books02forte-2at you, diving myself in yours eyes, i just can feel just what i feel for you. A feelings goes beyond love. A bond so stronger everyday, and eachtime we connect eachother make it bigger. I still realizing what happened among us. And isnt just fruit of my imagination. It’s real. Now i feel you, right here, next to me. Slowly we connecting eachother. Just closing ours eyes and taking a deep breath. And wherever you are and whatever you doing, i can see you, your’re here next to me. Looking at me with these eyes, i remain breathless and slowly we enter in ours parellel world. We are in front of us, you mention a shy smile and you whisper me a ‘hi…’, taking my face in your hands. I feel yours soft skin on mine. That touch makes me blush and a tear falls down from my face. You stay in front of me in this way, makes me feel excite.
To know that ours parellel world is able let us be together in this way is a inexplicable thing, but it’s fantastic. I know it, and also you know it.
And eachtime you want to stay with me, need to talk to me. you must to whisper my name. You know for sure i’ll feel it and together we will enter in ours world and there we can stay together embraced, looking at us and feel ours feelings arounds us.


I was

wl_forte5Taking the flight to reach to you. in my dreams. And this is the feeling im feel from today. And now, i’m in my bedroom with ours music its just easy to close my eyes and feel your closeness to me. I just need to take a long breath and you’re  by my side looking at me with your glance, like this, and i lost myself in your soul and i feel your hand taking mine and with the other one you take my face, and i look at down for a while, but right after ours eyes meets eachother and in a second later, we are trasported in ours parellel world. We still looking at us eachother in this way. You lost yourself in myself and i lost myself in yourself. Just ours glances talking. We remain speechless, breathless.  You let me show, with no say any words, how much love you have in. Just throught your eyes i can see it and this kind of love you didnt show anyone else, but just to me. Breathless i know it. Just taking your face in my hands, looking at you, there is no need to talk or whisper. Ours souls, ours hearts and ours minds does know it.

This moment slowly will reach, and we know it will be like this. Just ours hearts will exploding at the same time that  we will look at us eachother, for the very first time. We must just to waiting for it.


As i

selfies01schiariClosing my eyes, i see you sorrounded by these magic lights and you stretch your hand towards to me and i take it. Together we enter in ours parellel world,  and we look at us eachother for a while and your whisper leave me breathless ‘I want to be alone with you’. Your glance into mine, makes me blushing hardly. I look at down my eyes, but you right after take my face and ours eyes meet eachother again. You smile at me. My heart begins to beats like a crazy one. Taking my hand to your chest, i can feel your hearts beats like mine. We remain in this way, listening to ours feeling driving crazy for what we feel for eachother without add further words. I look at your glance into mine and i dont notice your hand touch on my face, but i feel something soft like velvet on my skin. Slowly i take it and without leave my glance on you, i kiss it. I know, i left you breathless. I seen it trought your eyes. I metioning a shy smile. I continue to kiss it, till i arrive to kiss your face. With my finger i touch on your skin mole and there i look at your eyes speechless. Just little and fast breath of both of us. A long embrace, then once again, eyes in eyes and ours lips meet eachoher in the softest kiss we give us.


Just lookin

loaded_fortee7 At you in this way. You know what effect you have on me. I love your sensibility. You shows me it everyday and im still stunning. Maybe we meet us just in ours parellel world but i know what human being you’re. So sweet, able to make me to dont hold back some tears from my face. And with just little gestures you make me understand what wonderful being you’re. I never met a person like you. Maybe we are connect eachother just we have the same level of sensibility and that’s why ours connection is so stronger. Or maybe we will meet us in ours real world, and all i wrote till now it will realizes just in ours glances meets eachother. And we will know already we know just looking at us, and ours parellel world will say it us all we know did know already. We are made for to stay together. And we will looking at us in ours eyes, and with some uncertainty we will take ours hands. Some shyness in ours glance. Buth right then We will know that we didnt meet for a case, but because our connection among us is making so stronger, and that thin rope is just sensibility.

Daria .

How i

owen01sovrappostowould like stay in this way to talk to you, maybe in ours parallel world where nobody else cant enter. This ours world we have create to share ours deepest thoughts and feelings. You with your bare chest and you look at forward, while i look at you and i dive myself in your glance and in air i  your smell and it inebriates my senses. While you continue to talk to me i put my hand on your leg. Your eyes meets mine for a while. You smile me and you put your hand on mine, slowly you hold it tightly. In this hold, i feel your desire of me, but we remain in this way with no add any further words. We look at ours hands hold eachother. Our hearts begin to beats so faster. So slowly we look at up ours eyes and finally ours glance into eachother. Breathless and speechless, ours souls exploding. It happening in a while. You kneel in front of me, taking my face. Face to face, i dive myself in your eyes and you dive yourself in my eyes. There ours parallel world meeting the real world, when ours lips touches eachother in a longest kiss we give us.
An only whisper of both of us ‘I love you’.


Taking breath

australiafox_forteiI close my eyes, and my lights reaches to you. For a while you seem, breathless. You’re attracted by my lights. You, also can hear my whisper in them. I’m calling you and this music we are listening to, despite ours distance, make us closer more than ever. My lights attracting you. And now my mind, my heart, my soul are towards you. In the distance i feel you coming to me, and at the same time we close ours eyes, while ours lights melting eachother. Ours istinct tell us to open ours eyes and now we’re in front of eachother, in ours parellel world . Your glance in mine and you smile at me with your ‘special smile’, and i drive crazy for it. You know it. Your remain in this way for a while. Eyes in eyes. You make me blush. I feel my face becoming all red. You smile at me and you whisper me ‘I love your genuineness’. I look down, but you take my face and once again your glance in mine. My face is in your hands, your soflt hands. and me too i take your hands, we look at us eachother, with no add any words, we kiss us in a sweetly way.



2014forte02.iTonight, you’re here next to me. This look thoughtful. What do you think? Take my hand. Look at me. Tell me what do you think. Maybe without any explication, i know about your glance. We feeling us eachother. You would like to stay with me, next to me, by my side. You would like to touch my hands. You would like touch on my skin You would like my glance into yours. Whisper me so sweet words you didnt say anybody else. And that’s the reason ours minds, ours souls, ours hearts are get connected themselves and we enter in ours parallel world, where finally we can embraces us eachother so strong. As you told me ‘We must wait for the right moment for ours real meeting’. I look at your glance so deep, and i whisper you ‘How long we must wait?’ Ours souls eachother calls us so ardentely. Eachtime we feel us, ours souls wants to melting eachother, and that’s what we want too. We want meet us for real, this time. That’s we both really need. We really need to meet us. For real look at us eachother. We stay in silence together. Touch us, also so slowly. We want realize everything we feel it was real.


You woke me

*up two times this morning. With your voice in my soul, in my heart, begans  beats like a crazy one. I didnt check your usual social media, but i felt you there and you was close to me more than ever. And you’re still close to me. I feel you. If i close my eyes i see you by my side. Ours last kiss was so passionate and i want to touch on your  again your chest trought your silky shirt. Your glances for me. And in a moment we enter in ours parellel world. Touching your skin mole you drive me crazy with your smell. Despite your distance i hear your whisper me ‘Im here next to you, and i will be always’. The sensations i feelings right now is making bigger. I cant explain it to me. But yes, you’re here by my side, and i feel your hands on my body. Above all in my soul And that warm thing i feeling i know is your glances on me. Despite you’re far from me. I feel your desire to be near to me. It’s like mine.
Does  will, arrives that day, when finally we can meet us eachother, in silence, just with ours glances we could say us everything we feel eachother, and with ours hands we could touch on us so soflty.
Does it will  arrives one day?


I calling you


And i begin to feel you. You look at me this way. By my side and i close my eyes and suddendly i feel your hand that takes mine. Your skin is so soft and you whisper me ‘Look, im here’. Your hand still hold mine and i want to stay in this way. Our eyes in eachother. My breath makes faster. Ours parellel world waits for us. For a while in silence, we smiles eachother. And right after we enter in ours magic world. Where a moltitude of colors around us and a warms it welcomes us. You take my hand to your chest and i touch on trought the white silky shirt you have on. Closing my eyes i hear your heart beats so fast like a crazy one. I look at you in silence. Ours glances meets eachother. Breathless i can feel your desire. It’s like mine. We want kiss us. But we still waiting for. We look at up at the sky and we see ours souls melting eachother so slowly.A moltitude of colors dancing together. And just to the end where in ours parellel world we just exist us. We look at eachother and so slowly, kindly, softly, we take us ours faces in ours hands and we approaches us eachother. A while in suspension, that it seems eternity, we look at us eachother, mentioning us eachother a smile. Then ours lips meets ours souls and together, we explodes us in ours love.


What i feel

murder_forteIn this moment is very hard to describe. Just that i feel you so closer than ever. And i feel you inside in my heart, but above all in my head. And i cant leave you, and surely i wont. You give me one of the most powerful feelings i feel in this period, began almost two months ago. And from i began to feel these emotions for you, my life, despite is a single life, is a full of wonderful emotions. And i from two months i feel really ALIVE. Also just when i look at your glance. And it’s strange because im sure you feel the same. I dont know the reasons i know that’s it. Ours parellel world is so closer than ever. Also if we’re so far eachother, ours souls are linked so strong eachother. And i dont know how or when we will meet us eachother, but my heart says me it will be soon, real soon and this open diary is just the right path.