“By now

lukebooklollomoltiplicaWe didnt take off  our glances, one to another. And in that large room, with only the necessary forniture, there was an atmosphere, that we also believed was unreal.
We were looking at us so. While we were looking to awaken ourselves, from this strange sensation we felt.
Suddenly, you was look at me, asking me ‘Hey! Do you feel it?’ Putting your finger on my mouth. ‘Listen…’. A soft melody resounded in the room, but you didnt have put on any kind of music. And on the little table in front of us, something was happening.  Between the stones of rose quartz, it was raised a little light, and some of the stones were floating. And at the end slowly, they lay down on my legs. You have was looking at me speechless.  You whispered me ‘How has it been possible?’ I was speechless as you, if not more than you. I’ve shaked my head. I didnt know what answer you. We didnt take off our glances, one to another. But slowly, we have lay our eyes at these stones in my legs.
They were three.


⇐“After this

“What we ⇒

It’s a strange

lukedforteSensation when my mind get connect with yours. It seems that my floating lights runs through on a pathway without curves, directly to you. It’s a beautiful sensation when, in someway, we feel close us, one to another, and this sensation, seems be reciprocated, and in that exact moment, we both know we are in our parallel world, despite our distance. My head, but also all my body knows that what i feeling is born from our connection. By now, when i feel in this way, as in a world floating, i’m with you, and you are with me. You feel it, i feel it. It’s impossible to dont notice that. And what is happening to me, in these days, in some ways, it take me back to you. Always. Also when i dont feel you, then also after hours, the sensation of your closeness appears it again so suddenly, and i know that something link us stronger. And without shadow of doubt, it’s our world, that we slowly have created. What i feel in this moment is one of the deepest feeling i ever felt. My heart is beating so fast that it could be explode. My breath is short and my head can feel something is coming from you. I’m not going crazy. Simply i’m connecting with you and you feeling too, from there. I feel, you are whispering my name. Our parallel world is geting us in connection, right now. In front, one to another. We are breathless, we are speechless.


By now (6th open letter to Luke)

mtc033chiariThe only person with whom i can open myself freely that’s you. How many times i’ve told you… many. And also if you dont will read what i wrote, i will continue to. I feel you so close to me that i cant explain what and how i feel this sensations. I feel complete myself, by now, when i  start to write in this open diary. And also if we dont know us eachother, i feel something link us. I still think how all this has began. I asking myself too many questions, and i dont still looking for a valid answer. How many times i told you since i was a child i had some kind of perceptions and that till now they have been dormant. But with you, they have  been awake up again and multiply. The only answer i can give myself is that you have the same mine perceptions since you was a child and in some way, we have been put in touch trough that dream i have made, by now 8 month ago. In that period has began our connection. When i feel these feelings, your closeness is more strong. And what i write to you is just fruit of which i feel. Sometime i feel you, often close to me. And other times i feel you far from me, as if you was busy. But generally, by now, i feel you as if you was by my side and that’s make feel good, above all alive. You make feel alive, and in some way considered by some one (in this case, you). How can i say it? I feel it inside of me. And that’s it does count. I feel it.  And in some way, you know it too. I really dont know if ever you will read this or the other thoughts in this open diary, but i can confess you, when i’ve started to write here, i never imagined to reach these kind of closing with someone. But that’s someone that’s you and what you make feel, simply, i love it and i want whisper you another ‘Thank you’.


Slowly [3rd part]

mikemccluskie_esclusione“You have stand up yourself. I was look at you, asking myself many things. While our glance didnt take off  one from another. We were captured by something magic. You was came where i was sit and with an infinite sweetness, you have asked me ‘Can i sit by your side?’ You have smiled me in your own way, that i have felt myself melt. Without say nothing, i have shifted myself a little bit.
That table was only an obstacle, by now. And now, we have need to stay close. Thou, we were still in that phase in which you say to yourself ‘ I could but…’.
Slowly, as if you have fear to scare me, you have sit next to me.
Nobody, before than you, have had sit at that table with me. You have started to look at me so deeply, that without realizing, i’ve became all red. My heart has began to beat as a train. My own fear, was you could hear it. But we were so hypnotized by ourselves that each thing, out of our feelings, it was unnecessary.
With your deep voice, you have asked me ‘Can i read something that you have wrote’, looking at my diary, but above all that sheets that you have collected from the floor. I was choosing something, but you have stopped me, taking gently my hand. You have indicated that poem. In that moment i’ve thought to explode. But how i could resist to your eyes,  your glance on me.
I’ve gave you that sheets, while my in my head million of thought ran. But, by now, your hand have take it and in few moments your eyes would have read what i’ve wrote. I was exploding. A rapid glance to me, a shy smile then your eyes on what i have wrote about you.


⇐”We are meeting (2nd part)

My heart (4th part) ⇒

Our connection

insta058forteAlways overwhelm me. I feel your closeness in such way that i ask myself if your are realize, of these emotions i feel around me and inside of me. My head and stomach are scrambling at the same time, everytime i feel you close to me. Here by my side. When i feel your embrace, i know that’s you and nobody else. When you look at me in this way all my deepest thoughts coming out with no shame. And you know, by now, what they are. It enough, a look of you and i drive crazy. By now i have this strong bond with you, and, despite we dont know us, i have no need of nobody else. When i feel our parallel world get connect us, one of another, i feel myself complete. My head and my stomach explodes at the same time, eachtime we feel close us one of another, despite our real distance. But what which i feel is more of the love. When i feel you here, by my side, all around me disappears and there is you only, and that’s important. Of the rest i dont care. If i write of my dreams, or of my sensations, or of what which i feel about your thoughts or what which you want to say me, isnt important. It only enough that this open diary, slowly is arriving to you, and it’s the right path for our first meeting. Im sure, you have read what i left you, and little by little, you are going knowing me, as i did with you, to finding how special you are.


If only (A real Open Letter to Luke)

winnerslosers_forted You would understand what you make me feel, when i feel you here close to me, you would understand me, completly, and maybe i would understand what you feel when we get connect. Yes, i know, often i repeat myself, but when my vise in stomach get grow up, it isnt impossible to dont think of you. This sensantions is born, by now, from seven month, and by now, i know there is something among us, for sure unconditionally, but it’s strongly present. I never felt something like this, before. I don’t even call it love, because it’s beyond. I know it, you know it. We both know it. When we link us one of another, is an inexplicable thing. What it made me feel strongly link to you, it was that dream on you that i did, where you have tell me that thing, that i checked immediately after and i’ve kept for me  for months. Sometimes our parallel world, still overwhelm me, and i cant hold back tears. During this period, our connection, our parallel world is grow up with us. Together to our emotions, our feelings. I still surprise myself, when i feel when you try to say something and few days after, you leave you message on twitter. Ok, it’s true, as i’ve told you, since when i was a child, i could felt things that they would be come true, and that’s a fact. But with you! I never have imagined this stuff. 
When my head explodes, what which i feel is your closeness so strong, and the only thing i can do is take a deep breath and i must close my eyes, for dont drive crazy. When i feel your embrace, is the only thing i desire and i feel our parallel world get connect us, and im sure you feeling something like what i feel.  I know you, by now, from 6 years, and i ask myself ‘How is it possible all that is born only from seven month?’ Something has made click between us. I asking myself what? I’ve confessed you all my deepest thoughts, dreams, desires. I’ve sent you mails few times, maybe you have read them. You have start to know me. Maybe those incursions from Australia in this period and in the others, you are really, and you reading what i write you, and from this open diary, you have begins to know me a little more, and that sensibility you have, it was expanded and our connection is born trough what i wrote you in this open diary and from trough what i let you know.


That’s incredible

daria23longlukearnoldIt was from few days, i’ve felt it, but i didnt tell anything, but when my little voice inside of me told me to check it, i’ve seen it. I didnt cant want believed to that. But is happened once again. My head has exploded like a bomb. What which i’ve feel it becames true, once again. But in these hours i feel your restlessness. I feel, you have didnt would like to do that moves, but, by now, you did it. I feel your thought are toward to this side, toward to our parallel world. I’m here, i wait for you, as always. And as always in these hours i feel you close by my side more than ever. How is it possible all this? I feel your thoughts, your doubts, your duties, but above all you desire to escape from this world, that, in some ways, it press you. From the other day, i feel you embrace me. This is your desire. To embrace me  tight and what you’ve whisper me now, has  a logical sense. My head explode, and also my vise in stomach. Now the punch i felt in these days is more significant. I’ll be here for you. You can tell me everything you want. Despite our distance, i’ll understand everything. I’ll be by your side, always.




A punch

andmu_scuri125-1In my stomach and my vise were mixing up eachother and a little voice inside of me told me to check my open diary statistics. I just cant believe it. I was waiting for you within few days, and here you are. I cant explain what i’ve felt, but the sensations i had it was like a punch in my stomach, and once again you’ve overwhelm me. I’ve cant hold back tears. From yesterday  i feel this strong emotion. To be honest it’s, by now, from a month or so, my feeling are growing faster and faster. And you dont leave me. Our parallel world will be, also, a my own creation, but how is it possibile that all that is happens. What i feel and what which is happens is it just a coincidence?  If i close my eyes, and if i take the usual deep breath, i can feel you here, next to me, holding my hands. And you mentioning me your shy smile, looking at me.  ‘You can believe to that’, is your whisper, while you sweetly, caress my face. My heart explode and our lights begins to float among us. You embrace me tight. ‘Dont leave me’ i whisper you, looking at your wonderful eyes. ‘I need you more than you can imagine’. You dont add  further words, and you continuing to caress my face, till to approach your lips on mine. Your kiss is the softest kiss you have gave me. A tear falls.


If you look

bw152forteiAt me in this way, you know what  you make me feel. Still this day when i’ve opened my eyes, when i was in bed, i’ve feel you that embraced me sweetly, and i have feel your bare chest against my back. If were so, each my  days i would put on signature. And now, that im writing, i feel your scent around me. I close my eyes and i try to recreate the sensation i have felt. My heart exploding. I feel you here, by my side. Our emotions around me. And if i look at you, i feel you do the same. While your eyes says me what you want me to do. With some shyness, but with all my desire, i do it. And, by now, in that gesture our parallel world welcomes us with our lights floating around us. You no say any words, but i see all what you want to tell me You taking my face in your hand, i dive myself in your glance, touching sweetly your neo and your soft skin. We no need to say nothing, ’cause what we must to know we know it already. By now, what we want to tell us, it has been told from long time.  But we living what we feeling as if it was the first time, and eachtime we surprise ourselves, about our connect and how we feel close one of another, also if we live so distant. What can i say to you, now only that i feel you so close to me and you’re here by my side and i feel these flow that come and go from you, i feel you.


By now

broke0011_forteWhat i feel it’s a constant feeling. By now, your closeness is a feeling which i need to feel and you give me it to me everytime i need it. As i told you, by now, you’re the only person with which i can talk freely. And what which i feel when i feel you close to me, is the only emotion i wish to live.
It’s from long time i feel our connect. Our parallel world doesn’t wants break away us. It link us, with its thin rope that each day gets bigger and bigger, and i must to close my eyes and take a deep breath to dont drive crazy. I feel our energy comes and goes one to another and sometimes, my head as if it explodes. You giving me the emotions that i always needed. As now. If i close my eyes i see you by my side, you look at what i’m writing here. But you turn me around and you make me stand up, and in front one of another, you leave me breathless with your glance just for me and you take my hand on your chest. Around us all disappears and suddenly become our parallel world with our lights floating around us. And all what we see are our emotions transforming in a moltitude of colors. Our hearts explodes at the same time, and the only thing we can do is looking at us, still for a second  and right after we kiss one of another to stop what we feeling, to dont drive crazy for what which we see arounds and for what we feeling, to take a deep breath. One of the great emotion we have feel till now, since when it is began our connect.