Aint strange


Also when i was sleeping i felt my vise in my stomach and in someways, despite our distance, i felt you so close, despite i really dont know what were you doing. Also you with this strange feelings.
I know what you feeling. Here in this bedroom where it all has began. What i feel in this moment is the same feeling i felt since that day in december, but stronger. If i think to you, i have no breath to continue. I must close my eyes and take a deep breath, and suddendly you are here, by my side. You looking at me with your glance.  What i feeling when i looking at you is a mix up of emotions that just you can give me. You are in front of me. Eyes in eyes we enter in our parallel world. A whisper from you leave me speechless. ‘You no have idea, how much i would stay with you tonight’. I look at you, i take you face and i caress your skin, you close your eyes and your breath making slowly faster. I guide your hand on my face, and right after you open your eyes. Between us ours lights begins their dance, it makes  us flying. Our hands hold tight. We let us not look away. Ours glance has more to tell than words.
Ours Parallel World is made of these feelings. Glances, whispers, me and you speechless, breathless and that feelings we still cant explain but when we feel them, we know it’s our connection. I feel it, you feel it. It’s inexplicable, it’s just ours.


I was

wl_forte5Taking the flight to reach to you. in my dreams. And this is the feeling im feel from today. And now, i’m in my bedroom with ours music its just easy to close my eyes and feel your closeness to me. I just need to take a long breath and you’re  by my side looking at me with your glance, like this, and i lost myself in your soul and i feel your hand taking mine and with the other one you take my face, and i look at down for a while, but right after ours eyes meets eachother and in a second later, we are trasported in ours parellel world. We still looking at us eachother in this way. You lost yourself in myself and i lost myself in yourself. Just ours glances talking. We remain speechless, breathless.  You let me show, with no say any words, how much love you have in. Just throught your eyes i can see it and this kind of love you didnt show anyone else, but just to me. Breathless i know it. Just taking your face in my hands, looking at you, there is no need to talk or whisper. Ours souls, ours hearts and ours minds does know it.

This moment slowly will reach, and we know it will be like this. Just ours hearts will exploding at the same time that  we will look at us eachother, for the very first time. We must just to waiting for it.