“Walking down

hyde41_lumascuriWe were realized that something was happened. It seemed everything ok, but it wasnt.
In the air, there was «that sound» that resounded like an echo in the room. We were looked at us, one to another.
You asked me ‘What happened?’. Me, like you, i was breathless, speechless. I didnt know what to say. We had walking to the little corner, where we have seen the mess.
All sheets and the magazines were on the floor.
We were taking our hands very tight, one in another. We looked at us again.
The only things on the table in an order very precise, were another three pink stones.
‘I just cant believe it’ i sighed.
While you was kneel, collecting all the sheets and the magazines on the floor, i was seat on the sofa, looking at me around, staring the stones. I have noticed that thin pink dust on the little table, where were the stones.
You was, still collecting all the stuff from the floor. Slowly i have placed my hand on your shoulder, saying you ‘Luke, look!’. I have touched the surface of the table and the thin pink dust, was remained on my finger.
‘What’s that?’  you have said me, touching my finger. At the end, you stared me, making fall down everything you have collected.
You was sat next to me. I have take a look at the stones, then slowly, you did the same.
The stones has spoken to us again. We both knew their meaning.
They were saying us, we had found our  soul mate.”


⇐“While we

“In front ⇒

How is it

Possible that i stil feel you close to me, despite our distance. Maybe you still thinking a little of me and that’s why, our flows are in a continuos movement between us. Or because in these hours, you, on the other side of the planet, me here alone with  our music on, we are alone and our flows arrives more easily. We must need to do our little moves and we are in front one of another and the feeling we feel transport us in our parallel world. I need to close again my eyes, earlier to look at you. When i open them, you just caressing my face, mentioning me a shy smile. My heart explode among feelings and emotions. You can see them, trough my eyes. And when i place my hands on your chest, i feel your heart does the same. A whisper fly in the air ‘I havent had need of someone like you in this moment’. You look at me. These words. I remain so. Breathless, speechless. In these words all our lights begins to floating, while we touch eachother us our face, our skin. We dont take off eyes, one from another. We continuing to look at us. And really slowly, we approach, till to touch on our lips, without realizing it.


If those


Eyes could look at me in this way, i could take flight in your soul and i couldn’t leave anymore. I could stay in this way for the rest of my life. Tell me what you see in my eyes, because what i see in yours, it’s the most beautiful feeling i ever have feel. Your eyes tells me to enter slowly in our parallel world, where you are waiting for me. What which i see in your eyes, it’s what i feeling, in this moment around me. Your closeness. Closing my eyes i feel  like as if you embrace me. We are in front one of another. We have need to say nothing, because we know it already. In your eyes i see all your tenderness. I only need see in your eyes, our parallel world that explodes. I see your goodness, and i see explodes our lights that begin to float around us. I need to close my eyes, just a second to realize that you are looking at me. And in that second i feel your hand on my face. What which i see in you eyes, it’s all your being. You dont say nothing, but with your glance, what you say it’s clear. I blush myself. My heart stops for an istant, while you looking at me, always in this way. We look at us one of another. You smiling at me. I smile back to you, and slowly you take my hand and we start to walk trough this path. Our parallel world wants lead us to a place more secret of our connect.
A my whisper ‘Tell me you can feel it, as i do’ I feeling you closer than before. I’m speechless, breathless.



lukeaurora_contrario_forteIn this bedroom, i waiting for the magic realize. Slowly i whisper your name. I waiting for something is reaches to you. I close my eyes, taking a deep breathe, looking me around. Hoping something reaching to me. I looking at you, waiting for you. And something slowly it coming. My vise, slowly growing fast. I close my eyes again, and suddendly, i feel your closeness. Despite our distance, we are approaching one of another. I feel your hand on my shoulder, while i’m writing in this diary. You turn around me. You kneel in front of me. And right after we stand up, and we are in front one of another. You look at me with your glance that make it me blush, and i look down, but you whisper me ‘Look at me’. And in that glance we enter together in our parallel world. I touch on your chest trough your shirt. In that touch, our lights begins to floating among us, and our emotions get bigger. Little whispers, they leave us breathless, speechless. You take my face in your hands, your fingers caress my skin, i thrills. I remain without oxygen. Closing my eyes, you approaching me, and sweetly kissing. I take you hand and i put it on my heart. It beating like a crazy one. You do the same. Slowly you let me make slide my hand in your shirt that slowly falls down on the floor, and you remain in front of me, in this way, speechless while you look at me, caressing my face and i dive myself in your eyes, where i can feel every emotions, feelings when you are with me, in this way. In front one of another, leaving all what we feeling arounding us.


You can smile

dailyforte-1At these things, but i remaining speechless. It’s true, our parallel world want unites. Our minds get connecting in this moment i feel it. My vise in the stomach is more strongest than ever, and i feel you turn around me. There are too many coincidences that unites us. And now  this last, i’ve find in bathroom I can hold back my tears, but it’s hard. I really dont know if laugh or make overwhelm me, by one of the most big emotion i’m feeling in this moment. If i think to all that, i could drive crazy, but dont drive crazy and that’s enough, beyond. I begin to think on how it is possible. These little things, make grow up more bigger my emotions, our connection. Now, you dont know how i feel you so close to me. I need to make a deep breath to calm me. My heart beats so fast. If i close my eyes, i see you turn around me. My feeling are made of these little sensations, coincidences, that for me they are not, but simply little signals from our parallel world, that wants unites us.  And i gather them, and put all together.
You can smile to all these things, but for me, are little signals and they says me, that one day we will meet. And this make me beats fast my heart.  Now im living in a big emotion that only you give me.


If you only

lukegeorgejin_forte9Knew what i’m feeling in these hours…maybe you know it.I just need to see your sweet face, your wonderful eyes and im feeling like in a twirl of emotions. I close my eyes and i feel you here close to me. You looking at me with your glance, while you taking my hands and together we entering in our parallel world, in a sweet way. You know it, you’re the only person, who i really need to feel close to me, and you giving me this possibility. Our connection is strong in these hours. I know you feeling the same im feel. I never felt myself in this way with nobody else’s. What i see in your eyes is only what i need.
Your eyes in mine, me in front of you, our lights dancing arounding us, but above all your whispers that says me you feeling the same despite our distance. Our minds get connecting  and we feel us.
The feelings im feel in these hours is the most emotion i ever felt, since our connection is began. I dont know what is, but i know something is in the air. Our connection is like a warm bleeding stab in my heart, in my soul. I remain breathless, speechless, when i feel this feelings. I feel you so close to me, in a way, i  never felt mysef so close to you in this way. My soul, my mind, almost comes out from my body. And my heart driving crazy.
Maybe you take me as a crazy, but it’s what im feeling when i feel  when we connect us. Maybe you think i’m crazy, maybe not, because you feeling the same, the same bond. That something unites us strongly.


Like a

glance_moltiplica5Caress, you was here, next to me, when i was on the couch. And you was here by my side and you’ve caress me. I felt you. And now you’re here. Looking at me with this your glance, almost lost. Lost in your thoughts. Lost, but so close to me. What do you think? Do you feel the same emotions i’m feelings right now. If i close my eyes i feel your breath make it slowly fast, and i can hear your whisper in my ear. You are behind me. I feel your hands hold my hips. I breathless, i smell you skin. Slowly i turn and i see your eyes. You metioning me a shy smile. ‘What do you feel?’ i whispering you. You looking at me in silence. You taking my hand on your chest. ‘The same you feeling’. Our glances sparkling and we enter in our parallel world.

What i feel when i feel connect with you is an inexplicable feeling. I feel our thin rope gets shorter always more, and eachtime i feel this sensantions, i think something special will happens between us. That thin rope, as i called it, maybe is our parallel world. And my emotions makes bigger and bigger eachtime i feel you so close to me. I never felt something like this till now. Then now that you let me know ‘you like what i wrote’ this feeling has grow up more. Yes i know, it’s a stupid thing, but what i feeling it’s true. What i began to feel last december and what has happened, aint just coincidence. What i feeling, you feel it the same, maybe in other way.
I still wondering myself about what i feeling when i feel you so close to me. I miss breath, and for real i must take a long a deep breath to dont remain breathless or speechless, when, in some way, you’re next to me. Like now. But in other way, i miss you.  I know, this  open diary, i opening my heart, my feelings, my emotions, to you, but, maybe it will reach one day, it will be not more enough. What i will do, that day. I really dont know. Maybe it will never reach. We will would meet us already, who know.
Tll that day, i will continue to write to you in this open diary.


Seeing you

2703-2019forte-1after few hours you wrote what you wrote and after few hours you did put your likes on my comments, it make me feel so closer to you. And believe me, when i was in front on television, half asleep, i felt our connection. I felt you close to me, as in this moment. I can smell something in air, a new profume and it takes me to you. I taking a deep breath and while i close my eyes i see you next to me. I feel you here, by my side. Maybe you did see i put your video on my twitter. I really want your sensibility doesn’t makes deleting within few hours. What you doing is important to me and i really want show everybody with few it makes alot. And you doing it. A lot. I say you how much strenght you gave me when i had face my last leg operation (and i had face too many legs operations, since i was born, i really thank you)

But now i feel you close to me. My vise, my dancing butterflies around us. Ours souls melting together, and ours parallel world welcome us. Eyes in eyes, hands in hands, we slowly enter in. I feel you behind me. Your shirt on my back. I  close my eyes and you embracing me sweetly. I feel your smell, while you turns me around in front of you.
Your emotions are mine too, what you feel, i’m feel too. You take my face in your hand, i taking your off sunglasses. What i see, is just a marvellous world enclosed in your eyes. My world. I remain here, in front of you breathless, speechless. The only think i can do is touch on your chest, trought your soft t-shirt. And you let me do it. Our emotions, feelings, flying around us, and we are looking at us, caressing eachother. It’s the only thing we makes naturally. We are captured by ours glances. Just a kiss could break this magic.


I thought


It was just in  my mind, instead was you, again and with this, you gave me the certain we have this strange bond that i really loving more each day it pass. All that has began one day on last december and it doesnt ever finished. It slowly continuos and everytime i feel those feelings i know our parallel world want us close, despite our distance and despite we doesnt know us enough good. I’m not sure if you rembember about me. But what i feel when i feeling when you’re by my by side aint a thing we dont must underestimate. Our minds get connect eachother. And when i feel, im sure, you feeling something inside of you. Something like a little whisper, it says you to look at up to the sky and whisper my name, also you dont know why that specific name. From that night i began i felt that  feeling, inside of me, it has began this flow of energies between you and me. Also if we didnt ever met eachother, im sure we know about us. Above all you. I began to know you from i’ve seen Broken Hill, but i didnt ever thought to have this kind of feelings with you; to know, to feel when you are online or to feel, few days before, those you have to say, trought social media. Your smile, sometime, surprising me, i remain speechless. I remain breathless, looking at you eyes, i know there is ours parallel world, that waiting for us for real. If we ever meet will meet us one of these future days, months or years. It waiting for us, giving us, in meanwhile these feeling that we just us feel, everytime we get connect eachother. It will our special bond till ours eyes will meet for real.




How is it possible?

instadscuriAll that… My vise in my stomach and your was there. I do believe in magic, yes, but in this way, it didnt ever happened to me. Ours connection is always ready to make us enter in ours parallel world, and still this time it has been this way. Now i close my eyes and i feel you close to me more than ever. Ours flows comes and goes trought us. My hearts beats slow and fast at the same time, like a crazy one. I dont know what are doing now, but in someways, i’m sure, you feeling ours souls melting together.
I know, i writing the same things, but eachtime i remain speechless, breathless. Our Parallel World aint been so close more than ever. My feelings exploding in my chest. I feeling ours flows comes and goes trought ours minds.
I was write ‘I missing you’, and suddendly you was exploded in me. I just cant believe it. Now i feel you so close to me. like you was here next to me, looking at me, smiling at me, and whispering ‘It’s all arlright’. What happening among us has of incredible. How i feel you close to me, right now. ‘You feel it?’