Let me


Looking at you, for a second, in this way.  Let me make understand what man i have in front of me. Dont say anything. Just in this way. I must still understand it. I have need to embrace you so tight, and feeling you close to me. I knew your sensibility was one of the greatest, and maybe that’s why i feel you so close to me, and our minds get connecting eachother so easily. But what i seen tonight, it was magnificient.
Let me admire you.
Everytime i begin to write here, i write what i feeling, what we feeling when we are in our parallel world. What our energy flows say us. But tonight i was remain speechless. Your little gesture left me breathless.
I knew how big your heart was. How big your soul was. What i feeling for you growing eachday it pass. I respect you a lot. My feelings for you goes beyond love, and, by now, you know it very well.
One day, if we will meet us, i will tell you my whole story.
But now, let me looking at you in this way. Let me caress your face. Let me touch sweetly your lips and let me whisper you ‘How much i really would like to stay with you, in this moment’. Also only be embraced by you, to feel your breath in your chest. To feel your heart beating. To see our souls melting, to watch to ours lights dancing around us.


And yes

owen_forteIt’s strange how i begin to feel you so close to me in this moment. I’m toward to you and altought you’re there, on the other side of the planet, what i feel is ours heat ours souls calls us eachother. And i think about what you said yesterday. My soul is full of a feeling it goes on beyond love. Looking at your eyes i cant hold back little tears from my face. I know it could seems so stupid, but in your eyes i see something magic and the love i feel for you isnt enough to describe what i’m feel right now. It’s a twirl of emotions that makes me feel something new eachtime i feel you. And now i know for sure that is your sensibility binds to us And in ours parellel world, is ours sensibility is ampliflied. And now i know  better why we no need to talk us eachother, when we meet us eachother in ours world. The words are unnecessary. In ours world, it needs just of ours looks, of ours touches, ours hands on us eachother. Maybe just few whispers to say what we feel for us. But ours parellel world is made by all that.
What can i add that you dont know already? Maybe i can whisper, looking at your eyes, taking your hand, touch on your skin, your skin mole… just ‘I miss you strongly and i thinking of you’. And you?


You really

PanicPluniformeddont know what i felt this morning when i was sleeping. Ours connection making it bigger and bigger to wake myself and check your usual social media and i was so shocked you was there and you have had leave a post and i to left  you a comment. Then i have reloaded the page and you have had posted another story…. and always i left you a comment. Next to you i whisper to you ‘I’m with you if you want…taking your hand’. Always i remain speechless. Breathless. I was going back to sleep, but in the darkness my dancing butterflies scrambled my stomach and im sure you have feel something inside of you.  We get connected us eachother, as we doing right here, right now. Yes i’m feeling you so stronger by my side. Is it possible all that? You’re so far from me but we are so close. I never felt something stronger like this, in this moment. I really dont what i to think about it.
I just know about your sensibility is more stronger than i was think it  was. And i’m sure ours sensibility is ours link to ours parellel world. We feel us eachother so close also we are on other side of planet.
Im thinking of you. Do you thinking of me? I’m sure you do.


Your look

bancone_scurigives me always the certain of your sweetness. And always i feel you so close to me in these hours. And also if you’re so far from me if i close my eyes i see you. And now that i just seen you in that movie, my heart beats so faster than ever and i feel your sensibility also in fiction. I loved you so much. I dived myself in your eyes and i’ve imagined you, you’ve look at me in that way and i dreamt about us in that scene, where you told his story, as it was yours. You and me alone in front of fire, in ours parellel world, and you slowly, take my hand and look at me and with no words, with your look, leave me speechless, breathless, you touch on my face. And your little smile make me blush. A whisper from you ‘Please dont blush, feel what i feel for you’. Eyes in eyes and suddendly ours mouths meet eachother.

What i feel is the most biggest feelings i feeling in this period and is just for you. And i really love it. It makes me feel ALIVE inside.


We could stay

to talk for hours about our own life experiences, then we can look at eachother into our eyes, saying anything but to get through and through which are our own feeling. We could stay together. You and me alone embraced and to talk about our lives and how we helps ourselves, also we are so far from eachother. I could talk about how much you helped me to go trough my many difficulties and you with no problems, get everything i say.
Everytime you post something, i get something about you, about sensibility. and how we resemble eachother. How our sensibility brings us closer.
I would like to let you know how much i feel you close to me, also under this character appearance.
Which i can say you now is ‘I Love You