'What we are feeling?' We asking us, looking at us.

It’s useless

How we feel us close, despite ours distance

You, here

All these feelings overwhelm us


We dont need any explication. Are us

Take me

a spectacular slow game of lights

It was

We feel us eachother. We are so close to us, we could touch us if we want it


Faces in ours hands and just ours breath

And you

Still surprised me. And i remain always more speechless. You leave me breathless. If i close my eyes and concentrate myself i can see ours minds, hearts and souls get connect eachother. A multitude of colorful lights comes and goes from me to you continuosly, and all that is it my feelings drives crazy. It's… Continue reading And you

They are

Maybe im repeat myself till death, but i feel your soul arounds me, and if i close my eyes i can see you next to me, by my  side and i feel your hand on mine.

What you’re

When you came to say me what you told me

Taking breath

You're attracted by my lights


just your whisper, so light.


And that's the reason ours minds, ours souls, ours hearts are get connected themselves and we enter in ours parellel world, where finally we can embraces us eachother so strong

You woke me

Does it will  arrives one day?

I calling you

Your hand still hold mine and i want to stay in this way