It begins

nick_lineare166So slowly to get bigger and bigger til to make me feel a little in confusion, our connect, and i know it’s you. By now i know it you for sure. And everything around brings me to you. And i only me, notice that. And all that makes me smile inside. And while happens all that, all my thoughts are towards to you. And all that has of  incredible. And im sure are noticing all that you too. While im writing these little thoughts, i feel you are around me, i feel your closeness, i see you are smiling too. You are more aware about that than me, i know it. Im still surprise myself of our connect, and all that  has began last december, and by now it should be a normal thing, but for me it’s still an incredible thing. When i begin to feel our parallel world close to us, my feeling starts to expand and i start to feel you close to me, and all this i love it so much.


You running

To me, and i feel your closeness, so suddenly. And this bedroom fills up of your smell and your sweetness. As if our parallel world around us and we are into of it. What i feel is you, here  by my side, and you are touch me softly. You are looking at me, what i’m writing in this open diary, and you shy smile to me, from behind. I can feel your breath and your hand moves my hair. Slowly you approach yourself, to kiss me my neck. When i feel your lips i close my eyes for a second and in that second you turn my chair. In front one of another, you stands me up. And finally we look at us, one of another. We smile eachother. Without realize that, i touch your face till to reach to your neo. You let me do it. You know im go crazy for it. For you it’s an excuse to bring my finger to make it reach, slowly to your lips. And i dont make any resistance. All around us is only our parallel world and what we feel it’s only ours emotions and they says us what to do. We smile one to another and we continue to surprise ourselves, how we feel so close one of another, despite our distance and above all, because we dont still know us. We feel our connect and we feel it’s strong, and we  look at us lost always, but we realizing there is it. Our feelings tell us strongly.



lukeaurora_contrario_forteIn this bedroom, i waiting for the magic realize. Slowly i whisper your name. I waiting for something is reaches to you. I close my eyes, taking a deep breathe, looking me around. Hoping something reaching to me. I looking at you, waiting for you. And something slowly it coming. My vise, slowly growing fast. I close my eyes again, and suddendly, i feel your closeness. Despite our distance, we are approaching one of another. I feel your hand on my shoulder, while i’m writing in this diary. You turn around me. You kneel in front of me. And right after we stand up, and we are in front one of another. You look at me with your glance that make it me blush, and i look down, but you whisper me ‘Look at me’. And in that glance we enter together in our parallel world. I touch on your chest trough your shirt. In that touch, our lights begins to floating among us, and our emotions get bigger. Little whispers, they leave us breathless, speechless. You take my face in your hands, your fingers caress my skin, i thrills. I remain without oxygen. Closing my eyes, you approaching me, and sweetly kissing. I take you hand and i put it on my heart. It beating like a crazy one. You do the same. Slowly you let me make slide my hand in your shirt that slowly falls down on the floor, and you remain in front of me, in this way, speechless while you look at me, caressing my face and i dive myself in your eyes, where i can feel every emotions, feelings when you are with me, in this way. In front one of another, leaving all what we feeling arounding us.




A twirl you here again, close to me. How i feel you close to me. You’re the only person i could say everything i feel about you, without prejudice. You’re the only person i need close to me, and i feel your closeness, and you know how i missing so much. You in person. That’s i miss. But in someways, i feel you feeling the same. You missing something. We missing us eachother. But ours souls in someways are connect, linked. And we feel it. That’s how ours connection, our parellel world, works. I love it and i know you love it too. My dancing butterflies dances their own dance, and you feel it, despite your distance.
And despite your distance, how i feel you so close. I feel your smell and you take my hands. I feel your skin against mine. It’s so soft. I close my eyes and you come close to me. I feel your touch. Your lips on mine. And i feel your hands on my face. You caressing my face, while you whisper me ‘I’m feel you too close to me, i need you too as you do’.  We look at us, and for a while eyes in eyes. In our eyes we see what we feelings. We kiss us slowly.