellel world. Slowly you take my hands to your chest. For a while i remain speechless. I try to say something, but i cant. What you are doing in this hours is the same im doing here. We are throwing behind the shoulders pieces of ours lived lives to goes on, we are doing at the same time. What you showed me is just a little part of your life, but what i understood is big.
I still cant believe how is bigger ours connection. Neither we met us, but in someways, you and me are connected. I remain still speechless, how it’s all that has began.
Im sure you read something i wrote directly to you. Im sure some specific yours replies were directed to me. But i didnt never imagined all that. Is this open diary the right path to meet us? I dont know, but what i feeling is stronger everyday and what you whisper me everyday inside me, it’s what you do few hours after. Ours parellel world does really exists? We are really connected.
I don’t want drive crazy. But it’s  just what has happening among us. A real connection.



books02forte-2at you, diving myself in yours eyes, i just can feel just what i feel for you. A feelings goes beyond love. A bond so stronger everyday, and eachtime we connect eachother make it bigger. I still realizing what happened among us. And isnt just fruit of my imagination. It’s real. Now i feel you, right here, next to me. Slowly we connecting eachother. Just closing ours eyes and taking a deep breath. And wherever you are and whatever you doing, i can see you, your’re here next to me. Looking at me with these eyes, i remain breathless and slowly we enter in ours parellel world. We are in front of us, you mention a shy smile and you whisper me a ‘hi…’, taking my face in your hands. I feel yours soft skin on mine. That touch makes me blush and a tear falls down from my face. You stay in front of me in this way, makes me feel excite.
To know that ours parellel world is able let us be together in this way is a inexplicable thing, but it’s fantastic. I know it, and also you know it.
And eachtime you want to stay with me, need to talk to me. you must to whisper my name. You know for sure i’ll feel it and together we will enter in ours world and there we can stay together embraced, looking at us and feel ours feelings arounds us.


It’s a

lmcm_forte-1continuous flow of emotions and sensantions from the other day. Despite your distance it’s like you was here next to me. And my feelings tells me that it will happens something really special really soon. My heart dont stop to beats like a crazy one. And each time i check where are you, you are there. And i know, i’m sure of that, you feel the same. There is no doubts, in someways, we are connected eachother. And we know it, wherever we are and whatever we doing, when we call us, ours souls does know it. We just need to look at up the sky and we whispers ours names and suddendly we are in connection, and slowly we enter together in ours parellel world, hands in hands, glances in glances. And ours few whispers are the only things we are able to say us.

It’s a continuos flow what i’m feeling from the other day from you to me and from me to you. I’m sure you feel it as i do, this flow of emotions, sensations we feel.


You came

bluebill_forteTo me, by my side and gently you woke me up. I dreamt about you also in those few istants on the couch. You did like something i did. But it was a big suprise that i forget what was it. Maybe ours lives reaches themselve, more faster than i could imagine. Or is it another sign, that you take a look on me, whatever i do, and the connection i feel is more real than ever, and it’s really you’re close to me, despite i dont know where are you. And when i feel inside of me that warm feeling, it’s the certain of your being next to me. That ours minds are really connected eachother, and what i feel are ours souls melting eachother and we enter in ours parallel world. That world unites us in someways, we still dont completly, understand. But we uderstand it when we close ours eyes and we feel we take ours hands and in the exact moment we touch us, we open them and we are there. You and me in front. Your glance in mine. Your colorful eyes hypnotize me. I remain imobilìzed, breathless speechless Your eyes are my world. I could to look at you without bore myself ever. If i close my eyes right now i can feel your soul, your heart your warm light into mine, and my heart for a while, it stop. I can feel you. I feel your glance on me. Arounds me and your hands touch on me gently. Ours minds get connecting eachother. I feel you and you feel me.
This energy is called Ours Parallel World.


LukepomForteIn this way, like a blow i feel you so close to me. That’s incredible how you make me feel when, in someways, you’re around the corner, or in someways you stop yourself and your thoughts are towards to me. And i feel you in a istant inside of me. It was two days that i didnt feel so clos to me in this way. I’ve tried to call you to me, next to me but nothing. But now, that blow in my stomach it’s was like a bomb. My dancing butterflies began to dance their own dance like a crazy one. And now my thought are just for you. And whatever you doing a little part of yourself is thinking about me. And ours parellel world is opening their gates to let us enter. Immediately you take my hand to your heart and in a whisper you say ‘I missed you’. I look at your glance and my heart begin to start beats so faster than usually. ‘I missed you too’. We embrace us eachother so hard. You look at me and whisper me ‘Dont leave us no more’. I look at you in your eyes. I touch on your face, your skin. You do the same so kindly. We look at us so deeply. And taking a long breath, we melting us in a kiss. In ours touches, in our glances, with no say any words. Just us.


Your smile

sorrisoblue_n.jpgUntil i didnt start to write here i assure i didnt feel you. Yes, you’re far from me, i started to call you and something it begins to move my emotions. Relexad myself creating this pic, with your wonderful smile. And now i looking at you all my thought is about you. My mind is toward to you. And i wanna think you start to feel something inside of yourself, and something get in our parellel world with me
Your smile take me in your heart and it can see me what do you feel right now. As me you gettin in confusion. But we dont worry about that. Now i feel you’re a little closer to me. I would like to think, whatever you doing,  for a while you thought about me.
I’m here just waiting for our closeness in our parellel world.  Just waiting for you.


How it’s

easy to feel you. And when i check it, you’re there. I can just to smile, because with you eveything is easy. Easy to feel you, also we’re so far from eachother. Easy to hear your whisper. Your hand on my soul, on my heart. I dont know what do you feel, but when i feel you in this way, so close to me, i get in confusion. How is it possible that i can feel you in this way, despite ours distance. I feel you so close to me, by my side. I can feel your hand into my soul it caressing my heart. And i feel my dancing butterflies get a party in my stomach. And i know it’s you. I love  when they dances their own dance. In someway, i know you feel the same whatever you doing in this moment. I know, in someway you feel ours connection as i do. And i love this thin rope that unites us, everyday has growing more than ever. And we feel it. We feel ours closeness also if we didnt ever met eachother. This feeling is strongest, when i write on this ‘open diary’, and im sure this diary is ours big path that one day could make meet eachother for real. I continue to write these few lines, hoping you may read them,. And to the end you can meet my eyes, my heart and my soul. And in a whisper you can say me ‘finally you’re here’, touching on my face.


It’s from


I woke myself i feel you close to me. My dancing butterflies in my stomach. You in my mind, in my heart, in my soul. Feeling myself scrambled by your feelings. And what i feeling is just your absence. You’re so far from me and which i really need is a warm hug from you and your look into mine. Your hands on me. And that absence would be filled. I would like feel your voice whisper kind words just for me. And to have the certain you feel the same wherever your are, whatever you doing. To have the certain our parellel world get connect eachother and i’m not the only one i feel these sensantions. I would like to have the certain  our world link us in a special way.
Which i feeling in these hours is stronger than before. I didnt ever felt anything like this before. I know i repeat myself but i dont know how i can explain this. Also to me it’s so strange. But when ours souls calls eachother i feel it. Do you?