How is it

Or because in these hours, you, on the other side of the planet, me here alone with  our music on, we are alone and our flows arrives more easily

If those

Tell me what you see in my eyes, because what i see in yours, it's the most beautiful feeling i ever have feel


i dive myself in your eyes, where i can feel every emotions, feelings when you are with me, in this way. In front one of another

You can smile

im living in a big emotion that only you give me

If you only

you giving me this possibility

Like a

i think something special will happens between us

Seeing you

I really want your sensibility doesn't makes deleting within few hours

I thought

It will our special bond till ours eyes will meet for real

How is it possible?

I do believe in magic, yes, but in this strongest way, it didnt ever happened to me

I’m back

In the air a whisper

You are

You embracing me so tight. I feel your arms. You dont want leave me


What has began last december growing faster, and ours feelings are there

I didnt wait

it's what you do few hours after


I feel my head exploding

It was

We feel us eachother. We are so close to us, we could touch us if we want it