I closing

dwd02_fortecontrariaeMy eyes to approach to you. But there was no need. I just feel you so close to me since two days. But I’ve closed them to realize all that. You close to me and all that you whispered me last night resounds in me and what i feeling in this moment is just you, close to me that taking my hands and your glance into my eyes. I repeat you, it’s incredible what you told to me and what i felt in that moment. I need to see you in ours parellel¬† world. I closing my eyes, taking a deep breath. I feel yours hands on mine, your softness and right then i open them and you’re in front of me, right here, on by my side, and i remain speechless on what has happened among us, last night. You communicated to me trought ours feeling we feel for eachother, and i felt it. I love all that we feel. And im sure we are approaching more faster the we could imagine. In someway, ours parellel world has becoming in ours real world, and what i’m writing here, in this open diary, reaches to you in a faster way, i feeling it. Ours souls are so close right now. This continuos flow i feel is something bigger, and i cant controlling it, and you know it better than me.¬† We must let it goes, and let ours feeling, ours souls, hearts, and ours minds connecting eachother. In this way we can stay together, despite ours distance. Let this flow making bigger. It’s what we feelings for eachother. Ours love.


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