How i’d like to see your eyes and make you see how you’ve enter in me. How i feel you close to me despite your distance, despite you really dont know me. How your sensibility touches me, and how your sweetness, slowly is transforming in our parallel world.  I see  a lot in your glance. And sometimes, what which i see it overwhelm me that i cant hold back tears from my face. Tonight it is so. My feelings for you are bigger and bigger, and what i would say is too much few for words i would like say you. If i think about what you gave me in this long period, i remain breathless. You didnt realize it. But you gave me, and you still giving me, part of your heart, part of your secret life. You didnt realize it, but you have tell me something that other people didnt noticed. You have say it to me.
What which i feel  from last december, it’s a magnificient thing. Our connection it’s an inexplicable thing, but we must have face up to it. We feel us one of another. Sometimes  say myself ‘that’s can’t be possible’,  instead it happens eachtime i feel inside me that strange vise in my stomach, and i’m sure, it’s the same for you.




Few words, you make feel beloved, and i cant hold back my tears, they falls down from my face, with no any resistance. You can give me alot of happiness with just few whispers and yours glance in my eyes. You dry my tears from my face and you take my face in your hands. A twirl of emotions sorrounds us. ‘We close ours eyes’ you say me, taking my hands. In that moment we are transporting eachother in ours parellel world where ours feelings can explodes freely. Your eyes in mine and right after you kiss me, with no any warn. With, still, some tears falling on my face, i remain breathless. Yours lips are so sweet and your kiss so kind. Your hands on my face. Then ours eyes meets eachother and your whisper ‘How much missed you’. I looking at you i nod. Yesterday we were been so far. But tonight ours feelings are so closer. I feel you and you feel me. Ours connection didnt leave us. I feel you so close to me. And i feeling your voice repeating those wonderful words. They sorrounds me like in a dance, as a white veil dancin, arounds us. And my love for you grow up so fast. ‘How much we love us’ we ask us look at us eachother.
‘We stay in silence, let’s find out it’ you say me, looking at my eyes. In this way. In silence.