If you look

bw152forteiAt me in this way, you know what  you make me feel. Still this day when i’ve opened my eyes, when i was in bed, i’ve feel you that embraced me sweetly, and i have feel your bare chest against my back. If were so, each my  days i would put on signature. And now, that im writing, i feel your scent around me. I close my eyes and i try to recreate the sensation i have felt. My heart exploding. I feel you here, by my side. Our emotions around me. And if i look at you, i feel you do the same. While your eyes says me what you want me to do. With some shyness, but with all my desire, i do it. And, by now, in that gesture our parallel world welcomes us with our lights floating around us. You no say any words, but i see all what you want to tell me You taking my face in your hand, i dive myself in your glance, touching sweetly your neo and your soft skin. We no need to say nothing, ‘cause what we must to know we know it already. By now, what we want to tell us, it has been told from long time.  But we living what we feeling as if it was the first time, and eachtime we surprise ourselves, about our connect and how we feel close one of another, also if we live so distant. What can i say to you, now only that i feel you so close to me and you’re here by my side and i feel these flow that come and go from you, i feel you.


By now

broke0011_forteWhat i feel it’s a constant feeling. By now, your closeness is a feeling which i need to feel and you give me it to me everytime i need it. As i told you, by now, you’re the only person with which i can talk freely. And what which i feel when i feel you close to me, is the only emotion i wish to live.
It’s from long time i feel our connect. Our parallel world doesn’t wants break away us. It link us, with its thin rope that each day gets bigger and bigger, and i must to close my eyes and take a deep breath to dont drive crazy. I feel our energy comes and goes one to another and sometimes, my head as if it explodes. You giving me the emotions that i always needed. As now. If i close my eyes i see you by my side, you look at what i’m writing here. But you turn me around and you make me stand up, and in front one of another, you leave me breathless with your glance just for me and you take my hand on your chest. Around us all disappears and suddenly become our parallel world with our lights floating around us. And all what we see are our emotions transforming in a moltitude of colors. Our hearts explodes at the same time, and the only thing we can do is looking at us, still for a second  and right after we kiss one of another to stop what we feeling, to dont drive crazy for what which we see arounds and for what we feeling, to take a deep breath. One of the great emotion we have feel till now, since when it is began our connect.


I was sleeping


And you sweetly woke me up. I have feel you. Something it has said me to check, by now, you know what, and you was there. By now, i’m used to be to recognize our signal, but i still surprise myself, how i can feel also a little perception of you and how you send me also a little part of your sensations, trough our parallel world. And now this sensation, is around me as if you was really next to me. I still surprise myself how this connect get bigger and bigger each day it pass. How is it possible, all that is happening between two persons who doesn’t know eachother, for real. To the end, if ever we will meet eachother, the only question we will make us it will be ‘Are we know us already?’ And the answer will be in our eyes. It will be just necessary to touch us one of another to find it. In front one of another, everything we will feel, it will around us, and all arond us it will transforms in all what we have feel while we were far from one of another. In our parallel world.


The sensantion


Slowly begins, and i slowly close my eyes and slowly i feel your closeness. By now, i see you almost surrendered to these feelings that we feel, when we are connect to one of another. When we feel us close one of another, we suddenly, we launch ourselves in our parallel world and we understand all that around us. Our feelings, our emotions and what we feeling one of another, when we look at us in our eyes. Our parallel world is full of emotions and sometime we are in confusion. Our connect is so strong that we also we dont understand what is happening, but then that we realize it, we understand, that we are link in a beautiful way, and we want to continue to feel this confusion inside of us, and this confusion it make us feel so close more, one of another. And it enough to look at us and we understand that we feel the same feelings, despite we are in different places. Our parallel world unites our souls, ours hearts but above all, our minds. We must give up ourselves to this thing.


This time

luke0031_forteHere i am. I have feel your sweet embrace when i woke myself and now i feeling you here by my side, while im writing these few lines, here in my open diary.  I didnt surprised myself, when something inside of me, said me to check your favorite social and you was here. Inside me, something it has calms me down. But now it has began to overwhelm me, once again. And i’m here that i write what are my feelings. Our connect is stronger despite i dont know where are you. My vise in my stomach saying me, you feel something like this inside of you. Despite our distance, i feeling your whisper, your long breath, as if you was here in this bedroom.
All this is our parallel world and it say us, in its own way, that it wants unites us more than ever.
I feeling it, you feeling. Our minds hear it. By now, we are link in a way that also we dont explain one to another. I feel your closeness more than ever. We, together, are exceeded that border and always together, we are living these emotions. We are living in our parallel world, all this as if it was the first time, but we know it isnt. We are link since when i did that dream when you have said me all what we know.


In silence

luke0011_forteYou was here for all the time. Since i woke myself, till now. You woke me so sweetly as usual, embracing me. I have feel my vise in my stomach grow up so faster. I have whisper your name slowly, and i’m sure you have feel it, cause i have feel your closeness. Our parallel world didnt ever abbandonded me. Our feelings were been always close to us one of another.
What i feeling now, it’s a strange emotion, but always close to you. Maybe you try to tell something. I cant decipher it. But i can wait for, as usual. By now, i know, what are ours signals. And i know, we are connect, in this strange way, but that i have always love, since is began all that, in this bedroom last december. Maybe i’m the only one, who feeling this emotions, this connection among us, but in bottom of myself, i sure, you feel the same. You feel this same vise in your stomach, eachtime we connect. Also you dont know, where does it comes from, but in someways, you know it’s our parallel world, that it wants us unites, despite our distance.


You are

instadforteSmiling at me, but this stuff among you and me, almost scares me a while. Few days ago i have feel that shortly you would have tweeted.  And you have do it. I really dont what to think. In meanwhile that woke myself i have feel my vise in my stomach. You was lay down close to me, embracing me. I have feel you. You was, as always so sweet. Our connect is growing up so faster. Our parallel world wants say us something, but i cant still decipher what. For sure, it say us, we are connect, and this i know, you have feel it, we know it. What has happened last december, has something of incredible, but to reaching to feel something that will happens within few days, it has something that goes beyond. And i still cant believe it. Do you feel the same feeling i’m feel?? Tell me yes, if not, i drive crazy. I really dont know what i to think.  Your embrace, this afternoon, was one ot the most sweet i have had. And now, if you let me think, it was at the the exact time you have tweeted. My mind is exploding. By now, i dont care if you dont take a look at this open diary (or you look at it, who know), i’m not sure how has happened, that rope unites us strongly. I dont need to have the crystal ball, to see what you do or what you will do, i only need to feel my emotions, my vise in stomach, your embrace, and i will know that you’re doing something or you will do something in few days.


It’s useless


Turn around it. You make me drive crazy. What i’m feel for you, it’s something goes beyond love. Yes, it’s true, our connection to the end, is  something more bigger than we feel in these moments. I feel you so close to me, you’re by my side. Sometimes i need to take a break from what which i feel, but isnt possible, when i feel these emotions around me, like a twirl. If i close my eyes, but if also i dont close them, i feel your closeness. When i take breath, i feel your smell in the air, and this it drives me crazy.  It’s from yesterday, i feel you here, by my side.  My heart beats like a crazy. I feel our connect get bigger everytime my thoughts are towards to you. And each thing i do, it’s always interrupt by this feel i’m feel. Only in this way, writing in this open diary, i can calm down my thoughts, my emotions, my feeling. It’s strange, how i feel you close to me. I feel you inside of me. Next to my heart. By now, i know we are connect, strangely, but we are connect. Our parallel world it say us, stronger than ever, that what we feeling, link us, despite our distance. Maybe we will dont never meet, but we will have this strong connect, that nobody cant will remove, or maybe, one day we will meet, and finally we will can look at us, eyes in eyes, without say us nothing.



Let me


Looking at you, for a second, in this way.  Let me make understand what man i have in front of me. Dont say anything. Just in this way. I must still understand it. I have need to embrace you so tight, and feeling you close to me. I knew your sensibility was one of the greatest, and maybe that’s why i feel you so close to me, and our minds get connecting eachother so easily. But what i seen tonight, it was magnificient.
Let me admire you.
Everytime i begin to write here, i write what i feeling, what we feeling when we are in our parallel world. What our energy flows say us. But tonight i was remain speechless. Your little gesture left me breathless.
I knew how big your heart was. How big your soul was. What i feeling for you growing eachday it pass. I respect you a lot. My feelings for you goes beyond love, and, by now, you know it very well.
One day, if we will meet us, i will tell you my whole story.
But now, let me looking at you in this way. Let me caress your face. Let me touch sweetly your lips and let me whisper you ‘How much i really would like to stay with you, in this moment’. Also only be embraced by you, to feel your breath in your chest. To feel your heart beating. To see our souls melting, to watch to ours lights dancing around us.


If you



Look at me in this way. If you come to me and you look at me i could do not answer for myself. And you know it.
Today i feel you a little far from me, but your presence is in air. I’ve told you, our thin rope unites us so much. It get longer and it get shorter. Now i looking at you in this picture and your glance penetrates me. And i feel what are yours desires, yours eyes tells me everything. But now i feel you a little distant. But our connection is always ready to get link us, i try to calling you, i feeling you feel me. My vise is there. But something blocks it to explodes. I miss you when happening, but i know ain’t always possible to feel ours magic connection. But it’s always there. I feel it, and i know you feel it the same. By now, what has happened last december, it’s something inexplicable, but it has happened. Something, ours parallel world, is born, and  that thin rope has united us.
What i feel in this moment is a mix up of incredible feelings. If you feeling the same, well something happening between us, for real.
I close my eyes and something realizing in this moment. Till now i’ve tried to called you and in this moment, if i close my eyes and i take a long breath, i can feel  you close to me. Do you feel me, as i do. I dont want believe it was only a mind game. I would believe it was our connection.