Tell me

michealhutch_fortewWhat you think when your eyes meets mine. When your glance get in me, because what which i see in your eyes is something magic, what which i feel when we connect, it’s like my mind expands. and what which i feel around me, inside me, it as if slowing down, and only we existed. Our energies flow is unique. I cant still explain what is happening among us, but it is so. In the lastest months i thought it was a my condition, but i had the confirmation that nothing has changed. What which i feel when you’re close to me is something that goes beyond. I feel, you turn around me. You’re here, with me. In our parallel world. Despite our distance, we are close. I feel your eyes on me. On what which i writing in this open diary, despite i haven’t the certain, that you reading what i write. But i feel your presence is strong in these minutes, hours.
In these days, i’m feel you are around, and you want embrace me. It’s like, you stretch your hands to caress my face. I feel your touch. I feel your arms around me. It’s like you would say me ‘I want to stay with you, please come to me’. I feel, this is your desire. Our connection is growing fast, i feel it, you feel it. Our parallel world say it us.



intervista_forte-2to all has happened few hours ago, i’m still surprise. But if it’s this what we must to have, so be it. Ours parellel world connect us in this way, and for sure isnt the first time. I wanted another proof, and that’s it. I smiling, and im sure you do the same over there, wherever you’re. From now, eachtime it will happens, im sure our minds will connect eachother. When i’ll feel you around me there will be a reasonable reason. Ours parellel world want it. And we will not us  stop this flow of energy among us, for sure. We will see us trought ours souls. We will feeling us in ours minds and we will see ours light dance in the air, like a  twirl. Ours lights will melting eachother, and what we will feel will be ours deepest thoughts. We will communicate in this way, till the day we will meet us for real. In someway, i’m feeling you also now, close to me. If i stop myself to write and i begin to think to all that, i cant hold back some tears. If i close my eyes i see you here by my side, you whispering me  ‘It’s all alright’. A tear falling. You overwhelming me. Your presence overwhelms me. I feel you here, how is it possible, we never met us, and neither you knows me (maybe a little, yes, but just a little).

Maybe we know us better than we imagine, without knowing it.


I didnt wait

0_lmcm_differenzafor long to hear what you tried to say me earlier. Now i smiling, looking at yours wonderful eyes. Now you are smiling also to me, wherever you are and whatever you doing i feeling you look at up at the sky and what i hearing is just you whispering my name. I closing my eyes for a while and right after you are in front of me. Suddendly we are in ours parellel world. Slowly you take my hands to your chest. For a while i remain speechless. I try to say something, but i cant. What you are doing in this hours is the same im doing here. We are throwing behind the shoulders pieces of ours lived lives to goes on, we are doing at the same time. What you showed me is just a little part of your life, but what i understood is big.
I still cant believe how is bigger ours connection. Neither we met us, but in someways, you and me are connected. I remain still speechless, how it’s all that has began.
Im sure you read something i wrote directly to you. Im sure some specific yours replies were directed to me. But i didnt never imagined all that. Is this open diary the right path to meet us? I dont know, but what i feeling is stronger everyday and what you whisper me everyday inside me, it’s what you do few hours after. Ours parellel world does really exists? We are really connected.
I don’t want drive crazy. But it’s  just what has happening among us. A real connection.


Again you

smile_forteNext to me, in this bedroom. Yes i feeling you. You by my side. Inside of me. I can hear your breath if i close my eyes, i can feel your hands that caressing mine. I see your glance just for me. Your eyes in mine. Your smile hugs my soul and i let you  do it. Here where it has began all that. Ours connection.
I feel your soul close to me. What do you want to try to say me? I can see your lips move themselves, but right now we are so far from eachother. I just see your smile to me. My heart beats so fast like yours.
I need to enter with you in ours parallel world. We just need close ours eyes and take a deep breath. I feel you have something to say me. I will waiting for the right time. I feel it. Like the other things you said me. I love this magic thing we have among us. Despite we never met us, til now, ours connection is the most magic feeling we have and im sure you feel the same i feeling in this moment.



books02forte-2at you, diving myself in yours eyes, i just can feel just what i feel for you. A feelings goes beyond love. A bond so stronger everyday, and eachtime we connect eachother make it bigger. I still realizing what happened among us. And isnt just fruit of my imagination. It’s real. Now i feel you, right here, next to me. Slowly we connecting eachother. Just closing ours eyes and taking a deep breath. And wherever you are and whatever you doing, i can see you, your’re here next to me. Looking at me with these eyes, i remain breathless and slowly we enter in ours parellel world. We are in front of us, you mention a shy smile and you whisper me a ‘hi…’, taking my face in your hands. I feel yours soft skin on mine. That touch makes me blush and a tear falls down from my face. You stay in front of me in this way, makes me feel excite.
To know that ours parellel world is able let us be together in this way is a inexplicable thing, but it’s fantastic. I know it, and also you know it.
And eachtime you want to stay with me, need to talk to me. you must to whisper my name. You know for sure i’ll feel it and together we will enter in ours world and there we can stay together embraced, looking at us and feel ours feelings arounds us.


Just lookin

loaded_fortee7 At you in this way. You know what effect you have on me. I love your sensibility. You shows me it everyday and im still stunning. Maybe we meet us just in ours parellel world but i know what human being you’re. So sweet, able to make me to dont hold back some tears from my face. And with just little gestures you make me understand what wonderful being you’re. I never met a person like you. Maybe we are connect eachother just we have the same level of sensibility and that’s why ours connection is so stronger. Or maybe we will meet us in ours real world, and all i wrote till now it will realizes just in ours glances meets eachother. And we will know already we know just looking at us, and ours parellel world will say it us all we know did know already. We are made for to stay together. And we will looking at us in ours eyes, and with some uncertainty we will take ours hands. Some shyness in ours glance. Buth right then We will know that we didnt meet for a case, but because our connection among us is making so stronger, and that thin rope is just sensibility.

Daria .

Always here

giacca_forte-1You next to me. I feel you always present in my heart, in my soul and above all in my mind with my dancing butterflies. From i woke myself i’ve this image on my mind: you run to me. In front of me, for a while, you remain still, your eyes in mine, then you take my face in your hands and you kiss me so passionately. I breathless, speechless, tasting your lips, i touching your chest trough your shirt. And still breathless, you look at me. Your glance into mine, says me everything you feel in this moment. Your desire to stay with me, in silence.  We just  enter in ours parallel in this way, almost in trance. Ours feelings speaking, and we can just look at us eachother, with no add any words. Hands in hands. Eyes in eyes. And that shirt slowly falls down on the floor along the way. And just ours feelings becoming like crazy. We feel what we feel eachother, just looking at us. Just few whispers among us. Little whispers leaving us breathless and speechless. Ours parellel world is more alive than ever. And we are in it, living in ours way what we feeling for eachother, and what we feel is so stronger than ever.


I would



Let you know when i put ours music on,  and i close my eyes and take a long breath, i begin to feel you. With no say any words i call you. But in someways i feel something happens among us. Sometimes i feel you so close to me, that i can feel your breath on my neck and sometimes i feel you so far, but that thin rope is always well connected with ours souls and i know, whatever you doing, something says you to stop and to  take a long breath as i did. That’s how does works ours parellel world and we start to get connect eachother. It’s a strange alchemy. That’s ours world. Close ours own eyes in the same  time, and when we open them, we are in front. I  should be used it, but eachtime, when i look at your eyes into mine, i blush myself,  you metion a shy smile, taking my face in your hands. Forehead to forehead, you caress my lips with your mouth. Suddendly you have nothing on, just the pants. I touch on your bare chest, still blushing, but you whisper me ‘Thats ok, it goes well’. You take me my face in your hand and  my eyes into yours. And that thing you do next is simply to kiss me. And there, ours souls melting eachother, becoming only one.


I thinking

about you in these hours. I seen you and now i feel you. And now I ask myself to whom think about when you’re at your desk with your ‘pen’. When you’re alone in your bedroom. What are you think? I ask myself if you feel when i call you. Where does goes your thoughts. I ask myself if you feel ours connection as i do. If you close your eyes, you feel that ‘strange feeling’ i feel when i get in ours parellel world. Now i feel you and im sure your thought are towards to me a little. My dancing butterflies dances their own dance. Im sure you thinking to what i replied you this afternoon. I know they are stupid things, but in someways, they are my own thoughts about what you wrote. And in someways, i would like to demostrate you im not just a girl who is falled in love with you. I would like to be someone ‘special’ for you as you are to me.
What i began to feel few month ago, ours connection, it’s very strong. It grow up everyday more than ever. I remain very often breathless. I just cant explain myself. What happens amongs us, as feelings, sensations,  they are very strong.
I know you from several years, but what i began to feel among us has started few months ago. I ask myself do you feel this ours connection as i do.


If was

Hyde_ireally you, hide youself behind my ‘user_uknown’. I ask myself a lot of questions, above all after last night. I said that things about you to your work collegue, because i let lt him know how much you’re important in my life and how you’ve changed it. And here you are ‘. Im sure, in someway, you’ve read the tweets i’ve shared with Danny, who inserted your name in discussion, and i thank him, for that. And in someway, you’ve continued to read my comments about you. Maybe it was not you, but please let me dream about that. Let me dream about ours parellel world. Ours world get connect eachother, in  this ‘special way’. Also if it’s on my mind…maybe, in someway, you feel it too. Ours parellel world unites us so close eachother, i feel it. And which i can say you now is ‘i feel you next to me.’ Do you? My heart beats so faster than ever.

I’m sure among us,  there is something special.