trbnl_forte_nYou have leans me on your bed, without speaking, and you have look at me, you have laid down yourself next to me.
I was so excited. I did believe i was short of breath.  I didnt say nothing.
I’ve made you do everything. I just did a little thing.
As, a charming prince you have brought me on that bed, and while we were there, face to face also the big window of the room was illuminated by the daylight.
But it seemed, we didnt care about it.
We were, leaning one in front of another, on the pillows, while we listened to our reciprocal breath, caressing eachother.
I was caress your face and my finger it was stop itself on your little neo under your left eye.
I think i fell asleep so. With my hands on your face while you embraced me, while we were look at us.”



“I was ⇒

“While we

Stared the stones, i had take a deep breath and you have take a look at me, touching my legs, and you have asked me if everything was ok. I have smiled you and i have said ‘yes, it’s all ok… i would like to say you something.’ You have look at me changing your face expression. ‘Did i made something wrong? If i…’ .
I said, you immediately after ‘No, on contrary, you’ve been so sweet’.


My heart continued to pulse as a crazy.
By now, i was on that train and my run had not to be stop. I couldn’t go back, no more.
‘Tonight has been a night that hardly we will forget’  So i started. And i’ve continued.
‘There is something i want to say you. Something, that you should know about my poems…’
There, you have sat next to me, looking at me, like only you knew do.
‘Tonight the stones said us something important, a thing we cant ignore, and i want to be sincere with you’
You was looking at me seriously. And i was dying into your eyes. I repeated inside of me, as a broken record, «that’s you, that’s you!», but you didnt hear me.
‘Absolutely, you must be’. Slowly i had take your hand.
‘Did you rembember the guy about the poem that you have wanted read?’  i have asked you. And you sweetly replied me. ‘It was a beautiful poem. The guy of  which you wrote is… your boyfriend?’ At this question i was blush. But right after i shaked my head, to say ‘No!’
Taking a deep breath i’ve said, almost whispering ‘That’s you!’. Saying this i have closed my eyes. I was going crazy. But..
while i closed my eyes, i have feel your hand holding tight mine. I was remained like suspended in that moment, as if it had no end.”


⇐“You was

“The Pandora ⇒

Tonight i need

austin_forte-1To look at you in this way. I need to touch you softly. I need you take my hand to your chest, i need to feel your heart trough your shirt, and i need to dive myself in our parallel world, in this way, so kindly, with you that look at me with your sweet eyes, and i need to hear from your deep voice, that you feeling the same im feel. This strange bond that unites us. I close my eyes and suddendly we are in front one of another, and without we realizing it, we entering in our parallel world. There our mind get connect more strong. There, our energy flow is like a stormy river. Our lights melting. We standing in front. Our senses expanding. I feel your heartbeat get faster. I take a deep breath to dont lose my senses. That’s how i feel when i feel you close to me. I close my eyes and my hands on your chest, slowly you let them slide it in your shirt, and i remain breathless. Each our little movement is a big emotion, inside of our bodies, but above all inside our minds. We feel each little vibes, each rustle of our clothes. Everything we feel, expands each our sense. When you take my hand to your heart, it’s like your heart was exploded. My heart is doing the same. When we touch us, each our senses, explodes. When we look at us, what which we feel is like a twirl of emotions, and what we feel is what we seeing in our eyes, one in another. And we see it, only us. Nobody else’ can’t. Our hearts are like two bombs that exploding at the same time.


When you look

13lukeaAt me in this way i cant hold back my breath. And i can say you something? I feeling you so close to me so much, like you was here by my side. I felt ours energy flows from before, i felt my dancing butterflies in my stomach. You whispered my name and they begans to dance their dance, and i feel you here.
As you usually, come next to me in silence, you touch me so gently from behind. You move my hair and your lips kiss my neck. And from there i begin to feel you. I breathless, i close my eyes and together we take a long and deep breath. And slowly we get in ours parallel world. You turning me slowly and we are in front, ours eyes in eachother. You leave me speechless, eachtime i see your eyes into mine. I could die in your eyes.
Your hands on my little body. And i let you do it. But above all our glances. The others ones can ask themselves where your curls did goes, but for me is your eyes, your mouth and your hands are important. There, is your soul, your heart and everything more important you have. I dont care about one thing is missing. I love what you have inside of you. Your heart, your soul, what you think and what you make feel. And you know how you make me feel.  Just one thing i want to say you, whisper you ‘I really need you in this moment… you’re the only person i really would like to have by my side’.