In this way

owen141_moltiplicaYou let me know, you’re still on the other side of the planet, and i smile, cause all my feelings were right.
Tonight, in some ways, i’ve feel you close to me, but a little bit far. My vise is always in me. But in these hours it’s more light. But however i can loose myself in your eyes and to see our parallel world… how it is strange, our connect. Now that i begin to thinking to you, here you are. And my need to close my eyes and take deep breath has became a necessity.  And my emotions becomes yours. I feel your closeness gets stronger and stronger. Your closeness is almost tangible. You arrrive always from behind, while im writing in this open diary. I close  my eyes and i feel you turn my chair and you stand me up, while you look at me with your wonderful eyes. We dont say nothing,  while our lights floating among us. Your eyes has the power to transport me in a world of new sensations, and i need to caress your face mentioning you a whisper that you stop me, with your finger. A tear falling from my face. All this overwhelm me. I put your hand on my chest ‘Do you feel it?’ i whisper you. It’s my heart exploding.


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