“You looked

littlera11forteAt me and standed up and you went to the kitchen table.
Yes, it were been moments that we have shared together. I understood that you wanted stay a little alone to reflect on what we had passed. ‘I need to collect my thoughts’ you have said me, looking forward.
I have asked myself the same questions that you was asking yourself.
In moment of reflection, i have retraced all the moments. In my deep, i have felt you was doing the same.
Looking at you, so from the back, my only desire was to stand up and to come to you and slowly embrace you. But i was remain there where i was. But it was, little time. I was confused me too. But what which we had shared it’s been unique. I had shortness of breath, while i was looking at you, and i didnt hold back the tears. I have felt you inside of me more than before. Slowly i standed up and i went next to you. I have placed my hand on your shoulder.
Sweetly, you have looked at me and you kindly, lift me, placed me on the table. I was looked at you, while you have placed your head on my knees, you embraced my lower back.
A whisper ‘I dont want loose you’, while a tear has falled.
Glances met eachother, one in another. A hand caressed a face. Another whisper ‘You will dont loose me’.”


⇐“We holded

“While we ⇒  

I looking at you

foxluke_forte9And what i see is your soul sparkling. I’m calling you, i feeling you a little far from me. What are you doing? I look at up the sky and i see our lights dancing. My mind is slowly connecting with yours. But something it blocks ours real connection. I see you far, but you have see me. Our glances meets themselves. Your heart beat slowly more fast. I’ll be here, i’ll waiting for you, in our parallel world. I see you there, your glances are towards to me, and i feel you whisper my name. Your deep voice reaches to me, and it’s like your warm embrace. I close my eyes and i feel you here next to me. Despite your distance, now what i feel is your thought, and it’s like you are here. Our parallel world did the magic. Our feeling are the same. I’ve called you. You did hear me. And now, in someway, we are connecting us, slowly but we do. My vise in stomach slowly growing up. But what i feel the most, is your thought towards to me. And my breath make slowly faster. That’s how our connection works.
Tonight it’s so. What i feeling is what i’m writing now. And i know you feel the same. I see you there.  Busy in what are doing, but something it have say you, i’ve calling you, and you have had feel it. And what i see in my little amethyst is our little world that it turns with its million colors. I just only can i say you ‘I miss you’.


Let me


Looking at you, for a second, in this way.  Let me make understand what man i have in front of me. Dont say anything. Just in this way. I must still understand it. I have need to embrace you so tight, and feeling you close to me. I knew your sensibility was one of the greatest, and maybe that’s why i feel you so close to me, and our minds get connecting eachother so easily. But what i seen tonight, it was magnificient.
Let me admire you.
Everytime i begin to write here, i write what i feeling, what we feeling when we are in our parallel world. What our energy flows say us. But tonight i was remain speechless. Your little gesture left me breathless.
I knew how big your heart was. How big your soul was. What i feeling for you growing eachday it pass. I respect you a lot. My feelings for you goes beyond love, and, by now, you know it very well.
One day, if we will meet us, i will tell you my whole story.
But now, let me looking at you in this way. Let me caress your face. Let me touch sweetly your lips and let me whisper you ‘How much i really would like to stay with you, in this moment’. Also only be embraced by you, to feel your breath in your chest. To feel your heart beating. To see our souls melting, to watch to ours lights dancing around us.



inxs_capovolta_scuriIf you look at me in this way i do believe i remain breathless, and i do believe, we feel  the same feelings in air, also if we are far. We feel us so close, like in this moment. I feel you by my side. So close, that i cant hold back one of my biggest feeling i felt til now. I just need to close my eyes and i see you in front of me and i just look at you, to enter together in our parallel world. There we can live a peaceful moment, just together, as we wish. Embraced or in front to share us our feelings just trought ours glances. You take my hand to your chest and i feel your heart begins beats faster. My glance it stops to your chest, your shirt. Breathless, you take my hand and you know i would like to do. You, with no say anything, you let me do. While the shirt falls down over your arms and remain there, you take me the face in  your hands. Your gently finger, begins to caress my lips. I remain in front of you, looking at you. A whisper from me ‘Do you feel what i feel for you?’ You continuing to look at me, while you approach to me. You slowly come closer to me. We touch our skin I caress our face while your lips touches softly mine. I close my eyes, and at the same time i feel yor hand take my face. Our eyes are closed and we take flight in our parallel world. That’s what we feel.


When you

Look at me in this way i just see ours parellel world in your eyes. And which i feel is strongest inside of me. Last night when i felt you in me and then suddenly you was apparead i thought it wasnt possible, instead it was you for real. I was breathless. I thought ‘How we are close to eachother’, despite ours distance. And also i write these few lines, in someways i feeling you by my side.  So close that, someways, my heart beats so faster and i hold back my tears.  Looking at you i can smell your skin. I can touch on your white shirt you have on. And you let me do it with no any resistance. Divin myself in your soul, i can feel your heart beat as mine. So slowly that white shirt falls down on the floor. For a while, its rustle drives me crazy. Dont move yourself. Just continue to look at me with those eyes, and you can hear to my breath makes itself always more faster. You take my hand to your chest and… a whisper ‘Do you hear it?’ Your heart beats as mine.  We get connecting eachother. We are in ours parellel world. Together. As we want. As we desire. Just like this.



Your smile

sorrisoblue_n.jpgUntil i didnt start to write here i assure i didnt feel you. Yes, you’re far from me, i started to call you and something it begins to move my emotions. Relexad myself creating this pic, with your wonderful smile. And now i looking at you all my thought is about you. My mind is toward to you. And i wanna think you start to feel something inside of yourself, and something get in our parellel world with me
Your smile take me in your heart and it can see me what do you feel right now. As me you gettin in confusion. But we dont worry about that. Now i feel you’re a little closer to me. I would like to think, whatever you doing,  for a while you thought about me.
I’m here just waiting for our closeness in our parellel world.  Just waiting for you.